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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. CVega
    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for allowing me to join this community, I have noticed is a very close and friendly group. I live in Puerto Rico, and yes, I survived hurricane Maria this past September. I have been an audio enthusiast since my early college days, I am now retired. I decided to start using my Sennheiser HD-580 which were collecting dust and it’s time to start enjoying them. I am here to learn and to share my experiences. Once again, thank you.

  2. greygoose
    Hi all,
    I have viewed many posts and articles over the years, great site and I finally joined today.
    I have a pair of HD650'S and need to get the best out of them, so starts the journey.

  3. diazou06
    Hello, i'm new too and i have to have some help for my headphone :)
    And i found some cool stuff in your forum too.
  4. toucan79
    Welcome to all the newcomers! Just recently joined myself.
  5. atax112
    Hello fellow HeadFiers.

    I've been lurking around for some time, reading up on interesting topics and reviews.
    Finally decided to join this great community of enthusiasts and audiophile newbies :dt880smile:

    My name is Ati(short for Attila), I have little experience in the vast world of sonic pleasure. :sweat_smile:
    I would describe myself as a Sennheiser fan and recently switched to wireless listening with the PXC 550.

    My first and only lossless player was the Fiio X1, which I greatly enjoyed, but sold once I decided to go wireless.

    Looking for an aptx player since my phone doesn't support the codec.

    I listen to all sorts of music, but I am mostly a Depeche and electro fan. Also have a special place in my heart for the music and ballads of hungarian singer Ákos.

    Thank you for accepting me.
  6. Winfrid
    Hello, already purchase cayiin n5ii
    Looking information here for nice headphone to pair with cayin
  7. pnkfluffyunicorn
    Been running into this forum a lot while searching for headphone related questions on google. Thought it was about time to make an account and join. I currently own pair of Sennheiser HD650's, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro's, and Monoprice M1060's. Love them all.
  8. serman005
    Welcome aboard @pnkfluffyunicorn!! Real sorry about your wallet...---)
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  9. KoolMoose
    Howdy ya’ll, I’m Moose. I own a pair of AKG K612s, and a pair of Mee Audio M6 Pros. I’m an avid jazz listener and musician. I like warmer sounds, with a slightly rolled off, mellow treble. I’ve recently taken an interest in chi-fi IEMs. On that topic, can y’all recommend me a pair that would fit that description?
  10. jestercow
    Good morning all, Jester here. Been using this site for several months to get me started, helped me get the gumption to start off with a Fulla 2 + Beoplay H6 for work and an LCX + HD6xx for home. So far I like what I've got, I'm sure I'll be back for more :p
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  11. neoaudiophyte
    Hi everyone. I have been reading threads on this site for years and thought it was about time I joined. :smile_phones:
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  12. hnhp1989
    This is Alan located in SF bay area. I love playing with headphones, and have a small collection at home, they include an HD800, a Grado PS500 and a Beyer T90, I use Chord Hugo as both DAC and AMP. Nice to finally become a member of this forum !
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  13. KoolMoose
    How do you like the T90? I’ve been looking at having it as my “end-game” pair of headphones.
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  14. Javnisa
    Hi guys,

    I'm new here, I love music, I'm a violinist I'm new here, I love music, I'm a violinist and a tenor. Owner of a beautiful fiio X5 mark II. I hope I can help and help me.
  15. KoolMoose
    Hello fellow musician!
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