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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Zojokkeli
  2. darinf
    Yes, of course.
    K10C vs. K10U:
    First, I am not sure I was getting a proper seal with any of the Noble universals. I tried the medium red silicone tips and medium foam tips. The medium foam tips were definitely the best, but I still found myself having to apply a little pressure just to get a good seal.
    But, I did compare the K10C with the aluminum K10U briefly. I did the comparison just to see if they sounded similar. To me they sounded very close, in spite of the fit issues. I thought that the difference might be larger since my K10C's were built in Dec. of 2013. But without spending a lot of time comparing, I could not tell much of a difference.
    Dulce Bass:
    So with what I said above, to me, the Dulce Bass seemd like it had less bass than my K10C's. I honestly think it was a seal issue. But I also feel like the K10 has a ton of bass. I always assumed the Dulce Bass should have even more bass than the K10's. The Dulce Bass still has a lot of bass, but maybe I was expecting my eyeballs to rattle. (The K10C's will do that on mine on occasion.) However, I can definitely see the appeal of the Dulce Bass. It has a U shaped sound signature. Lots of good quality bass, not "boomy" or bloated. And a slightly elevated high end. Well  maybe not elevated, but not as dark as the K10's. It reminds me a little of the Savant with a lot more bass. The mids are good, but just not the star of the show. It's all about that bass AND treble.
    Regardless, I still find the K10 and Katana to be better overall (as they should), but when you factor in the price and you like bass, the Dulce Bass is a great option. 
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  3. Zojokkeli

    Thanks! Now I'm leaning heavily towards getting the K10. I just have to decide between custom and universal fit.
  4. uzi2

    You'll need customs for maximum isolation. Those dialysis machines can be pretty noisy...
  5. IwishIcanFLighT

    Thanks for the impressions! I know for sure that I'll go for the K10 when I'll have enough money. [​IMG]
    Right now I'll stick to my Savants, at least for the upcoming months...
  6. Antihippy
    Hmm, i did not find the k10ua to be dark at all, so the katana might be too bright for me.
  7. fb24601
    after reading the recent comments on katana vs k10, I am confident to continue to stick with k10ua
  8. Watagump
    I find the Dulce to be the opposite of what Darin heard. I think the mids are the star, its a mid forward IEM.
  9. dulty
    @musiclvr here are some phone pics, they really don't do them justice:
    Edit: few more:
  10. Saraguie

    I find the as you do regarding the sound. For the fit I find that ever once and a while I tap the the shells to fit better.
  11. musiclvr

    Oh wow! They are gorgeous! Thanks for the pics. For a second I thought I was looking at the limited edition Rose Gold plated K10U. Very nice indeed.
  12. Dillan
    I had the same impressions. I thought there was more quality and quantity of bass in the K10u compared to the Dulce. But I found the Dulce had the second best of the lineup.
  13. never satisfied

    Thank you for this! It sounds like I'm going to enjoy these once I get them.
  14. krismusic Contributor
    Never had that with my K10c. Even with some fairly mental EDM. The bass is nice and solid but nothing crazy. This with a vacuum seal.
  15. The Life
    As an owner of both a custom Dulce Bass and a custom K10, I have to say I agree with Wata. The Dulce is bassier and more mid-forward than the K10 (which is not to say that the bass and mids are as good as the K10's bass and mids, it's just that the K10 is more balanced overall).

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