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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. N0BOX

    Howdy furtherbum,

    The reason you are seeing "headphone amps" that are used with computers is because those units also include a DAC, which takes the digital audio stream from a computer and converts it to analog to be amplified and played through your headphones. They can often be used as "just an amp" if you supply an analog signal via RCA or phone plugs.

    I don't have any experience with high-end audio equipment, but I have been using a Sound Blaster E5 with Sennheiser HD650 headphones and Noble Audio 3U IEMs and I have been blown away by how amazing music (and 3D gaming on my PC) can sound. The E5 is also a DAC/amp combo, but I think you will need a DAC if you want to listen to audio from the PS4 (unless it has a phone plug on the controllers for use with a headset?). The E5 can take a digital optical input or connect to the PS4 via bluetooth. You can also use it as an amp using the 3.5mm stereo phone jack. I would suggest looking into the reviews for it on this website.

    An amp alone is only useful if all the devices you wish to use your headphones with have analog outputs (or you already have a separate DAC to use with digital sources).

    That said, I would imagine that the receiver could drive those headphones through its 1/4" phone jack on the front. You would only need a separate DAC/amp if you wanted to use your headphones without using the receiver (or if you want to use them with a portable/mobile device, like your cell phone or a laptop).

    -- Matt
  2. Derbydowns
    Hello all !

    Brand spankin' new guy here, just now signed up. This site has been my go to source for a few years now and I had some free time today to create an account. I've got a few pairs of headphones and just ordered a pair of B&W P5 Series2 ! Can't wait to get my hands on them and get em broke in good. Anyway, my name is Ronny and I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  3. FocalOfficial
    Dear all,
    I am Marine, Focal Community Manager from France :). For those who don’t know us yet, we are a French manufacturer of speaker drivers, loudspeakers, studio monitors and headphones.

    We have noticed numerous threads about our products on Head-Fi since our arrival on the headphones market in 2012 and we carefully read one of them. The recent launch of our New Headphones Collection have raised many questions to which I would like to answer in the dedicated thread in collaboration with Focal Headphones Team: http://www.head-fi.org/t/811270/focal-elear-and-utopia-review-preview-with-measurements-head-fi-tv

    Our posts on Head-Fi are intended to help the community and answer your questions.
    Please take into account that I am in France, so my answers could be delayed because of the jet lag, and sorry for the English which isn't perfect… but I'll do my best :)
    We look forward reading from you,
    Best regards,
    Marine, Focal Community Manager
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  4. 6wei
    I like both classical and modern music, hoping to discuss with friends and Exchange.
  5. fonkepala
    Hello. New audio crazed guy here.
  6. Audioheadrha
    Hi I am an audio head and just today decided to be part of head fi completely new to this. I recently had a problem with the RHA ma750i I'm from Chicago and I'm looking for a headphone guy that repairs buds thanks team.
  7. Abinesh
    Hello guys, I'm Abinesh. 21 year old from India. For the love of music, i wanted to become an audiophile to listen to the most detailed sounds. I found myself going for the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80 ohm closed headphones. I have a few doubts, how to manage that 10m cable length lol, it's like carrying a rope if taken it outside. Also how is the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro with the Fiio e10 DAC/amp ? any opinion on this >?
  8. imopen
    Hello everybody, after some lurking I've decided to signup to this forum, I'm not an audiophile but I'm studing to become one [​IMG]
    I have an LG V10, an Fiio E10K and a Sennheiser 380 HD Pro [​IMG]
  9. Fruit Cake
    Decided to join because I purchased my 1st pair of high end headphones (HD800S).
    Previous headphones have been ATH-M50s, HD598 and currently using HD650 with the Apogee Groove.
    Can't wait to get more into this new hobby.
  10. SurFi
    First post. Started my headphone and head-fi journey due to my son's birth three years ago and the transition to being a full-time (read all the time) stay at home dad due to my wife's training/job; as well as nine moves over the past four years. 
    The journey started with a pair of NAD Viso HP50s. 
  11. Kpala
    First post as well. Just been surfing the web for good headphone reviews and about to dive into this amazing world of improved sound.
    After reading and viewing all those reviews out there, really can't seem to make up my mind between HD600, Fostex T50rp mk3, and Fidelio X2. 
    Thanks all
  12. mbondPDX
    First post for me too. Randomly found this website looking for a set of used ie80 IEMs. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile by any means but I appreciate good sound. Currently own a HD650 paired to an O2 amp/DAC combo. Looking forward to learning more from the community!
  13. cirruslogic1
    also new here..  lots of new stuff to learn
  14. dangert
    Hello there! I would like to join for all the source/amp/computer audio discussions (I do not own any high-end headphones yet). 
  15. allestrato
    First post. Hi. I was just looking to some good advise regarding audio and found this useful site. Hope that I'll increase my culture.
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