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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. apaar123
    Will increasing the bitrate of mp3 songs increase the sound quality?
  2. apaar123
    Differences between x1 and x3? All differences please even subtle ones
  3. apaar123
    Plantronics blackbeat pro or bohm wireless aur jabra revo wireless?
  4. apaar123
    Differences between momentum wireless over ear and on ear?
  5. apaar123
    Skullcandy grind wireless or avantree audition?
  6. apaar123
    Senheiser momentum in ear vs rhs 500 vs soundmagic e10 vs beyerdynamic102 ie or any better than them in this price range?
  7. puworld

    Hi, welcome.
    Firstly, this is a new member introduction thread, not a question only thread.
    Secondly, asking multiple individual questions in separate posts may increase your post amount, but could also send you back to zero should a moderator not appreciate your action, since you could have introduced yourself to begin and then included each question you have raised in the same 'single' introduction post.
    Thirdly, if you mean by the above question that you have say 128kbs quality now and if you made it into 320kbs quality would the quality increase - NO!
    You begin with the lossless quality and downgrade, you can never upgrade because the lossless quality is lost when it becomes lossy (MP3).
    I'm sure searching and reading information on "Lossless vs Lossy" will help you understand further :)
  8. apaar123
    so if i use fiio x3 with hd 598 will the mp3 songs sound good?
  9. puworld
    How would I know, you haven't introduced yourself and what genre's you like and what you're looking for in music, so it 'beats' me lol
  10. USN RMC
       Although I am an old guy, I am a total novice to the high end audio world.
    I will likely be the author of a number of dumb questions before I start to understand the language, and more about the equipment.
    Please be patient, I will learn.
    Good to meet you all.
    Kindest Regards
  11. SoundMarket
    Hello, I'm new. I'd like to ask how does the bass do on the AKG K7XX? I just bought one on Massdrop. I just want a good enough bass to outperform my Bose QC20. I just don't want to make the same mistake with my AD700X that I returned.
  12. furtherbum
    New member from CT, USA. I have some questions about headphone amps.
    1) I use headphones (Audio Technica ATH-900, possibly upgrading to BeyerDynamic T90s) at night to watch movies, t.v., game and listen to music. Mostly in the same room.
    Game/movies (blu-rays): PS4
    Music: Philips DVP3140
    T.V. through the cable box.
    All comes through the receiver. Onkyo TX-SR605.
    Can I get a headphone amp that would cover all of these inputs? If so, I'm unclear how it connects... to the headphone jack of the receiver?
    2) Most amps that I have researched look like they are marketed for use with computers. Unclear why that is/if I am looking at the right products.
    I am considering something like this:
    I'm considering the DAC element because I do have some audible hiss, etc. coming from the receiver.
    If you have suggestions for other amps, or amp+dac combos around this price range, I'd love to hear. Not very interested in DIY.
    Thanks! Excited to learn from this community.
  13. Ponchicke
    Hey all!

    New here on the forums. I don't know alot about the world of audio, so i hope you will help me with the experience of it.

    Sorry for any mispel or grammar mistake. English is not my main language.
  14. ericylee314
    Hi!  New member here.  I have a bunch of mostly entry-level headphones, but I'm currently using my HD 600's paired with a schiit stack.  This setup should be futureproof until I approach the high-end spectrum right?
  15. TehDoge
    Hi all, lurking for a while. Not new to the audio game, been through some decent Hi-Fi rigs (LS50, 703), acoustic treatments, the works.

    Decided to scale down to headphones, had modded HD 558 first which were okay (soooper comfy), picked up some HD600s I had on a Little Dot MK III and I realized headphones could actually be pretty legit, bug has bitten so I'm currently looking at planars.
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