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  1. C

    Experts, please advise: Turntable w/ preamp --> Bluetooth transmitter --> Bluetooth headphones?

    Hey folks, I'm brand new to this forum. I've joined on account of my inability to find a solution (not to my own surprise) for my "audio system" and some headphones I've just purchased-- I will explain, of course. As I'm sure most of you have far more complex audio problems to solve, I will...
  2. ivankg123

    Bluetooth Headphones? Which one to choose?

    Hello everyone, I recently came to this forum to talk about stuff hi-fi. So i really want to buy a good pair of Bluetooth Headphones for around 120-155 euro and i find myself on crossroad. I really loved the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones they seemed just right for me. I mean as a guitar...
  3. csglinux

    Status Audio BT Transfer Headphones Impressions Thread

    I’d like to send a huge thanks to Status Audio for loaning me one of their brand-new BT Transfer headphone units for the purpose of testing and listening. There's one review (from @HiFlight ) already up on headfi for this product (, so I...
  4. S

    Got bad luck. Recommendations for new BT headphones?

    Hi guys. Last Saturday I was coming back from a conference in Germany, on the road back from the airport to home I stopped at a restaurant to eat something and some person somewhat revealed all my luggage in my car trunk with a NLJD, broke the glass and stole my laptop my watch, my backpack...
  5. Asim lau

    What is the TOP 20 headphone brands in the world until today? And why?

    What is the TOP 20 headphone brands in the world until today? And why?
  6. Headphones and Coffee

    Flow Bluetooth hybrid ANC headphones from Cleer Audio review

    I've been using these now for over a week and I'm ready to give my analysis of these headphones. They are a well made comfortable set of headphones with natural-sounding Bass down to its Sub-Bass extension with no added or synthetic sounding boost and the Midrange is also well represented and...
  7. Denon Frank

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hello,   My name is Frank and I'm a Headphone Addict, or so it's starting to seem like that. Just getting into headphones and wanted to say what a great site this is. It's already helped me in my first tube amp purchase and headphone upgrade