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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. fullranger
    Welcome aboard, ProtoBlues!
    Try Tidal streaming service hi-fi option for that HD musice experience. It's $20 a month, so you don't have to buy any CD's. And their Star Wars music will blow your mind...
  2. Fontiac
    Hi everyone!
    My name is Jon and I'm from Spain. I found this forum when I was looking for a new portablet music player.
    My Ipod Touch (I think 2nd gen) died a few months ago and I'm looking into joining the DAP world (I think they're called DAPs). I'm trying to decide between a Sony NW-A25 (my price range goes up to 250€) or one from another company. I listen mainly to Metal and Japanese Rock, Metal and Game audio so I'm looking for a good music player with clear audio (in my price range). If you could point me to a guide or review to help me I would be very happy.
  3. ProtoBlues

    Thank you for the suggestion, but I'm even more averse towards streaming services. I prefer to not be dependent on an internet connection for music.
    Something else I forgot to mention in my post is the Loudness War. That's something vinyl lovers never have to think about.
  4. Ray3rd
    Hi everyone.
     My name is ray and I'm from Long Island, NY. Listening to my music through my FiiO X5II and some Bowers & Wilkens C5 series 2. Not too bad. Just picked up some AKG K7XX red from Massdrop.
  5. yuri Rei
    Hello everyone. I have entered the now headphone.I here hope to learn a lot about it
  6. mortenmarkussen
    Hi! I'm from the Netherlands. I just recently picked up a pair of Shure SE215s. New to the hi-fi world and keen to learn more :D
  7. chrismini
    Welcome one and all!
  8. fonkepala

    Welcome. How's that SE215 working for you? And discomfort to your ears?
  9. mortenmarkussen

    They are great! I use medium foam tips as they offer a better isolation and more bass than the small ones. The silicone tips are highly uncomfortable for me.
  10. fonkepala
    You mean you use the medium Shure olive tips?
    The Shure silicone tips are ok for my ears. They're quite stiffer than other silicone tips I've tried though.
  11. Nick1971
    Hi I'm new here, been lurking for a while.
    Currently use a Fiio X1 as my dap with an E12A Westone W30 at work or a K5 and AKG 550 at home.
    I'm looking to upgrade either the X1 or the AKG550 (which I really like).
    I was thinking of either Hifi Man HE400s or a Fiio X5ii. Given what I have now which would be the better value upgrade ?
  12. apaar123
    Hello guys. I am about to take my first amp ever and i am confused between fiio q1,e12,e17,e18. Can anyone help me out?
  13. SurFi
    It is at a higher price point, so that may be a non-starter, but have you considered the Audioquest Dragonfly Red?
    OTG would be more straightforward and less battery drain. I cannot compare SQ/performance vs Flio, but can attest to the sound quality and performance of the Red with headphones and iems. If it meets your needs, it is a phenomenal product for US$199.
  14. apaar123
    out of budget for now
  15. OldDude04
    I use a FiiO E17K and have had no issues, powers any IEM I have and most 32ohm or 64ohm cans very well. I like the ability to adjust the bass, treble and gain on it as well.
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