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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. hnhp1989
    T90 is the one that I spend the most time with, among the three HPs I currently keep. Driven by the Hugo, compared with the Grado PS500, T90 has much larger soundstage and thus better instrument separation. I appreciate this a lot. Compared with the HD800, T90 is not as detailed, neutral as the HD800, and HD800 has even larger soundstage. But for POP and EDM (which I listen the most), T90 simply has a more vivid tone than the HD800, and thus is more fun to listen. Just my personal opinion, hope it helps.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  2. KoolMoose
    I need more fun headphones. They sound great to me!
  3. hnhp1989
    BTW, if I remember correctly T90 has 250 ohm impedance, you may want to get a proper amp for it. I once tried plugging it directly to my phone and it sounds pretty bad. Driven by the Hugo, it suddenly become totally different.
  4. chubbs456
    Hi All, Certified audioHolic here. Got started decades ago with an Onkyo M540 and PSB Century 600i's. Sadly, don't have the room for such extravagances(condo living) and now make do with headgear. Purchased my first headphone amp late last year the Fiio A5 along with a Superlux HD330. My collection/obsession has grown to include a Fiio Q1mkII, Hifiman 400i, Superlux HD681(orig non-evo), Fiio F5, Massdrop Pinnacle PX, Monoprice M300, Monoprice M560. Not to mention the crappy Bluetooth headphones that got me searching for something better.

    Geez, now that I listed all that, How do I get off this wallet crushing merry-go-round :triportsad:
  5. Keno18
    Hi KoolMoose,
    I'm also a Chi-Fi fan and a new member. Lately I've been using the KZ ZS6 quad driver IEMs and enjoying them a lot. They're under $50. For a much more rolled off high-end (a little too much for my taste) there's the Final Design E3000s for about $55. For about $100 ther's the1More Triple Driver IEMs. Haven't used them personally but have heard good things about them. Hope this helps.
  6. pfmckee5

    Made a purchase here before Denon AH-D5k, looking to get some community involvement!
  7. zengy
    Hello all, I am a DIYer who loves music. Lots of cool threads here been lurking for a while decided to finally create account!
  8. techworm
    Greetings everyone,
    I'm a new member in the head-fi world and I'm I really looking forward to learning things from this forum.
  9. mattmass

    Long-time music fan that's just recently started getting interested in improving my listening experience. I'm an engineer (electrical and software), I love gear, and also love how technical the discussion can get. Very much looking forward to learning!
  10. genewiseman
    Hello from Watts OK.
    I never used headphones much when I was younger and when I got married about 13 years ago, my opportunities to listen to music went way down. The wife wants to watch tv most of the time. Recently I have been getting back into listening to my records and cd's with headphones. I really don't know much about headphones so I figured that forums like this would be the best place to start.
    Thanks a lot,
  11. Ellendar
    Good morning from Munich here,

    It’s really amazing to read all the information gathered here so I decided to join aswell :)
    Currently owning an Audioquest Nighthawk I am looking for the next level at the moment :L3000:
    Hope I can provide a little useful information here aswell.

    Best regards from Munich
  12. Novem Ho
    Hello, it is fun for me to be a member of headfi.
  13. endlesswaves
    Hi All,

    Long time lurker, 1st time poster.

    1st, I will like to thanks everyone here for all the informative posts. They have been my guiding light in this confusing world of audio gears. I have made all my purchases based on what I have read here and went on to audition them before buying. My latest DAP which is the Sony WM1A, the most expensive item which I bought, purely based on what I have read here. I have to thanks the veterans here for the detailed impressions and technical information.

    2nd, I do not have good hearings as I am suffering endless tinnitus on my left ear and occasionally on my right. But this did not stop me from trying to get more enjoyment from the songs that I love. My only regret is I am sensitive or deaf to bright treble and thus unable to enjoy or appreciate most of the bright, analytical gears.

    3rd, even though I have been following Head-fi since mid 2015, I have never had the urge to post anything. Newbies like me do not have the experience or instructive description to share. And the most important thing usually describe here is the sound quality of certain items in the chain. This is a highly subjective subject which I think I should muddied it with my own inexperience.
    So I think I will leave this to more experienced veterans here for that.

    Sorry for the long winded introduction and thanks for reading. I will like to say thank you to you all (moderators and posters alike) for all the invaluable information that was being shared here.

  14. lucspop
    Hey guys!

    Just signed up, and I'm already feeling sorry for my wallet! Just ordered the 6XX from Massdrop, and enjoying my DT770-80 in the meantime.
    I'm hoping to learn so much more about this crazy hobby!

  15. Raeservoir
    Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to high-end audio, but I've been doing a bit of reading (a lot on this forum, too) and I have my sights set on the AKG K702 as my first audiophile-grade headphone, being open and fairly neutral.

    Aside from that, I play piano and do piano covers + amateur recordings, so I'm pretty keen for a bit of an upgrade, uni student budget allowing.

    Looking forward to meet more people and hear more opinions about all the gear out there!
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