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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. snapandslide
    Hi everyone. Another lurker for quite a while.....I thought I had an account, turned out I was wrong and so signed up to join in :slight_smile:

    I got into portable gear around 4 years ago on a trip to Japan - I purchased a pair of Sony's outstanding XBA-X5s and a NWZ-ZX1. It was a great excuse to rip my entire CD collection to FLAC and I started to purchase CD quality music too. I kind of lost my way a bit later on, the headphones are outstanding and I don't want or need other wired headphones but the latter I have to admit not really up to scratch. So definitely need a new source and probably have to try the headphones in balanced!

    A few weeks ago, I purchased the Sony WF-1000XM3 after tried some cheapie Chinese TWE - the convenience of no wires is another level for on the go. Bloody excellent piece of kit!

    Hopefully I have a focused plan for my mobile gear so I can get back to buying high res music, but I know how money pit hobbies can be!!!!

    Looking forward to my time here!
  2. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @snapandslide!! So very sorry about your wallet situation...
    snapandslide likes this.
  3. Krassi
    Hi there!

    My names Daniel from cologne, germany and watching IEM reviews on Zeos channel and his links to this forum really are a bad influence for my bank account :wink:

    So since i used to sit on my PC mostly that is hooked to my Tv i used to listen to my Nubert Nupro speakers and had AKG Studio 240 for ages..
    Well i wanted to upgrade and the tragedy began :wink:).. after checking tons of setups i ended up with a Khadas tone and a JDS Labs Atom.. and love em
    Looking for headphones i fell in love with Beyerdynamic DT880 that i got in the chrome edition..

    On the mobile side i had a very spartanic player with lightning fast button control.. a tiny Sansa clip+
    Right now i still loved my Sansa clip+ and was blown away by Koss KPH30i for them.
    Trying out a Fiio made me realize that buttons and a good user interface that is not designed by sadistic space nazis are more important than sound.
    So a Hiby R3 is on the way wich sould suit me better..

    Well and then i watched the IEM stuf.. damned ..so those heroin like "you have to buy those" videos came and i ordered a HE100 because they are so tiny and a KZ-ZSX thats still on the way with.
    of course with additional wires..and Dekonis

    So still the Tin P1 was still floating around in my head and i convinced myself to get them yesterday.. well of course with a wire.. damned! i steped over the insanly detailed thread form Hakuzen and that really was bad for my bank account :wink:
    I now recognized that its a super hardcore difference what wire you get and that a good one can levitate the sound to the mars.. well ended up buying "Nr 174" 8 core pure silver with gold master of doom balanced cable that should work with the P1..

    Oh my god this forum is nice :wink:
    I usually collect kitchen knifes and japanese natural sharpening stones and use to spend my time there

    Soo. blblablablbaba . yes enough said ! :wink: and bank account locked now.. gotta try those 3 pairs of IEMs like hell when i get them all..
    having great sound portable is amazing!

    best regards, daniel

  4. serman005
    It's a tragic story.
  5. Krassi
    Well tragedy for my bank account but i should have 3 very different bargain IEMs that will all have there charm and benefits :wink:
    I got the HE100 today and out of the box its.. so cute :wink:) and sounds great out of the box.. cant wait to compare them all!
  6. housed
    After "sadistic space nazis", I look forward to reading your descriptions of any hardware or interface design. :sunrise::beerchug:
    Krassi likes this.
  7. Carm86
    hello all :) just getting started on here, though i've definitely been deep down the audio rabbit hole for quite some time now *sigh*
  8. Rtalos
    Hello! Long time lurker here, hoping to get more interactive and contribute to the community!
  9. Rtalos
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  10. BIGPHILL316
    Hey everyone. My name's Phillip. Was a constant visitor of this site for a while now, and decided to make an account and be a part of the community. Nice to meet you all.
  11. larson80
    Another newbie joining the ranks here, hello to all!
  12. taka9441
    Hello all and thanks for welcoming me into the community.
    I mainly listen to music on the go. I've been looking for my next set of IEMs but still haven't decided what to go for.
    Hoping to learn about some of the latest gear and take the plunge!
  13. wander123
    Hi All. I've visited the site off and on for a few years. I am starting to build my own gear collection and am excited to join the community!
  14. Vortech
    Hi Everyone, a complete Newbie here.
  15. serman005
    Welcome, @Vortech!!
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