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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Perene
    Hello guys, I discovered this forum recently and I've been looking for a place where these high quality headphones are discussed, since I sold my Airpods today. Currently I use the Earpods, and I've been looking to buy a new pair for a long time. I don't know anything about brands or this stuff, and from the looks of it this site seems to be a great place to start. :smile_phones:

    Like I said in another thread I had a bad experience with some over-ear headphones and I hope to find one that will be an improvement over these Apple devices.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  2. succmangoes
    Hello to the head-fi community.

    I've been lurking here for a while and I purchased my vsonic gr07's thanks to the many threads here. I have some experience with higher end speakers but not nearly as much with headphones/IEMS, and an upcoming relocation means my speakers will be given to my parents. I want to set up a "desk rig" on a tight budget, and so I have finally joined Head-Fi for help.

    Hope to have fun around here and learn some new things.
  3. Thumpsy
    Hey folks, I'm new here. My ears were first lit up in the 80's when I bought a pair of akg 140's. Been on a search recently for a decent set of in ear thingies and just received a pair of kz zs6's. After Panasonic ergofits and cheap sony stuff they seem to be quite an upgrade
  4. hansen4200
    Hello Hifi people :)

    I'm pretty new to hifi have always been in love with good music and loud music as well :)
    I hope to meet ya all and have a good time while getting to know the world of hifi better!
  5. casinobelagio
    Im new here,been using this website for reviews for a while now.
    My name is Mark from Montreal Canada,I have HD 700,he400 and nighthawks,and using WA7 as my headphone amp.Didnt realize how deep this rabbit hole really is.
  6. Steveevo9
    Hi talmadge,

    I’m totally in agreement with you. I’ve also been into motorcycles from a very young age, it’s been a fun journey. Started on trail bikes then onto serious road bikes. It’s much the same with my love of music, they both offered freedom.

    So now I’ve gotten back into my music once again & I’m loving it with my new Audeze LCD’s. I’ve been using them with my very old Onkyo CD player & iPhone 6S+. I didn’t think they’d work with my iPhone, but; they do a fair job. I’m waiting on a O2 amp to boost them up on my phone & Macbook Pro, later I’ll purchase a DAC.
  7. casinobelagio
    Funny that you mentioned motorcycles,that used to be my passion and still is but got married and needed to sell my bike.My last bike was a Ducati ST 2 that I put lots of money into,you how it goes ,start with one piece of carbon fibre and that leads to wanting to change out all the plastic for it,including the exhaust.
    Anyway now since I live in a condo have to use headphones,and I’m about to go really deep because I’m thinking of getting the HD800S this year,or even the 820 but so far Sennheiser is asking around 3400,00 Canadian and that doesn’t makes sense since U.S I believe they will be selling for 2400.00.
    So tell me about bikes?
  8. casinobelagio
    Can you please tell me about your LCD,it’s an option for me instead of the Sennheiser?
    I’m a little concerned about comfort and weight,also which version do you have,because I can get the X version for a good price now on Amazon,and same goes for the LCD-2 fazor.
  9. herrsmith
    We've been discussing them in this thread. Go on over and post any pictures you have of that farkled out Ducati. Maybe you'll get inspired and get back into riding.
  10. casinobelagio
    The only picture that I have left is hanging on the wall of my shop, but Ill definitely take a pic from my phone of it and post,just not sure how it will look since its a pic of a pic lol
  11. 1032
    First introductions seems like the thing to do so here's mine.:grinning:
    The amount of knowledge and great info here is a bit overwhelming but I'm trying to absorb even tho I still feel like I don't know much LOL..

    I work in IT so I have music on a LOT while working and at home. Both my mom and big sister were professional musicians so music has been with my all my life.

    I started getting interested in headphones when my grandfather's old Pioneer SE-L40s passed to me. I loved the look and sound and started looking around at other sets. So this site seemed like a great choice!

    That's about it, I'm not that interesting ha!
  12. JefferyRW
    A belated Introduction:

    I'm Jeffery and I'm a recovering audio-enthusiast.

    Relevant to this thread and site, a short time back my long suffering AKG K501's pleaded to retire and so I came to Head-Fi for advice. First, I'll point to the obvious: this is an invaluable resource in helping orient the novice as well as provide insight and advice for those at what seems every level of headphone listening experience. Beyond that, in the hours I've spent reading through various threads trying to get my bearings and educate myself, I've found the contributors consistently helpful and refreshingly cordial in their exchanges.

    Thank you!

    Since formally joining Head-Fi, I've purchased a pair of HD650's (from a follow Head-Fier) and moved from my Creek OBH-11 to a Project Ember. They join my Rega DAC-R, Rega Apollo-R transport, "Franken-table" (what was once a Rega P-3 that has been so heavily modded that only the dust cover and feet remain) and various amplifiers to keep me home and grinning in the evening. As I said, I'm a recovering enthusiast after spending (what is for me) too much time and $$$ chasing after the next tweak and upgrade and losing sight of the simple pleasure of listening. From what I can tell, I'm a rank greenhorn in headphone audio and spend comparatively little time listening with headphones (and hour maybe two 3-4 times a week). With the guidance of the generous souls who share their perspectives and experience in these forums, I've been trying to make "realistic" choices (there's very little I can't rationalize). And I whisper this to myself as I read through the tube rolling threads....
  13. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @JefferyRW!! I am truly sorry about your wallet situation. As you know, you are not alone. In my experience, it is an addiction from which few recover.. We have to stick together. Safety in numbers... ---)
  14. JefferyRW
    Thanks, Serman. I appreciate the support. Cold turkey isn't my approach. I'll try selective obsession.
  15. serman005
    I like it. :smile_phones:
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