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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Fishdo
    Hi Guys

    Been a longtime lurker on here and have really appreciated all the help and advice this forum and its members have to give.

    So I decided to register and hopefully get more involved.

    I’m very new to the world of audio in any serious way and part of the reason for lurking was to try and understand the lingo and basics of improving my audio experience.

    I have had a few earphones over the years which I always used with an iPhone of one type or another...

    Currently I have an RHA T20 (Wireless version) which I use with the Linum G2 BAX cable, The RHA T10i’s,(which I’ve had now for maybe 10 years or so) Audeze iSine 10s with Linum G2 Bax and the wireless and lightning cipher cable, AKG 3003i’s and a Sony WF1000x and SBH80s. DAC wise it’s a Onkyo HA200, Topping NX4 DSD and I’m hoping to have a Chord Mojo in my hands very soon

    Now I think about it! it’s this place that has lead me to buy most this kit... !!

    There’s a lot of great kit out there amongst you guys and a hell of a lot of knowledge which has been great to read...!

    So thanks to this forum and everyone here it’s a privilege to be part of it, thank you
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  2. jayhc
    Hey guys.
    About time I make an account instead of just lurking.
    Few years ago I started to tinker around headphones/headsets and cables, and the forum helped me alot.
    So yeah, hi.
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  3. sockpuppets
    Mark here. Headphone aficionado, hifi guy for many years. Former electrostatic addict, lately it's all about the headphones. =)
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  4. MarcIIB
    Hi to all!
    I have been a silent reader for quite some time, but now i feel it is time to contribute here and there a little bit ... I'm glad to be here! Best, Marc
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  5. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Marc!!
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  6. shkwocka
    Hi everyone. I'm a techno DJ from Boston. Just bought my first pair of high end CIEMs: M Fidelity SA-43.
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  7. serman005
    Nice get--welcome!!
  8. shkwocka
  9. shkwocka
    Thanks, happy to be here. Lots of deep knowledge to be absorbed :)
  10. Bravick
    Good day,

    I'm Gideon from Kimberley, South Africa. I've been into hifi since the 80's, but only started taking headfi seriously about 2 years ago. I'm hoping to contribute a bit and learn a lot. Regards
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  11. p.pond
    Hi, I'm new and know this forum from my friend. Nice to start to Head-fi world!!!
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  12. serman005
    Welcome, Gideon!!
  13. pkandera
    I know about this forum for two/three years...but today I decided to join as a new member. I specialize on Sennheiser (about one hundred models) but I have also some headphones from others manufacturers (AKG, Stax).
    Regards to headphone fans...
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  14. TheSands
    Hey everyone,

    in the last years I spend some time reading books and blogs about hi-fi, amps and headphone,s but I am still new in high end audio. I have a lot of questions and hope to learn and contribute.

    Best regards.
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  15. NovaFlyer
    Welcome. Wow that's quite the collection!
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