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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. JimboDimbo
    Hello from the shortly to be separated UK. Hopefully our relationships in Europe and around the world will not deteriorate. Too much nationalism is not good for anyone.

    Probably like many here, I've been around music all my life. I'm joining Head-Fi to learn about how to produce the best music(al) experience I can (at home with hi-fi equipment) within my budget and what things make a difference and go together to make that possible.
    My latest adventure is using Roon on my (recently rebuilt) PC and thinking about how to get the best sound I can into a new pair of Ruark Audio MR1 MK2 speakers connected to the PC. The optical SPDIF link has amazed me since I'm so used to PC audio being quite poor. And Roon is able to push some great sound out of the PC. I have added a REL TZero subwoofer to fill out the bottom end of the small speakers, which has greatly enhanced the sound without being noticeable in themselves. It somehow does not seem to be true Hi-Fi, but it has been great to explore music from Tidal (through Roon) and <cough> Spotify <cough> [there I've admitted it, sorry guys]. The amount of music out there is truly amazing.
    I want to use the forums here to explore and develop my rather limited systems.

    In summary, I guess I'm here to learn, just like everyone else!
  2. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @JimboDimbo!! Yes, nationalism is experiencing a resurgence of sorts in the US as well. But I shall stay away from politics.There is much to learn here on head-fi (by all of us). I hope you enjoy your stay here. ---)
  3. rustonp
    Hello fellow hi-fi'ers?
    Glad to be here
  4. Viryon
    Greetings from Japan!!

    Looking for my first hi-fi headphone and accidentally stumbled here. I never thought there are so many things to learn about this kind of thing so I decided to join.

    Currently, I only have my old MH1C, and hopefully I will get new headphone soon.

    Best regards,
  5. BunnyNamedCraig
    Have you tube rolled yet? To me that is a heck of a rabbit hole to fall down... Fun, satisfying and can be EXPENSIVE! But man it is addicting...
    LCD 2 is pretty heavy. I think the LCD X cut weight compared to it, and it would have more of a neutral signature then the LCD 2. The HD800 is a really safe headphone, but it doesn't have the warmth that the LCD2 has so I am not sure what sound your leaning towards?
    Yo J, living in Vermont eh? I think you need a big tube amp. that way you can keep your self warm while you listen. All joking aside, I went to Vermont before and I thought it was gorgeous... Wicked cold though.
    I accidentally stumbled here as well! I was watching a random youtube video about "headphones make for better headsets" and that directed me to the site from googling. @Mad Lust Envy was the reason I got into this hobby specifically though, and major shout out to him and the epic gaming guide thread HUGEgamingThread

    Welcome to site, and greetings from Pittsburgh PA ha:beerchug:
  6. DatClampTho
    Long time lurker. Registered a while back and forgot to introduce myself! I'm Jonathan and I've dumped way too much $ into this hobby in the last year, and I feel like I'm just getting started.
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  7. serman005
    Yes, the dumping of money. Always--the dumping of money. ----)
  8. toucan79
    Hello all from Denver, CO. First time post, but a long time member.
  9. cpc93
    Hello, long time lurker here and finally decided to register an account.
  10. GuiltyGearX
    Hello, always have been a fan of the cheap earphones thread. It's helped me out alot with buying my headphones, one thing that I am curious about is that if people can provide some suggestions on what inearphones are nice for a cheap price. If nobody can answer my question in this thread it's fine, thanks anyways.
  11. FireLion
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  12. c0nfuciu5
    Hi guys :)

    I go by c0nfuciu5 on the internet, but my name is Zach.

    Been lurking the forums for a month or so now. I've always been what I would consider an audiophile, but never really dove in. I'm a musician and a big pc gamer. I always used to use cheap logitech gaming headsets so that I had a microphone to talk with. This always lead me to just listening to music and movies with those same headphones. I bought a pair of Sennheiser PC350's when I got my first job and that's when my eyes were opened. I initially bought them for comfort. My gaming sessions were getting longer and I needed something more supporting.

    I was big in to Dave Matthews at the time (still am, with more variety now). The first note that rang through those headphones I realized what I had been missing for years. I had no idea that a pair of headphones could make such a difference.

    These headphones were 150ohm. I had no idea what that meant, but all the reviews I read recommended an amplifier to help them. The first thing I noticed was i had to run my pc volume at 100% to get it where I wanted it, and with all my other gaming headphones I would run anywhere between 35 and 50%. I could get the volume where I wanted so I never looked in to amplifiers any further.

    Fast forward about 8 years of countless set ups, buying better headphones, newer styles of the Sennheiser gaming series, other brands, and my most recent purchase and favorite pair, Sennhesier 598C. I really thought just switching headphones and buying better headphones was the only way to get better sound. The last few months I've run a Denon stereo amplifier so I can use external speakers and headphones whenever I want, all running through my PC. Its big. It takes up a lot of my desk, and I've had to repair it multiple times. At this point if the sound peaked high the right side of sound would cut out, and I am done with it. So I decided to start looking at headphone amplifiers, and realized that I've been missing out on something for a long time.

    I came across this site and saw that there are some solid state ones, some hybrids, and all tube ones. I didnt want to blow a chunk of money at first and really not like the experience or it make a difference for me. With that being said, my first amplifier arrived yesterday (3/7). I went with the Nobsound NS-08E after reading through that thread on here for about 5 days.

    At first it was super distorted and I was discouraged. Unplugged everything, new audio cables and reseated the tubes and bam. Crystal clear. I am blown away. Like, actually shocked. That experience I had years ago when I bought the Sennheisers not realizing it would make such a difference just happened all over again for me. The sound coming through this amp is just something I didn't know could be in existence. It seems so silly now that I type it and read it and actually have an amp, but I truly didn't think the device delivering the sound to my headphones would have that much of an affect on the sound. I've read everywhere to replace the tubes. I will do that, but I am genuinely enjoying the experience, even with stock tubes.

    I look forward to my new found journey, the dumping of so much money, and hope to experience it with you guys!!

    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  13. gzll
    Greetings from Manila, Philippines!

    Have always been sorta lurking on here for years, have always been into audio since I was a kid (am in my early 20s now!) but never got true "audiophile" grade cans til 2 years ago when I purchased a HE-350 from Massdrop
    Am currently using a modded(?) Audeze Sine for my day-to-day, all-around use. Cheers!
  14. Ravinder
    Hello from Punjab, India.
    This is Ravinder from a remote city in Punjab province of India. I have been in car audio since 2005 but would like to try portable and home audio as time available in car is shrinking every day. I have bought few raw kits for home theater from USA but yet to assemble them.

    I have a decent set up in car with Helix P six DSP and want to use a DAP with digital output as music source, preferably optical as Helix DSP has optical input and also optional micro USB in extension card. Want to use OTG also as I have 4 external HDD and a 256GB flash drive. Out of 500GB music collection I have only 10% is 24bit while the rest is cd qulaity.

    My future DAP should have best SQ under $1000, digital out, optical is better as for USB out I have to spend 175 bucks extra, OTG support and good battery life. I also have Hootoo travel mate TM-02 which I can connect to any external HDD to make it NAS storage which I should be able to access from my DAP.
    AK70mkii fits the bill in every aspect but heart is pumping for Kann and that's what have landed me here. can I use line out of Kann to optical input of DSP bypassing its internal DAC?

    Might also buy audio technica atx50 as my first decent quality headphone to pair with future DAP.
  15. Joe Caldino
    One of the reasons why I love going to this forum is to read stories from fellow audiophiles. Yours is definitely a good read. Welcome Zach!

    Bigtime kabayan! :)
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