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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. jrmoorejr
    Hey everyone. I am new here please bare with me. I am a huge music fan. I went to the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston.
  2. EtherealCereal
    Hello there, I'm new to the forums. I've consulted forum threads from this site for various things over the years but I've only just recently caught the headphone bug. This was not long after I came to the realization that collecting pairs of headphones is way better for space than collecting full-sized speakers. Of which I have a few.

    So, I'm familiar with audio, but still cutting my teeth on all the different kinds of headphones out there. I've been using a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A700s for years, and I've decided that I wanted to go down the list of the cans I've always wanted to see how well they compare, not to mention have a couple of backup pairs just in case these ones fail. I have an older pair of Koss Pro/4AAs that are slowly but surely growing on me, and I took the plunge on a nice-looking pair of Koss ESP 6s with the original case and documentation that should be arriving sometime next week.

    I'm not what one might call 'loaded' by any stretch of the imagination, so I subsist on lucky finds and value for money with just about everything, headphones included.
  3. WafflesAndJuice
    Joined because I heard that this was one of the best places to discuss about equipment and gear for music and to hopefully find something new myself. Also because for the most part, this community is definitely one of the more nicer and overall best ones I've seen in a long time, so glad to be a small part of it :)
  4. Spacekop
    I get the itch every few years when some product interests me and I go off and start digging. I've lurked here for a while and decided to join this time. My daily drivers are MrSpeakers planars the Aeon closed at work and the Ether CX's at home. I've also got the Senn HD 6XX and Beyer 880 250 ohm at home that I switch to for some kinds of music. The HD 6XX is incredible for the price, and has incredible low end for an open HP. I'm excited about the latest THX amps and the flagship stuff from ZMF, Meze, and Focal. Headphones are more interesting now than they have been in the last 10 years at least.
  5. iantownsend
    Hi Folks,

    I'm a retired teacher and homoeopath in the UK, long-time hi-fi addict transiting from Truvox R102 open-reel through various desktop amps, ending in wonderful Audiolab set-up (pre-amp, amp, tuner) into B&W speakers. Best legacy hifi was a Technics DAT unit - which broke down 2 days after the warranty had tun out :triportsad:

    I'm a great fan of Kimber cables . . .

    An early user of portables - cassette, walkman, DAT walkman, various Apple products, I'm now increasingly to be found listening to DAPs (AK120 Mk1; iBasso DX120 and now waiting for Dx220 to arrive) via Sennheiser 650s, B&W PK, and various legacy IEMs (Shure, Etymotic).

    Also waiting for iBasso IT04s to arrive. Anyone had any experience with pairing this with FiiO High-Purity Silver Headphone Cable ? I'm a fan of my Kimber solid-silver connects, and wondering how this might sound.
  6. tecrobt
    Hi Everyone,

    Been in this forum for many years but never registered until now.

    Some of my current gears: Noir, Solaris, z1r, Ace, B3. Dap is SPKM/DX200/LGPT.
  7. serman005
    Welcome aboard!!
  8. klyrish
    Longtime lurker, finally made an account. I'm a huge metal/hardcore and NIN fan, love live music, and recently discovered I'm 100% in the NOS DAC camp. Current gear:
    • HD6XX
    • Massdrop Airist R-2R DAC
    • Metrum Amethyst
    • Eddie Current ZDT Jr.
    I've got a pair of MrSpeakers Ether 2 coming on Monday and am looking at getting an Ampsandsound Kenzie Encore soon. Currently attempting to sell my Schiit Ragnarok, Schiit Gungnir Multibit A1, Schiit Jotunheim, Audeze LCD-X, and Focal Clear over on Reddit to fund the Encore purchase.

    Glad to be here and hoping to engage in some great conversations with fellow metalheads and audiophiles!
  9. Gindy
    Hey guys, my name is Amir. I am in no way an audiophile, and have never owned any audiophile headphones before but I've recently taken an interest in them. The closest I've come was my AKG earbuds that came with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I loved them until I lost them ha.
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  10. Nith
    Hi guys,
    Have been lurking in the forum for awhile, and finally made an account, hope y'all have a nice day.
  11. ck1003
    1st post. I fell into this rabbit hole when originally was just into speakers and home audio. Really fun to try out different cans and amps. Hoping to buy a ZMF Verite in the next few months
  12. JayGold
    Hey all! Im a headphone enthusiast, but not an audiophile.
    Mostly because i hold the controversial opinion that some digital audio filters like hrtf can be really cool and add to many experiences. For listening music nothing beats a good stereo dap or dac though.

    I own:
    Headphobes; broken denon ah mm400 without cable, philips fidelio x2 thats been lasting me years, mitchell johnson jp1 without cable that i will sell once i have a cable, nad hp50's that i just got which i am loving. Oh and a bunch of chifi iem's

    Other audio gear: fiio x3iii, sound blaster g5 which im rma'ing due to static in left cup, my lg v30 and its amazing quad dac, and this studio amp/dac i use for my studio mic.
  13. Raiz

    Some of my gear is theiaudio phantoms, Tin audio T2, Audio Technica M40X with ZMF pad. DAC/AMP micco Origen V2. Stax SR Lambda normal bias.

    Looking to start talking in the DIY threads to build an amp for Stax.
  14. Progsprog
    Huge admirer of the forums. I am a rock fan particularly prog metal, prog rock and other rock sub genres. My current gear which is mainly portable includes the LG G7 phone and the Fiio M11. Head gear is mainly IEMs including my current fave the Moondrop KXXS. I'm no audiophile but love music and I am always looking to improve my listening experience hence why I am here. Thx.
  15. brianforever
    Hi Everybody :)

    I m new here and hope to meet with liked minded people in this active forum
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