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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. RedVelvetLuna
    hey, I'm just a really gay nerdy weeb girl who hates people and is for some reason getting into high end audio. nice to meet you :D
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  2. Djembeman
    Hello. Lifelong drummer/percussionist, I have taken about a 5 year break from really playing and am starting to learn more about high end audio. My home theater was a blast to set up with my 7.2 Onkyo TX-NR737 A/V receiver and Infinity Primus P363 Towers to start out. I have the whole 7.2 set up with pre-wired speaker outlets/binding posts throughout the room. I refinished my basement and did the blue "Smurf tube" and Monoprice 12 AWG speaker wire. I really want to get a smaller stereo setup in my bedroom with a PS Audio Sprout 2 and some bookshelves. What brought me to this site was a search about the Echo Dot DAC. I have 3 so I can do synced whole house audio.

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  3. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Djembeman!! Sounds like you are in the right place...---)
  4. Technopiper
    Hello. My first post. I am new to this hobby though I love music all my life. Got myself a DAC and a pair of nice headphones a month ago and already I am eyeing other hardware. That's why I'm here, to learn from you guys, though I've been reading this forum for quite a while now. I listen mainly to classical music though I like all music, from pop, rock, jazz, country, you name it. I also try to play some bagpipes from time to time.
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  5. mikedemunck
    Hi there. Bought my first pair of Headphones B&W px a couple of months ago. Realy happy with them. I would love a pair of high end cans with a nice amp. I hope this forum will lead the way
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  6. technicus
    Hello everyone! Join edup the other day in pursuit of some headphone happiness.
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  7. kevlar51
    I really shouldn't have joined up. I told myself I was fine with my current setup, but are we ever really fine?
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  8. euphxenos
    Hi. I've lurked here off and on (mostly off) for a long time, and was a bit surprised to realize I'd never signed up for an account (I might have gotten head-fi mixed up with headwize). I've been listening to a pair of Sennheiser HD600 driven by a Headroom The Max, with a Sony C333ES as the source since 2000. I recently started looking around for some closed headphones, and am curious about what's changed in headphone amps in the last 18 years or so.
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  9. lenny95
    Hi all. I'm relatively new to the audio world but I definitely want to get more into it. I've been looking around for a few weeks and this place seems to have a lot of great information so hopefully I can learn a lot here and get some questions answered!
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  10. Wuji
    New as well, I’ll be loitering a fair bit.
    I’m into IEM and am in the process of building a home set up.
    Cheers W
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  11. TERMiNAL_
    Hey guys,,,
    I'm new here...Just an average jo that's not obsessed with high-end gear, but obsessed with listening to music. I do enjoy little tools to help the sound out to tickle my ears a little more though.

    I currently own the:

    PA2V2 Pocket Amp (Great little amp, buit personally in Toronto by a very nice guy)
    Sennheiser HD-25's (One of my favorites for punchy/quick music)
    Grado MS1 (Great for rock/metal/easy listening...not electronic)
    Koss KSC75 (A great/cheap headphone that can perform much better with an amp)

    I do plan on getting the Magni/Modi/Loki setup maybe in the summer, I am someone who fiddles with the EQ quite a bit, so I'd prefer knobs, I use the Equalizer APO right now though...great little tool.

    I won't be posting a lot, but I will but doing a lot of research for new products, I will ask the occasional question!
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  12. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @terminal!! Keep an eye on that wallet... ---).
  13. bbtang
    does replying here count as a post? or do new members have to post a new thread?
  14. BunnyNamedCraig
    I LOVE the 580’s! I own a pair of 600’s but I for brass instruments I would prefer the 580. Glad you’re enjoying them
    I found the DT880 to be way too bright personally. I liked the pads and feel but for the treble a lone that was a big pass for me. Glad your enjoying the cans you got!
    This post was excellent! Might be the best I ever read on here, no messing....

    Have fun here, and welcome!!
    Yep! It counts. Should show on your post count. Welcome bbtang
  15. Marcofrancesco
    Hi. My name is Marco. I come from classic HiFi and I’m new in the world of liquid music.
    I opened an help thread in this section, hoping you can help me.

    My last CDP : Denon 2000AE

    Pre: Audio Research SP9

    Power: Perreaux pmf 3931

    Speakers: ProAc EBS

    Headphones: AKG 702

    Headamp: Docet Cuffia amp
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
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