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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Intrare
    I'm somewhat experience to this community since I don't need to relies on my discord to discuss hifi . So I came to this forum to seek new and revolutionary stuff in this forum.My first headphone get me to this community is the meme-series (meme40x) but I failed
    attempt to repair the headphone. So at discord people reccomend me the k612 or the dt880. I chosen k612 for the tight budget and focusing the money on my planned setup..

    I also, came here for the diyers as well...
  2. Raeservoir
    Hey and welcome! My first pair was the m40x too... Decent but I'm after something more comfortable. What's your planned setup with the k612, especially amp? K612 looks like a good budget option compared to K702 at the moment.
  3. Intrare
    Obviously, I already brought my k612 and the dac is the fx audio dac -x6 for under 200USD.. The k612 didn't have a removable cable like the k702 but the head-fi believe the k612 more superior in sound. My planned setup gonna force me to deicide if I get the used hd800, sundara , used LCD2 , elear and etc..
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  4. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @lucspop!! Our condolences... ---)
  5. bluemask
    Hi friends,

    i'm a new user from Italy, i like Android technology applied to Car Audio. I hope to find, with your knowledge and your help, the best solution to have the finest sound result from the new developed chinese Android car radios. Thanks in advance.

    Greetings from Italy!
  6. awt.chu
    i guys im orlando from philippines. my current iem is co donguri and vido earbuds
  7. thegreenmachinesw
    Hello, my name is Hardy and I'm from SW Texas. My buddy introduced me to the website a LONG time ago. I just got into building up my arsenal of headphones, so I figured I'd come here, because I have a few questions to ask. Thanks!
  8. N0m1nd
    Hi all! I am new to the audiophile world and i have some questions :beyersmile: ... Thank you!
  9. AndySocial
    I'm not really obsessed with high end audio, but I do love having a stand-alone music player for my car. I don't have a smartphone (lifestyle just doesn't require it), so having music that I actually own on a device that doesn't do anything but play music is important. Podcasts are a particular priority of mine, but darned if the advertisements for most DAPs mention this vital (to me!) feature.
  10. antoine123456

    I'm from France but lives in US. Not an audiophile per se but am getting more into it.
    Read many many posts here and finally have some questions haha.
  11. Dreadslacks
    Hi, I'm Dreadslacks, or slacks for short.

    I'm barely (xD) a new entrant to the Audiophile world, currently rocking 2 iems (ATH-LS70is, TFZ Series 2) and one headset for gaming (Sennheiser GAME ONE)

    One day I'll own a set of headphones I don't need to upgrade.... one day.
  12. Beetles Design
    Greetings to members and admins of Head-Fi.org!

    Beetles Design is a headphone distributor in Hong Kong. There are 3 things we wanna get done here:
    1. Learn what headphone enthusiasts want NOW and send the feedbacks to headphone manufacturers.
    2. Introduce new headphones/brands that we believe many would love
    3. Our online shop could help people getting headphones which are unavailable in various countries.
  13. xmaas
    Hello I registered to this forum because it's the best out there to read about new headphones earphones and on occasion when I'm on the lookout for new gear find some good deals without breaking my wallet hopefully.
  14. wkahwkah
    Hello all,

    long time lurker and finally stepping in to the community!
  15. davidimdpt
    Hey guys, i'm a long time home theater and two channel guy that finally decided to get into headphones. I'm currently listening with Mr Speakers Ether C flows and Sennheiser 650's. Looking into getting the HD 800s and better amps and dacs.
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