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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Denon Frank
    My name is Frank and I'm a Headphone Addict, or so it's starting to seem like that. Just getting into headphones and wanted to say what a great site this is. It's already helped me in my first tube amp purchase and headphone upgrade [​IMG] 
  2. -kent-
    Well, since I don't want to start a new Thread... I'm new here aswell.
    Visited this forums for almost 6 to 7 years now and wanted to be part of them. Thanks to everyone here, I got a nice music gear inventory. :)
    So: Welcome Frank and Hi everybody! I'm kent. :D
  3. Garraty
    Welcome to Head-Fi!
    I'd say "Sorry for your wallet" but it seems you know that already. [​IMG]
  4. -kent-
    Thanks! :)
    you can say that, lol.
    My latest investment are the HD800. I so much love this headphones... :)
    I did a wallpaper with them today for the  (new) Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation-Thread, but I'm not able to post pictures :/
    Wonder how long it'll take. I want to post all my gear!
  5. davidsh
    Nice, welcome! I think you need 40 posts to post pics :)
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  6. -kent-
    Oh, well... guess I have to read some threads then and answer to them :)
    Guess my first stop will be the Toxic Cables-Thread, since I have a few questions for Frank, hehe
  7. Wantok
    I've just joined today.  More into the music than the equipment but always nice to see other people views. 
  8. davidsh
    For most of us it is about the music after all.

    Anyway, I am looking to go hi-end myself. Question is what to get, heavily considering hd800. Think I'll wait for Hifiman to update their line-up, though.
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  9. -kent-
    Music is why I'm here and why I buy this stuff after all. :)
    I think once every week or so I buy a handfull of CDs, whereas I buy every few years a new hifi gear. 
    The HD800 are stunning. I upgraded mine from the HD650. In the next weeks I'll get my WA6, so I think it's a good pair, since the HD800 are really bright in some situations. 
    I personally like the moment when the headphones get invisible and I don't feel them anymore. That's something not even my HD650 could do (and they are a true winner in beeing snugly)
  10. Denon Frank
    Kent, how long did you have the 650's before upgrading to the 800's?  I just upgraded to the 650's from my very old HD-265's.
  11. Currawong Contributor
    Try now. You can fill in your profile too!
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  12. pattho
    Hi have been a lurker for years, just finally making an account
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  13. -kent-
    @Frank - I got the HD650 around 6 years ago. Had a nice time with them :)
    But never bought any custome cables. That will change with the HD800 though!

    At work I had the Ultrasone Pro 550, but upgraded them to the Denon D600.I like the sound better.

    @Currawong - yeay, thank you :D
    I will chnge my profile today after work!
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  14. iceball
    Hi, I'm the new guy.
    nice to meet you all.
    just call me "ice" or my nick name.
    I join this forum because my friend is having fun here. :)
    my gear currently, DAC icon, bayerdynamic DT770. and some minor equipment/mods
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  15. Souldriver
    Hey guys, new to here. Not new to audio. Just wanted to say hi.
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