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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Keno18
    First post. Long time user of headphones and iems. Thought I might get "serious" about this as I have newly delved into Hi-Res and like what I hear. Looking to upgrade my headphones to match my new portable and home setups.
  2. byllot
    Hi guys,
    my name is Andrea and i born in 1974 and i live in Italy, near Monza. Nice to meet you forum!
  3. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Andrea!! I have been to Milano several times for work and loved it. Enjoy yourself here!
  4. byllot
    Thanks sermann!
  5. DannyBaNaNie
    Hey everyone, I got into the scene a couple of years ago with the purchase of Oppo PM-3’s and an HA-2, I sold those and got a chord mojo with a set of HD 800S. My girlfriend didn’t like that she could hear what I was listening to, so I sold those and purchased the Oppo PM-3’s again and an HA-2SE. Two days ago I decided to purchase 64 Audio A18t. I’m happy that i found a community that I could learn a lot from. Thanks for having me.
  6. Audientis

    Long time on-and-off lurker, but I seem to have found the headphone passion again...

    My first stereo (1972) was a cheapo all-in-one Panasonic (pre-Technics) unit, but when I bought my first cans, they were the best I could scrape up the funds for: Koss Pro-4AAs. The stereo changed a lot over the years, but the 'phones didn't until the mid-80's when I bought a pair of Stax Lambda Pros. The stereo has changed a lot more over the following years (and multiplied), but the main 'phones stayed the same. I just didn't see any reason to change them. Until recently.

    After lots (years) of procrastination I finally got my main system set up so I could start digitizing my LP collection. I was using a pair of Grado SR-80s for the editing, but once in a while I'd want to listen to a whole song and the Grados weren't cutting it. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on new 'phones, so I tried the Audioquest Nighthawks, but after living with the Stax and Grados for so long, I just couldn't get into them.

    So I started reading up on how to improve on the Lambdas. I have been using the SRD-7 Pro Adapter, which has its issues, but you can pretty much hook any amp in the world up to it. I usually use a dedicated amp just for the headphones, and my current amp is a Nuforce IA-7v3. Anyway, after doing lots of searches and reading, I talked myself into saving up for a new set of Lambdas - the SR-L700s. Then, once I had the 700s I could save up for a true headphone amp and be in headphone nirvana...

    Unfortunately (for my pocketbook, anyway), I recently ran into a deal on an essentially new system of SR-L700s and SRM-007tII. AAAaaahhhhhh... OK - now I'm done upgrading...

    Except, since I'm essentially moving my entire analog music collection to my server, I still need a good set of 'phones for editing, etc. Since I just happen to have a Nuforce IA-7v3/Stax SRD-7 Pro/Stax Lambda Pro setup just sitting around, I thought I'd integrate it with my main computer and make a bitchin' desk system.

    Which is why I'm here on Head-Fi today. I need a DAC to feed the IA7v3 and need to learn a lot more about DACs. I'm leaning toward something (REALLY) cheap [Topping/Schiit/SMSL], but if my recent headphone-buying experience is any guide, I'm gonna be in (more) trouble with my lovely wife...

    Hi, Everybody! My name is Jeff and I'm an Audiophile...
  7. LarryA
    Appreciate the recommendation.

    Thank You
  8. Sig Master

    I came here, because I was looking for more information about my Xduoo X3 player.
    Then I found out, there are a lot of audiophiles here to :)
    I hope to find more about the RockBox port and eventualy hardware mods for the X3.

    To speak with John Miles: Music is my first love.

    Cheers, Sig.
  9. shoe73
    Hello, I have been falling into the headphone trap, searching for the perfect pair of headphones that will be the absolute best for every type of music I listen to. In the process of finding out that it is not possible, I'm accumulating so many headphones! It seems I like something different about every pair I buy, and I've only been able to part with a few of them. :frowning2:
  10. serman005
    Welcome to the trap, @shoe73!! You are not alone... ---)
    shoe73 likes this.
  11. Reddog333
    Post up!

    New addict here. So many questions and too many options in this world! I'm really excited about going to my first CanJam next weekend in Singapore. I'll be bringing the nuraphones that I have on 30 day trial with lots of wet wipes if anyone cares to try. Also really interested in AB the Taction Kannon if anyone has those to bring.

    First impressions of the Nuraphones is very good bass and sound for ble portable option. Better than any of the big names. Where they are let down is in the headband design. There is no way to fix the cups and they move down from bass vibrations or movement, leaving the weight of the phones resting on your ear canal opening.

    Hope to see some of you in SIN!

  12. Dorokun
    New member here, used to lurk for a few months before actually making an actual account. After lurking I decided to buy Oppo PM-3 as my go to cans! Never used any nice cans before(actually used Sennheiser HD 200 if those counts). Satisfied with these cans, though I'm curious about the Hifiman HE-400i as people said they have better soundstage, treble, and overall sound quality when compared to the PM-3, and cheaper too. Too bad it's open-back as I want to use my headphones outside too, and don't want to spend money on multiple headphones (for now...).

    I also use the AudioQuest DragonFly Red as my go to DAC+AMP. They improved the lacking treble and soundstage of the PM-3 by a bit which is quite nice, though I don't know if it's worth it for 175 US dollars. To be honest I was kinda disappointed after using the DF Red for a while, yes there's definitely improvement, but does it actually justify the price? I'll only know when I get my hands on other DACs and amps to compare them to. Actually bought the DF Red on an impulse and didn't do much research for other options so lesson learned I guess.

    Well this looks more like a rant than an introduction to me, but I hope you guys will guide me through the world of audiophilia!
  13. CodyZzZ
    Sup guys, I'm Cody from Hong Kong. Got into audophile world ever since I made my jump from "mainstream" earphones into the CA Andro's. Looking forward to share my experiences and also learn a thing or two from you guys!

    P.S. I've been lurking this site for so long it's about time I made an account and contribute to this awesome community.
  14. XoXo
    Hello !
    Im New Here. Im from Poland and amateur in headphones :)
  15. flutteringwings
    Well, a new member says hello!! :)
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