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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. alan967tiger
    Hello everyone
    Long time lurker here, I've just joined this great forum.
    I've owned lots of 'phones and amps over the past 30 years or so. My current set up is Stax 007 into 353x (vinyl) and 006t (SACD/CD).

  2. Adorjan3
    My name is Adorján, I'm 33 and I live in Hungary.
    I've been lurking around Head-Fi for a while now, doing quite an extensive research before jumping on the quality audio-train.
    The "portable starter pack" for now: Fiio X1 DAP, Fiio E12A amp, Sennheiser HD518 (mostly for home use) and Sony MDR-1A (for commuting), and hopefully the Massdrop AKG M220 will arrive soon... My poor-poor wallet.
    Cheers [​IMG] 
  3. OldDude04
    Ah yes, the lament of most Head-fi members, lol. Welcome.
  4. Adorjan3
    Thank you for the warm (and damn quick!) welcome.
    And yup, I have a feeling that this not-so-new addiction will only get "worse" over time... Already looking for upgrades, just to experiment a little bit.
    I'm quite puzzled actually, as I would really like to get a DAC+headphone amp (maybe Aune X1s) for my home setup (Onkyo A-9010 amp, Q Acoustics 3010 speakers and the Senn HD518), but quite tempted to get a better sounding DAP or a new pair of headphones as well. Neverending story anyways [​IMG]
    If you have any ideas, don't hold back, please.
  5. SurFi
    Good luck with your choice and definitely report back on how it works out!
  6. N0BOX
    I thought I would take a moment to point out that, at least in the mobile app, you can download the HiFi version of the song to your mobile device so that you can listen later.  This is important for two reasons, especially when using your phone, because you may not have internet service where you are going (or it may not be fast enough to support the full bandwidth required for lossless HiFi audio) and because it would allow you to download the song when you have access to a WiFi connection to avoid using up a lot of your data limit.  The default setting in the Android app is to only stream HiFi quality music when you are connected to WiFi/unmetered internet, though you can change that in the settings if you choose to.  I always stream HiFi, but I also rarely ever listen to anything that isn't already part of one of my playlists that are marked for "Offline Listening", which causes the phone to download the whole playlist.
    Now, that said, you ARE paying a relatively steep monthly fee to listen to your music, but if you're like me and you have a huge collection of "Not one single HiFi album" because you are an iTunes/MP3 child of the 90's, Tidal is the only way to have access to all that music you have collected as crummy 128kbps MP3s or your more modern 320kbps AAC for the few songs you actually paid for on iTunes in lossless HiFi.  If you already have a bunch of vinyl that you can rip to any bitrate/depth you want as a FLAC file or you've been buying up 24/192 FLAC albums from HDTracks, Tidal probably isn't for you.  I can't afford to buy a $25+ album just to get the one or two songs I want from it (seriously, why can't I buy single tracks in HD?!?).
  7. puworld
    Hi, I believe you MUST always use ONLY English in the forum.
  8. AnakChan Moderator
    May I please re-direct and introduce you to Head-Fi Japan instead for our Japanese members? The link is http://ja.head-fi.wikia.com
    Thank you
  9. aaaveritt
    Hey, new here and new to forums in general. Starting to get into higher end audio. Just wanted to say hi!
    Can't change my avatar! halp :frowning2:
  10. fonkepala

    I don't even have a wallet anymore :p

    I don't think new members can change their avatar.
  11. wotou444
    Hello. While I have lurked around the site for a while, I am new to forums in general so some advice would be appreciated.
  12. dgx007
    dgx007 from hangzhou, china. i have hifiman edx, Sennheiser hd580 and teac ha-p50
  13. ChijiroKuro
    Greetings from Spain to everyone.
    Happy to start in this community, large and useful community. A lot of years in audio and sound world.
  14. s20525xx
    Hi ,everyone,
    Incoming is a new member from Boston. Really excited to join this wonderful community, hope to ger lots of valuable information from fellow members here.
    Currently have AKG K712 with Fiio E17K and K5, using Sportify premium, but have a Mojo on the way to replace E17K. I may replace K712 down the line and switch to Tidal.
    Anyway, thanks for the add.
  15. fullranger
    Welcome, and go Tidal! I really enjoy the service. It sounds fantastic- the reason we're all here anyway.
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