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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Avonlae
    Hello everybody,
    like the automated message told me, this is my first post. I'm here to discuss Shield Design for V-Moda Headphones :gs1000smile:
  2. 477621
    Hi everyone.

    I have been a long time lurker here, I only got around to joining mid last year and life got in the way of me getting stuck in to the forum.

    I played in bands for around 20 years, including recording my own and other bands. Since putting the live stuff on hold, my spark for music has been re-ignited.

    My source was the LG V20 until I heard the Chord Mojo. I am now using the Mojo with phone and Computer and am very happy so far.

    My current Headphones are the lovely HD565 Ovations (2 pairs), DT770 80Ohm, then for out and about the AKG Y50 and Fidelio M1 with FiiO i1.

    I listen to Tidal and FLAC (24bit and up). Fairly diverse musical tastes. I don't like Opera but will give most other things a fair go. If you need to pigeon hole me, vocal harmonies, glitchy electronic stuff and massive riffs feature heavily in my listening.

    I have also owned the following, with reasons that we parted ways.

    DT990 250Ohm, too VShaped for me but my friend wanted something decent so I passed them on. I had these for years and were one of a few mixing pairs that we used. I would likely have still had them had my friend not needed something nice.

    DT880 600Ohm, I liked everything about these but the treble was too honest which spoiled some of my favourite albums. Hardly the headphones fault.

    HE400i, I expected the world of these, they didn't deliver for my tastes, I also found the build too creaky for my massive melon.

    K550, I really liked these but they were overshadowed by the K7XX.

    K7XX, Great tone and stage but the vocal performance let them down.

    HD650, Nice and comfortable fit, but the HD565 just do a better job in my opinion.

    I am looking forward to my HD58X arriving later in the year. I think they will suit me well.
  3. tricolor
    Good morning peeps!
    greetings from northern Québec!

    just bit the bullet and ordered my first tube amp, a Schiit Valhalla 2 that will join some other Schiit like the Bifrost DAC, hooked up via optical cable to my hackintosh feeding mostly .aiff / flac files, and some streaming stuff as well, though i wish our internet would handle tidal here...

    Gonna be enjoying with a grado GS1000i and hoping to connect also to the old Sony home theatre receiver along with the KEF q700 speakers....

    Hope you all have a great week!
  4. poekimalu
    Hi everyone, my name is Edo new member from Sydney, Australia. I'm pretty new with Audiophile stuff and just bought LCD2 Classic few days ago. I love the HP's my only complain is bloody heavy. Wish someone can give me an idea to mods the headband.

    NB: read about Lohb suspension strap but not sure if anyone using it on LCD2 Classic yet or not.
  5. Steveevo9
    I’m not one with a large amount of head-fi knowledge or variety. I have a new set of LCD 2’s & they truly amaze me. The sound in general is what I’d call full with beautiful detail retrieval. I’ve heard back ground singing in one of my cd’s that I’ve not heard on my senn IEM’s or from my old stereo speakers (a set of old 2 way Polk Audio’s through a Onkyo CD player & AV receiver). You’re able to hear the various instruments very clearly through varied genre (a bit of classical, rock, R&B including some older soul [if well recordered]) that I listen too.

    I’m going to limit myself to my LCD’s as they are a very fine phone & honestly I didn’t think I’d stretch to them financially. I actually don’t find the weight of the Audeze’s to worry me at all or the clamp pressure some find quite painful. I find them very comfortable indeed, however; as mentioned before I’ve been riding for decades with various helmets.

    I’d say it’s very easy to want more expensive, bigger & better brands when reading this valuable forum. We can also justify to ourselves that more than one great pair of phones for the various music that we like/love is warranted. It gets infectiouis very easily re upgraditis. Just like being on the various Ducati forums, you can get easily persuaded or even overwhelmed by recommendations. That’s the nature of hobbies I guess.

    Just quickly to answer your other question, I ride a Ducati 848 EVO SE & a Harley. Anything else on bikes would be better in the bike thread mentioned above. It’s too easy to get off topic otherwise.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  6. OscYo
    Hello Guys!

    This is my first post as requested in e-mail ^^

    I've been happy user of Sansa Clip Zip Rockboxed along with Jays V-jays however I had sad incident in train while leaving compartment headphone cable got stuck and my Sansa flew away from my pocket : ( Couldn't find it under any seat and I had to leave cause it was really late and I couldn't go any more stations to look for it.

    Since Sansa's aren't easy available in my country I have to change my DAP.

    I've been using useful information from this forum and now I need your help because I can't decide between those:

    - Xduoo Nano D3 (more expensive than others, has buttons, looks sturdy, has 8 GB internal space)
    - Benjie S5/AGPtek M20S (less expensive, recently in every top10 best DAP)
    - Benjie T6/AGPtek Rocker (less expensive, rockbox-beta available)

    I listen to all variety of music, from electric blues, through classic rock, hard rock to pop, rap and others.

    What is important to me?
    - battery live,
    - buttons (I like to use DAP in my pocket without getting it out to often),
    - sound quality,
    - rockbox (optional but I'm used to it with Sansa),
    - size (I've really liked that Sansa Clip Zip was pocket-size),
    - internal storage with ability to extend it with SD card.

    If you can help I will appreciate it.
  7. guille
    I like the audio and that my music is heard in the best possible way, I do not know much about this, I just limit myself to whether I like it or not
    my first post is about the configuration of neutron and ibasso dx200, I do not know what to configure so that neutron turns off approximately on track 8 of a disk or playlist and must start it again
    Thank so much, this is a great forum
    Guille from Chile
  8. casinobelagio
    HI,how come you can"t use Tidal?
  9. tricolor
    Hey! Hope all is well!
    I wish I could, but I have tried and it doesn't work... Our internet connection is satellite based... because of the latency and lack of bandwidth (it's crazy expensive, unfortunately), there is not enough "speed" to download the files...

    I can use Apple Music, but sadly 256k files only.. and I need to "download" them and listen to them once it's cached... I have contacted tidal, and they don't have any plans of increasing the "buffering/caching" files for offline... (not, we don't have cellphones either here... :) But it is an awesome community! :)
  10. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @poekimalu!! I am a big Sydney fan! I unfortunately don't have any mods for you as I am not an LCD2 Classic person. What I would highly recommend is that you start a new thread on the Help and Recommendations board asking your question there. Give as much detail as you can. That board gets many, many times the traffic this thread does and you are much more likely to get some meaningful help there. Good luck!!
  11. poekimalu
    Thanks @serman005. I found LCD2C thread on the forum and posted in there as well. Hopefully will find a solution soon. Cheers
  12. casinobelagio
    Ok,thanks for the info.The LCD 2 is actually not to bad in price compared to the 800,I’ll try to see if anybody around has them for me to demo.
  13. blazestarinc
    Hi! I'm J, from Vermont, USA! Not entirely sure what to write here, but here goes:
    I'm a collector of many things --particularly hip-hop CDs-- but I also dabble in various forms of music production, deejaying, and audiophilia.
    My first MiniDisc recorder (a Sony MZ-R37) was purchased in 2001, around a year after my foray into songwriting (Fun Fact: the discs in my avatar picture were all recorded on that unit!)
    The 37 has been gone for awhile, but I've recently acquired three other MD decks in the last month, including the coveted RH-1 from a member of this very site! #psyched!
    My favorite IEMs are Sony MDR-XB50APs and although just a footnote in A/V history now, I have a soft spot for TOSLINK.
    Ask me anything! Or don't! Happy to be here either way... thank you!
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
  14. JohnisHere7550
    Hi, John Here
    I am new here.
  15. carloc
    Greetings from Italy...:smile_phones:

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