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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. ProtoBlues
    You never bought any albums? Surely you must have some. I ripped mine to FLAC, so I have some losseless music. If Tidal lets you download the tunes you're listening to, that changes things, and I might consider a service like that in the future...provided you can do this on the desktop as well.
    Converting vinyl isn't a straightforward process, if you want to do it correctly.
  2. FumblingFoo
    Greetings everyone, new member here. I've been lurking for around a year here. I started my adventures in hi-fi audio with the Schiit Bifrost / Lyr 2 setup, and I've now gotten a Violectric V850 -> V281 -> Hifiman HE-1000 setup. I got the latest setup as an end-game solution, but I'm sure that I'll be buying more headphones and possibly other equipment eventually to get more variety. At this rate I'll have to start learning how to make good impressions and post them :).
  3. chrismini
  4. jkh7526
    Hello fron San Antonio, Texas! Just by reading the regulations and a few threads I can already tell this is a very professional community! I'm new and planning on getting into the "audiophile" crowd. Once my account is approved, I plan on making a thread about what headphones I should purchase as a good start towards the audiophile community. I need all the help I can get and look forward to the future threads!
  5. fullranger
    I use Tidal on my iPhone using the offline mode. I'll have to get back to you if they have that download feature on desktop.
    Nevertheless, since I own very few CD's, the ability to listen to almost anything I can think of in hi-res is a blessing for $20 a month. - much cheaper than buying music. 10$ a month for MP3 quality... Hi-res beats Spotify, Pandora, and the rest.
    They offer a trial period, so if you don't want it you can simply walk away. I'm hooked since I never liked MP3 anyway.
  6. ironpony
    Getting my first post in!
    My wood working skills lead me to a job installing car audio, when younger, since I was able to build a sub box inside a bottle ... so I have been told and through the years I have been in and out of the research or keeping up part of the audio field so here I am.   I got to the point where I have actually judged a few IASCA competitions.  I have been involved in new boat production for many years and now have a wood shop of my own which pays the bills.
    I have come here to learn more about headphones/ear buds as they go along with ear protection in the shop and the range (two birds theory).  I am curious about BlueTooth technology and what BT 5.0 will bring.  Well that is my limit for "I" 's in a post so reading with an occasional question or comment is why _ have joined.  A beginning Thanks for all the info in one spot is due.
  7. godolphin
    Hi there, new member here. I have been lurking around the forum for a few years, and decided to get signed up recently. Before I started reading the forum, I thought that apple earpod is in the high-end regime of headphones, but when I look at the head-gears (or the price of) I have today, it is amazing that how much the forum has changed me (and my wallet)! I am currently using a Fostex TH-X00 via Fiio E11 dac as my home-rig, and a RHA MA750i as my go-to earphone.
  8. fullranger
    It would be nice to see a boat with a really well thought out audio system. Ironic that boaters would want to blow the serenity of the open waters with music, but at least a great system would make it worthwhile at anchor or the dock.
    Now if only you learned how to make a bottle inside a boat...
    Welcome to head-fi!
  9. ironpony
    It is funny that the sail boats seem to have a minimalist respect to sound as opposed to power boats (40' to 60' +)  seem to all have one, two and three separate systems being mainly Bose.  Another thing I find, you are correct,  is that the stereo does seem to be an at dock or anchor accessory in either respect. 
  10. cheesepuff18
    Had an account here but never posted. Hi!
  11. maxwelled
    Hello head fi-ers. I've been a lurker here for a couple of years but didn't make an account because I can still view threads without one :D. I would always browse through threads and reviews before purchasing any audio related items. And just like most of you here I also have a collection of IEMs and cans, this is such an expensive hobby but we all enjoy it. Glad to finally take the first step in posting and being more involved in the community. Cheers everyone! [​IMG]
  12. fullranger
    To paraphrase a major head-fi guy around here, "it's a real party!"
    Nice to meet another soon-to-be-broke brother in phones. :0)
  13. Tartix
    Hello everyone. I discovered head-fi about a year ago because of the large amount of audio gear reviews since I slowly became interested in headphones and iems. I am a college student so sadly, I have a REALLY tight budget and most of the gear I see here seems out of my reach (or until I graduate hehehe.) The only gear I have is my 7th gen iPod classic (that broke) and my cheap but reliable pair of ATH WS55. I'm currently earning for a Trinity Audio Vyrus since it seems "bang-for-the-buck". I'm from the Philippines by the way and greetings to you all! :D
  14. mhollesen
    Considering that we need a few posts to get "full credentials" - might as well drop one here as well - just like introducing yourself to the neighbours when moving in. I've followed head-fi from the outside for years - and learned so many great things... and started to wanting many even greater things. About timed I joined.
  15. fullranger
    We've been waiting for you!
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