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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. jacinabox
    Hello from a strangely sunny and warm Scotland!

    I'm an absolute beginner to all this hi-res and portable music, it intrigues me. Sadly I've reached an age where bits of my body don't function as well as they used to, I've gone completely deaf in one ear so whatever I glean from this forum will not be of much use to me; however, I'm here to see what I can sort out for my wife who's fortunate enough to hear perfectly well and would like to listen her music collection (all on CD at the mo') via a portable music player and a set of headphones. Never ripped a CD in my life - so that'll be something new to learn but I'm sure I'll manage.

    Probably gone about this in completely the wrong way, but let's see what I can salvage...I've bought her a set of phones, Sony WH-1000Xm2 - supposed to have been a customer return but they sent me a spanking new set for what was a considerable discount on new. These are comfortable for her but I'm sure they're not shining playing music from the likes of YouTube via a Samsung tablet, she knows this so the hunt is on for a DAP.
    I've gone around in circles trying to draw up a shortlist, something from AK (costly) Pioneer XDP-300r, or Sony. Rightly or wrongly, I'm favouring Sony and there is zero chance of auditioning a DAP from anyone locally so I'm being guided by reviews. Happy to buy used too.

    There's another "complication" to be considered, wife is an avid painter and spends a lot of time at an easel and finds being "wired" to a player a little awkward, so bluetooth is a requirement...I know there will probably be a loss of SQ. However, other times being "wired-up" is not an issue. Wi-Fi I think is needed too as she would like to try Tidal or Deezer for streaming.
    So, what I'm thinking is the Sony NW-ZX2 or Sony NW-ZX300
    I'm hoping that the headphones will be easily driven by either of Sony's and will give decent bluetooth performance when needed and give good SQ when wired.

    Any thoughts or guidance would be hugely appreciated....meanwhile I'm off for few more hours of ferreting around here to see if I can educate myself!

    Thanks, David
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  2. avast18
    hi,my name is Daniil. i want to buy and sell on this forum.its seems helpful and fine.thanks
  3. rishabh
    Hello there. New to this forum but have been checking out the site for over a year. Have owned The HD650s, currently own AKG 712s, DT770, Shure SRH1540 & of course the M50s.
  4. octocone
    Hi, I'm pretty new to the high end audio world, so cut me some slack if I seem inexperienced (because I am). However, I am currently in the process of reasearching for the good stuff to get so I can get started.
  5. Inaba545
    Hello everyone, new to the site and you can call me Inaba. I have been browsing for a few months and have already had a great deal of questions answered just by reading through the forums. Looks like a great site with helpful and informative people.

    I am fairly new to the hi-fi headphone scene and decided to create an account to share my experiences so far and receive/offer help and advice where I am able.

    Current setup is:

    Monoprice Modern Retro, Status Audio CB-1, Phillips SHP9500s, Fostex TH-X00 PH. Also have M1060C currently in RMA process for a driver issue, and a Hifiman HE-560 with a broken headband yoke that I am trying to sort out... (part of the reason I created an account) Also just joined the HD-6xx drop that should arrive sometime this year.

    Audioengine D-1, Audio-GD NFB 11.28

    Anyway, nice to meet everyone!
  6. yong_shun
    Hi I am a new member here from Singapore! Visited a few times to CanJam and wish to share more opinions in this platform! Will post new product first impressions too! stay tuned!
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  7. Billy901
    hi there! It’s great site. so many topics and opinions. I used to read, basically https://www.washingtonpost.com but now your site one of my favorites. Thank you!
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  8. progfan2
    Hi All! New member and mostly new to the world of headphones. I've enjoyed nice 2 channel systems for years but a recent move to a condo has curtailed playing classic and progressive rock to volumes I enjoy. So, I'm now looking for headphones that can fill that void until I can once again play at preferred volumes. I've had UE TF10 and SR60's for years though I never really considered them as any other to use on the commute or computer. I recently got a Geek GO 450 as and LG 20 for portable sources and have tried my kids 598's and ATM 50's (didn't care for either). I have briefly heard the Audioquest Nighthawks which were very interesting as I really liked them but also dis-liked them. I currently have Meze 99 Classics but think I'm going to search for the Nighthawks to give them a longer listen........
  9. Thomasl
    Hello, I love headphones and I own t1, th900, amp: A2, ican pro. I also have a lot of less distinguished headphones/amps that I can't list all.
    I have so much that I want to discuss. Hoping to get more privilege to post on some more specific forums.
    Currently I have Noble Audio Encore and they're (unbelievably) equally dynamic and spacious as big cans, with many pros of earphones.
    The interesting thing is Noble Audio sound great both on A2 and I can pro. However, while th900 sound great on ican pro, they sound like scratching board on A2. (So I might want to sell my A2 and some big cans)
    Noble Audio Encore has too much high-tremble when there isn't enough power to drive them. I have dragonfly red for it as a portable option and the tremble can be just bearable. Maybe I'll use ican pro for long-term in-door setup.
    Head-fi has provided me so much info for making decisions. I'm here to share my experience gained by either wisely-spenting or wasting the $, like everyone else.
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  10. Steveevo9
    Hi David & Mrs Wife,

    Welcome mate, I'm new also & came here to learn as well.

    The reviews are fantastic & generally you'll find very honest opinions that sometimes differs from person to person (to be expected).

    Have fun & keep a tight rein on your wallets.

    Kind Regards

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  11. Ghost_1
    Hi everyone! Long time lurker but finally decided to join after a long hiatus from the audio world.
  12. Catharus

    I’m a newly hatched head-fier. I’m here to learn and hopefully contribute as I get more into it.

    Currently, I’m sporting a pair of Hifiman HE-400S. But of course, I’m lusting for something offering even more... :smile_phones:
  13. Bodiebadman
    Hello from Southern California where it is finally raining! Just joined this group today. I am attempting to fill a void - while I've had MP3 players, iPods, earphones and earbuds in the past I am a complete nincompoop with respect to hi-res audio. I've always enjoyed learning new things and I look forward to discovering what this hobby is all about and things like: What's the difference between a DAP and a DAC? How do you rip a CD without using iTunes?

    You get the picture! I just ordered a Pioneer XDP-30R Digital Audio Player (OMG! DAP!) and I've got an old set of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones to get started with. Like most 60 somethings that I know, my tastes range from classical to jazz to hard rock etc. I never got into hip hop or rap music and there's probably an incredible amount of new stuff that I know little or nothing about. Hope to share more as a get a footing in this hobby.
  14. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Bodiebadman!! You are in a good place to learn. I would recommend that you take your questions and bundle them into a new thread on the Introductions, Help and Recommendations board. You will get much, much more traffic there than you will here on this thread and you are therefore much more likely to get some helpful replies. Good luck with the new DAP!!
  15. hols
    New to this forum. Just want to say Hi. Great that there are so many good discussions here.
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