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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. SynchroFantasia
    Been lurking on headfi for awhile, but decided to introduce myself here.

    Nice to meet ya'll, I'm a music lover from Singapore. Always up for a chat on iems or music.
    My rotations of iems for dailies and home-use are always changing. One must go for one to come sadly.
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  2. zachmal

    thanks for unlocking the posting permission :white_check_mark:

    just got introduced to the audiophile world and head-fi recently with the acquisition of the LG V30 with its SABRE ("quad") DAC; years ago I got myself an Asus Xonar card (from Realtek onboard sound) for the PC and noticed how much of an improvement even one superior part of the chain already can make !

    In the meantime got introduced to the chi-fi hype and market through AINUR (an audio mod for android phones) telegram group. Since then a few chi-fi IEMs have accumulated (Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, Tin HIFI T2, KZ AS10, DT6; before all that the Xiaomi Piston V2) and the next upcoming is the NX7 from NICEHCK.

    With this hobby it seems only the sky (or not even that) is the limit :o2smile:

    Loving how more detailed, refined and fun music can sound with those head-/earphones - they clearly outclass the "regular" (even top of the line "cheapo") headphones that can be had in the electronic stores / supermarkets or Amazon (Creative EP630, Philips SHE3580).
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2019
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  3. konektor
    Hi there, I'm a long time reader and Ive just joined the community the be actively in.
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  4. Distorted Vision
    Hi All,

    New member. I'm a big audiophile from England.

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  5. panic29505
    I am just an addict in general of audio equipment. It doesn't matter if it's headphones, speakers, bluetooth speakers, or car stereos. There's nothing like hearing the music I love reproduced well. I remember the first time I ever heard a really good set of speakers. I was hooked, immediately.

    Thanks for having me. Been a member since 2013 and a reader since 2011, first post.

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  6. serman005
    Well, Kevin, a very belated welcome aboard is due!!
  7. serman005
    Welcome to the UK!!
  8. Brahialis
    Amazing community! Happy to join it !
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  9. tiaocunha
    New member! Tiao Cunha from brazil! ive been reading this foruns for a long time, finally decided to participate in some way! lets have a good time!
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  10. serman005
  11. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Tiao!!
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  12. airwhale
    Hi guys! New member here, posting from right outside Stockholm, Sweden.

    Have been loving music since forever and find headphones the most practical way to explore and enjoy all the great artists. I've not put too much money into this hobby yet, but looking at the high end offerings of headphones, amps and DACs, I do realize there's no upper limit to the potential spend :)

    My current setup is streaming Tidal HiFi through a Dragonfly Red to either my AKG Q701's or AKG N40 IEMs. For podcasts, casual listening and maximum convenience I do like the Jabra Elite 65t.

    Looking forward to following the discussions and be able to learn from the experts around here!
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  13. housed
    Hi zachmal,

    Welcome! Here's to a fun future of amazing chi-fi! :ksc75smile:
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  14. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @airwhale! So sorry about your wallet...
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  15. Nev83
    Welcome fellow Swed =D
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