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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Neralo
    Well hello everyone,

    Long time lurker, first time poster and all that jazz. Another Singaporean here. I've been sorta into audio for a while now, probably since 2010/2011, but then I went off on a detour through mechanical keyboards, and once I got satisfied there and lost joy, I found my way stumbling back into audio. I made the account in 2017 just to search threads (I think, I really can't be sure), but clearly never interacted using it ever. So here's to my first post.

    Since diving back into audio, I've kinda gone on a little spree. In the past couple of months, I've;

    • Bought a pair of Focal Clears
    • Repaired my Stax SR-307 and SRM-252s
    • Bought an RME ADI 2 DAC
    • Bought an Onkyo DP-X1A
    • Bought a pair of Meze 99 Noirs from Massdrop
    And now I've been waiting to upgrade my IEMs.

    Now off to stumble onto other threads in here.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  2. aakashk
    Hello! from India (Delhi),

    New member here and dropping by to say 'Hi' to everyone. Been using random bluetooth earphones all these years but got the Hi-Res bug few months ago :)

    Upgraded to Campfire Audio Polaris V2 very recently after using Fiio FH1 for some time. Using iPhone XR for streaming & Hiby R3 as offline source; thinking of adding iFi iDSD Nano BL to the chain.

    Great to be here and look forward to interacting more with fellow audio lovers.

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  3. Light - Man
    So where are we heading to, Bro? :darthsmile:

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  4. cwjohnsto
    Hello everyone!

    Longtime lurker of the site from reading all sorts of reviews off of google. While I am new to the site I am not new to audio with a home setup consisting of some bottle head amps and a turntable/computer for audio input. I have been trying to get into the IEM world for my office space and figured I would make an account and start scouring the classified section to see if I can land anything!

    Excited to begin talking with you all!
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  5. zooeung
    I joined after lurking for a few weeks now.
    Looking forward to chatting with everyone! :)
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  6. serman005
  7. finneybear
    Hi to everyone.

    Another newbie here. I am thinking of building a decent headphone system. Definitely I will have a lot to learn from you experts here. :)

    Thank you.
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  8. serman005
    Welcome aboard!!
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  9. Mr.cellophane
    Hello everyone!

    I am a new member here. I had been a lurker but I recently purchased a new DAP Cayin N6ii and decided to join the community.

    Looking forward to talking to you all!
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  10. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Mr.cellophane!!
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  11. sergio13971
    Hi Everyone, my name is Sergio from Chile, and I am an audioholic :sweat_smile:, and as everybody here, I'd like to share my humble experiences with audio (mainly electronic gear). Over these days enjoying my Sony WM1A with HD800S from balanced for home and plenue D with ultrasone studio/musicmaker III on the go.

    Thanks for all your help and information!
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  12. Astray
    Recently started delving into DAC/Amps and all that fun stuff. So far I've picked up a pair of Hifiman HE5se, Topping DX3 Pro, and an SMSL DA-8 for my bookshelf speakers on my desk (Infinity Reference R162s).

    I'm really interesting in doing DIY as much possible because I have a background in electronics and enjoy doing projects myself. Currently looking at making my own cable for the HE5se as the stock one is very stiff and apparently not very good from what others have said.

    Still, it's my first pair of expensive headphones, though I did get them on sale, and I'm enjoying them quite a lot. Looking forward to learning more!
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  13. zachmal
    Hi housed, thanks :)

    Indeed, never imagined that I would see planar headphones (advanced tech) for such a low price

    Curious what the future holds :L3000:
  14. shahriarshojib
    Hey Guys, I have been looking at the forums for a long time but finally decided to open an account.
    Currently, I own Hifiman HE-4XX, Sennheiser HD 280 pro, BGVP DMG, Onemore Triple Driver, TFZ T2 Galaxy.
    Thanks for having me.
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  15. buke9
    Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay here.
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