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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. housed
    Welcome Chris! I hope to acquire a collection like yours. Did you ever try the Audioquest Nighthawks to compare with the Nightowls?
  2. CTheE
    Hey! I didn't have a chance to try the Nighthawks unfortunately. I hope to geht my hands on a pair some day to compare them though :)
  3. LegionWolf
    Hello all

    Glad to be in

    Down the rabbit hole I went
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  4. Djaleks87
    Hello everyone ! My name is Aleks and I’m from Fort Lauderdale. I’m a spoiled brat with incredible taste of quality...but need knowledge on how to attain it haha. Looking forward to taking part in lots of the discussions.
  5. mrrhett
    Yo, been lurking this for years, just now got to making an account to PM a seller.
  6. goozaman
    Hi everybody, my name is Lasse, and i am an electrical engineering student from Denmark. My interest is headphones and sound in general, where i use a lot of my school and free time in this matter. I recently aquired a pair of HD800S, which i think is TOTL. I'm looking forward to using this forum a lot more!
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  7. Toastyparty
    Welcome! What is TOTL?
  8. goozaman
    Thank you!

    It is short for Top Of The Line. Like Rolls Royce are top of the line cars. Purely subjective in my opinion though. My TOTL is the HD800S, but you might prefer others even more
  9. serman005
    This is a good place to share headphone knowledge, Aleks. Welcome!
  10. serman005
    Welcome, Lasse!
  11. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @mrhett!!
  12. Gregg Fautley
    I'm Gregg, nearly 64 years old, and I should know better by now. :wink: I've been a long-time (20+ year) member of the Klipsch Forum, known there as fini. I guess my best headphones are my Sennheiser HD600s, but I don't listen as often as I should!

    Thanks for the welcome!!
  13. InZaNex
    Greetings fellow audiophiles! My name is George, and I’m from Miami Beach, Florida. I just recently came across this website in my quest for a better, vaster sound experience. I love the concept of Hi-Fi and pushing one of my five senses to its luxurious limit. I currently don’t own any real premium headphones, but I plan to change that very soon. Currently I have 3 headphones (Astro A40s, Bose Soundsport, and Bose QuiteComfort 25). I hope to keep learning more as I go down this awesome rabbit hole.
  14. BrentwoodWest
    Welcome, George...I’m a newby, too.
  15. GT2Evo
    Long-time lurker. Finally decided to join a few weeks ago. Nothing noteworthy in my collection yet, as I'm just starting it. All I have so far are Shure SE215's, Mod House Audio Argon Mk2, and a Micca OriGen+ DAC.

    I'm finding I really like Fostex-based planars. One day, I'd love to join the Stax crowd and experience electrostatics, but for now I think planars are a good daily "workhorse" for me. I think next up might be a MrSpeakers Alpha Dog or Alpha Pro for me.
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