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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. sebbi
    Hi, another greenhorn signing in, nice place you got here, see you around.
  2. maguro
    Hi everyone, I'm from Poland. I love buying chinese IEMs and comparing them.
    It's better than listening music.
  3. Rocfort
    So what about Roland IEM compared to BGVP art magic S12?
  4. Galactician
    Hi folks! Somewhat long-time listener and first-time poster here. This forum is a wealth of great info. Thanks to the mods for letting me in.

    A couple years back I started to become aware of some minor but still appreciable hearing loss as a function of many years of concerts (both as a musician and a fan). As such, I did the only truly sensible thing I could: I went down a path of upgrading all my gear! Amp, pre, speakers, subs, turntable--the works.

    I also am taking way better care of my ears. While my hearing is still pretty good though, might as well listen to music in the highest fidelity I can. That's just good science.

    I just purchased an iBasso DX220 and I have a few noob questions about it, thus my taking a leap and joining in the discussions. Noob question number one: should I post my questions in a new thread in Help & Recommendations, or should I hijack this thread as others have done? -> https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dx2...e-amp9-now-available-and-dc01.898388/page-521

    As an aside, I also searched for the answers to my questions in advance, which included going through most of the 500 pages of that thread I listed above. Can't promise my questions aren't answered SOMEWHERE, but I made the effort! :)

  5. serman005
    Welcome, @Galactician!! It sounds like you have been through a pretty good chunk of the thread you list without finding the answers you are seeking. Technically speaking and just in terms of Head-fi rules and regs, questions are supposed to be posted in the Help & Recommendations forum. That said, in actual practice, you will find (if you have not already done so) that lots and lots of questions get asked all over Head-fi all day long. It's just the way it is. In your situation, I would probably just go ahead and start a new thread on the H&R forum with a title designed to get some attention for the DX220 and then list your queries in the body of the post. People will respond. Good luck!
    Galactician likes this.
  6. Galactician
    Will do! Thanks for the warm welcome and the quick response!
    RCBinTN likes this.
  7. DarkFlames
    Heyo, I've lurked here for a loong time, and just now made an account to finally start posting and actually buy something now that i'm looking for my endgame
  8. PatekBruguetMogul
    New guy on the block here as well as first time getting my feet wet in Headphones and Amps..
  9. yelopanda
    Hello, have been browsing this forum for a couple of weeks and decided to create an account to enjoy all the info that head-fi has to offer & also to share my thoughts, gear and other things that I know.
  10. ZU Luke
    Hi, I am Luke. I just came to us as a grad student. I am an audiophile. currently own focal utopia and Hugo2. And I am searching an idea amp for utopia!
  11. criesaboutelves
    Hullo. Some-time lurker here, eventually had to take a deep breath and make an account after trying to research solutions on my own for a particularly fussy problem of mine has left me about as confused as before.
  12. SidFisk
    New here as well Just got a R6 Pro from HiBy and looking forward to some resear on IEMs to pair it with.
  13. blackdragon87
    Welcome, I like your username
  14. gunnilinux
    Hey all. posting here to get approved to make posts in the for sale area. very active over on /r/avexchange under the same name and have bought a few things here already.
  15. RCBinTN
    Welcome to all the new people from all around the world. What a great global community we have here.
    Thanks for introducing yourselves. Enjoy the site :)
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