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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. chymichead
    Hello all! New member here! I have been lurking for a while and finally decided to sign up. Very interested in IEMs!
  2. Dr. Udo Brömme
    Hi together.

    I am a long time fan and silent reader of your awesome page. Now I want to paticipate active.

  3. tr33beard
    Hi Head-Fi,
    Yet another longtime listener first time caller. This forum has cost me enough money that I figured it was about time that I actually joined. I've had headphones on constantly for what feels like forever. From crap on ears with portable CD players to tube amps (Little Dot Mk3) and Sennheisers (HD6XX), to the newest FOTM ChiFi (IT01) its been a fun journey.
  4. schmintan
    Posting as i have a set of Audio-technica ATH-M40x that sound amazing but have developed cracks in hinges in identical places on both sides, after very very light use. Looking for a source of replacement hinges as Audio Technica Europe support is non existent.
  5. serman005
    Welcome, @tr33beard!! We are all sorry about the wallet... ---)
    tr33beard likes this.
  6. themagicman
    Hi there,
    I just wanted to Introduce myself.. I am new here...Living in USA, Florida
  7. Raphael DeLaGhetto
    Hey. What's up. Hello. Long time lurker, decided it was time to dive in. See you around.
  8. emef
    HI Everyone,

    Long-time lurker who decided to join.

    Not a huge audiophile but I like good quality music and plan to benefit bit ore from currently living in China (cheap hardware).
    Just got a new DAP (Moonlight Z6Pro) and I'm waiting for the Fiio FH1 (while trying not to spend money for more earphones...).
  9. bluescreenlife
    Hey! bluescreenlife here, just looking to delve more into the headphone and tube amp world lately so I figured I'd better make an account.

    I'm a big vinyl head and most of my music gear is centered around that. I have two pairs of Senn HD 598s (one for me and one I bought for my fiance) that I use mostly for music and gaming at my PC, but sometimes for listening to records. Usually I listen on speakers.

    My main setup is an Acoustic Research "The AR Turntable" turntable with ADC XLM MK II or III cartridge (not sure as it's not labeled on the body and I got it second hand), currently using the ADC Y/X MK III stylus, run through a Yamaha Natural Sound CA-610 II amp, to DLK 1 1/2 speakers.

    I have a secondary setup with a Sony PS-T3 turntable, some random budget cartridge that came on it, run through a mediocre Kenwood receiver to some ADS L520 speakers which I love, like everyone else who owns them :beyersmile: I want to get a decent amp in there soon so I can make true use of the speakers.

    My gaming computer has a decent motherboard with some upgraded audio capabilities, but I'm looking into getting a nicer set of cans, a DAC and amp so I can really enjoy those FLACs.

    I am a member of a couple private trackers, my source for great FLAC rips (when I don't already have the album on vinyl). I upload a good amount of my own vinyl rips taken with the first setup as well.

    The HD 650s are getting really enticing to me so I'm currently hunting down a good price on those. That and deciding on a DAC, and a solid state vs. tube amp, or possibly a DAC + amp combo.

    Thanks for having me!
  10. saukkima
    Hi everyone!

    I've occasionally read the forum and articles for last two years. I bought my first decent headphones AKG K240 over two years ago and since then been keen to headphones. I'm particularly interested in the DIY stuff and I accidentally got to the DIY electrostatic headphones thread and learned much about electrostats. I ended up buying old Stax SR-5 (with SRD-6) and helplessly fell in love with the sound. Now I'm in process of making my own electrostats. And there's also always one or two headphone stand/holder projects going on.

    So, I'll be paddling through the DIY threads and for sure other headphone and amp stuff.
  11. ArksalSublimed
    Hello, my name is ArksalSublimed, I've read lot of threads in this forum, quite interesting stuff about sound gear. The knowledge in this web is just awesome, plenty of useful information in order to get the best out of your gear.

    Greetings to everybody! Thank you.
  12. qni21813
    hello, I'm new here. Big fan of Grado, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, JVC, ALO...
  13. LarryA
    First post and wanted to say Hello, Been reading the forums and reviews here off and on for a few years. Decided to join the forums. Like to say thank you to "all" for the reviews & post in the forums. Very informative. Time invested in the forums is well spent. Will be seeking advice since my knowledge is very limited. My first introduction to music was on a old hand crank player 78s if my memory is correct. Very young at the time it is amazing how the technology has developed over the years.

    Thank You For Reading
  14. Longsama
    Hi Guys I've been following for about 2 years but my current list of audio gear includes:
    Audeze isine 20(Fav's)
    Shure 535
    V-moda m-100
    Sony WH1000xm2
    Fiio e18 kunlun
    LG V30(only way ik to enjoy MQA on the go)

    What finally promoted me to join was my deep interest in participating in the Audeze Mobius thread line. As an avid gamer and movie watcher it sounds like the ultimate all in one set up from one of my favorite audio companies.
  15. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @LarryA!! Hold on to your wallet... ---)
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