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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. serman005
    Welcome--lots of IEM people here and tons of threads. Have Fun!!
  2. funkyg
    Hi guys. Been a lurker for a while but here I am.

    My first ‘decent’ earphones were Etymotic ER6’s with the triple flanges, going from the standard Apple ear buds that came with my original iPod to these blew my mind! They’re still going strong over ten years later but I have donated them to my girlfriend since I upgraded.

    My next pair were Etymotic HF2’s which were pretty much the same as my previous ones but with the microphone and controls since I’d just got an iPhone (3GS).

    After a few years I found I was finding the triple flanges a little uncomfortable plus I fancied an upgrade, so I upgraded to Shure SE425’s which I still have. I used the original medium foams which I thought were OK but couldn’t quite get the same isolation as they never seemed to go far enough into my ears and I wanted to avoid the triples.

    I read (probably on here) about the Comply P-series foam tips so tried them out and love them. The isolation is almost as good as the Ety triples but ten times comfier. Perfect!

    Fast forward to now, and a change of jobs. I used to commute by car but since changing jobs I now work in the city centre so commute via public transport. I was getting annoyed with the wires and contemplated getting one of the Bluetooth cables for my Shures, but the reviews were only ever average. Did my research and kept reading about the Sony WF-1000XM3’s and how wonderful they were, how could I not get the ‘best’ true wireless in ears???

    So that’s my journey, Apple to Sony with a few stops along the way via Etymotic and Shure
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  3. Marce
    Hello hello, been here for awhile but decided to make an account yesterday since you guys seems to be having so much fun.

    I've always been the type of guy who just use their free earphones that usually comes with buying an iphone or an android phone, and finally decided to buy an actual earphone for the first time around 3 years ago. It was the Meze Classics 12, and holy shiet i became an addict after that, trying to pursue even higher earphones and headphones even though i don't have a lot of money. When i first tried my Meze, i feel like i just found something that i never know exist before, even though i've been using the free earphones for so long in my life.

    Fast forward to 6 months ago, i have a couple mid tier headphones, but never really delved into the DAC/Amp territory, so i have the opportunity to hook up the Chord Mojo to my headphones, and loo and behold, i almost came. Again, my ears was opened by something that i never expected, i didn't know that DAC and Amps are this important to headphones, and finally decided to start lurking in this website.

    Fast forward to today, my Meze is still with me, which i took to work everyday and has been a close friend for me, especially during commute. I also have several mid-tier headphones now but sadly still saving up for an Amp since i didn't know that the good ones are very very expensive. But overall, that's how it goes, and who knows where will this adventure will took me next. I hope we can get along as a community.
  4. xandermaus
    I've had good stereo equipment for decades, but I'm new to head-fi. I've been lurking here for a while because it's such a treasure trove of info, and I finally signed up so I can participate in the forums and sell a few items that didn't work out for me. IEMs seem better suited to my needs, and I'm currently using a Ray Samuels Intruder and CA Solaris with my android phone.
  5. serman005
    I came from a long history of 2-channel audio to headphones and have not looked back. Have fun!!
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  6. Destitute
    Hi all, I'm not-that-new to earphones.
    For ages I would just buy cheap £5 earbuds and use them until they broke but a few years ago I decided to upgrade to a pair of AKG K553 Pros which are my current and only headphones, I also have a pair of FiiO F3 IEMs which I use for on the go.

    I think my next upgrade will be an audio interface which I think I can use as a DAC?
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  7. BrentwoodWest
    Hello all, been a headphone enthusiast for many years. Actually, I no longer own my separates and speakers and just listen via my HD800 and JWN modded tube amp and Oppo player. Thanks for having me!
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  8. perinkel
    Hello, my name is Pedro and I write to you from Spain, specifically from the Canary Islands. Currently I have in-ear IMR R1 Zenith and more modest Tin Audio T2 and as headphones a Massdrop Hifiman 4xx apart from a Philips Fidelio X1 and a Audio Technica ATH-AD500. From player I have an Xduoo X20 and as an amplifier, an XD-05. My musical tastes are pop, disco, italodance and some rock.
    Now I just hope to learn from this forum and if I can help (even with an online translator ) then I will try so a pleasure to be able to belong to this forum
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  9. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Pedro!!
  10. Jestyrs
    Hi, name is Jessie. New here, but I have visited on and off over the years.
  11. Toastyparty
    Well. I've soaked up as much as I can from reddit and youtube. This seems like the next step in learning.

    Daily listens are my Focal Clears paired with Monolith THX AAA Portable. Work cans are the B&O H7, which I've had for a while now. And my on hte go set are the sennheiser momentum true wireless super longass name buds. Gaming set is the ATH AD500x. And have had a few low end but great sounding sets in the past. Now hoping to get a ZMF Aeolus darkwood soon :)
  12. blackdragon87
    welcome all new members
  13. WvG853
    Hello everybody,

    I'm Willem from Luxembourg. I listen more or less fanatically to music in phases. In general I like music that provokes an emotion. This ranges from classical to metal and rap. I used to listen on my stereo, but since more or less a year I have discovered the pleasure of listening to music while walking. I had bought a pair of Shure SE215 and was quite happy with them. One day I could no longer find them. After 2 months without music I decided to buy the SE535's. The day I ordered them I found my pair of SE215's. :) Anyway, I'm glad I bought the SE535's. I have not compared them back to back with the SE215, but they sound great. I use them with the medium grey silicon tips. The foam tips sound extremely thin and do not suit me. My other headphones are a Sennheiser HD-650. I have a big CD collection, but have started listening to streaming thanks to my daughters. I have a Spotify family account. I'm contemplating buying a Chord Mojo now that the price has dropped. Will post a question in the dedicated thread ...
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  14. serman005
    Of course, if you hadn't ordered the SE535, you never would have located those SE215... Welcome!!
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  15. CTheE
    Hello everybody, my name is Chris and I'm from Vienna, Austria!

    I have been quite a long time silent reader of the forums and now decided to start being a little more active. My journey started a couple of years ago buying what then seemed to be quite good headphones (Senn HD598). This lead me down a rabbit hole of Head-Fi. Currently I am mostly listening at my work-desk with a new Sabaj D5, my headphones of choice there are HD660s in the evenings and mornings - i.e. when no colleagues are around - and Audioquest Nightowl Carbon when people are near. At home I use an Audiogd r28 and ZMF Eikon as I have a little daughter that needs to sleep now and then :wink: . For running around I started my humble IEM collection also years ago with SE215s. Latest additions are a couple of TIN products, namely the t3 and the p1. I'm mostly streaming via Google Play on the go now, at home I have many a ripped cd and a lot of flacs. Sources are mainly my computers although I'm not opposed to buying dedicated source-components in the future. Want to thank all of you for the treasure trove of infos here and hope to be able to also provide some knowledge from time to time.

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