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Denon Frank

New Head-Fier
Feb 16, 2014
My name is Frank and I'm a Headphone Addict, or so it's starting to seem like that. Just getting into headphones and wanted to say what a great site this is. It's already helped me in my first tube amp purchase and headphone upgrade
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Nice, welcome! I think you need 40 posts to post pics :)
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I've just joined today.  More into the music than the equipment but always nice to see other people views. 

For most of us it is about the music after all.

Anyway, I am looking to go hi-end myself. Question is what to get, heavily considering hd800. Think I'll wait for Hifiman to update their line-up, though.
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Music is why I'm here and why I buy this stuff after all. :)
I think once every week or so I buy a handfull of CDs, whereas I buy every few years a new hifi gear. 
The HD800 are stunning. I upgraded mine from the HD650. In the next weeks I'll get my WA6, so I think it's a good pair, since the HD800 are really bright in some situations. 
I personally like the moment when the headphones get invisible and I don't feel them anymore. That's something not even my HD650 could do (and they are a true winner in beeing snugly)
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  Thanks! :)
you can say that, lol.
My latest investment are the HD800. I so much love this headphones... :)
I did a wallpaper with them today for the  (new) Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation-Thread, but I'm not able to post pictures :/
Wonder how long it'll take. I want to post all my gear!

Try now. You can fill in your profile too!

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