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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. faid2black
    My name's Andrew and this forum has been an amazing source of info. Looking forward to making my wallet lighter with you all!
  2. Dismarum
    New member here, but long time lurker!  My name is Jennifer and I'm from west Texas.  My husband records and broadcasts professionally and has opened my eyes to the HiFi world, though my wants/needs are much different from his system set ups (I love music, he deals mostly with talk/vocal recording).
    Anyway, just thought I'd intro myself.  Thanks!
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Its a good time to join guys as the market for headphones portable or desktop is really taking off now.

    Lots and lots of stuff to try and read about! :)
  4. freakyfriday
    Hi everyone, I'm a long-time lurker and newly converted headphone collector. For a long, long, long...... time I've been rocking a version of the Sony MDR-V700DJ's, and have been through several pairs. They'll remain one of my favorite cans for their massive power handling while DJing. My new favorites are the AKG K7XX's which I got for a steal. I look forward to picking up an amp very soon, still undecided on what I should get... off to the for sale forum!
    Current favorites:
    -AKG K7XX
    -Bose QC35
    -Jaybird X2
    -Bowers & Wilkins C5
    -Sol Republic Master Tracks (office cans)
    Oldies but goodies:
    -Sony MDR-V700DJ's (on their last leg)
    -Shure SE210
    -Technics RP-DJ1200
    Future possibilities:
    -Schiit Vali and/or Magni/Vali stack
    -Bottlehead Crack
    -Sound Blaster E5
    -Klipsch X11i
  5. 6wei
    hi everybody I am wei Delighted to join Head-Fi.
  6. slivoman
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm a longtime audiophile guy running Vandersteen 3As with Parasound amps and Onkyo preamp.  I'm starting to get into headphones and think this site has great wealth of knowledge.
  7. vonh
    Hello Head-Fi community. I've lurked heavily here for some time, but with a meet coming up soon in my area it seemed like the right time to register.
    I've been an audio enthusiast for years and I've had the privilege of listening to many pieces of remarkable equipment, but exclusively in the realm of speaker based audio (primarily high power amplifiers and floor standing loudspeakers at that). To that effect, I currently have a small assortment of dated but wonderful Marantz, Dynaco, Infinity, and Yamaha equipment.
    It's only recently that I became interested in headphones and the advantages they offer.​ I recently purchased a pair of Fostex T50RP Mk. 3 with the intention of modifying them, as well as a Schiit Lyr 2 amplifier. I intend to add a DAC in the near future. I have also owned AKG K702 headphones. I'm looing forward to the upcoming meet, and hope to be able to contribute to this community in some small way as it has been a tremendous resource in researching personal audio in general.
  8. Kanaaaa
    Hey guys, Kana here. Been here for over two years as a visitor till last month I decided to actually register an account.
    Mainly using IEMs for music listening for years, I had some headphones before but just end up not using them since they required better equipment to drive which I could not afford to by the time.
    My IEM history starts at ATH-CKM55 --> ATH-CKS55 --> ATH-CKS90 --> SE425 --> SE535 --> ATH CKS1000 --> K3003 --> ATH-IM03 --> Andromeda.
    I lost(sold/gift) most of them and now my daily driver is IM03 and Andromeda.
  9. Dino2000
    I have been interested in headphone audio for almost a year now. I have been reading head-fi off and on during that time. Thought it was time to join.
  10. plusthree
    Hello, my name is George and currently reside in North Dakota USA. I am a working musician, live and studio engineer and have been using IEM's (Westone, Ultimate Ears, currently Alien Ears) for 16 years in the studio when recording and for live performance. I play guitar, bass, and drums (sometimes at the same time) and sing. So going to IEM's was amazing for me and would never go back to using floor wedges or drum fills alone, if possible.

    I've also drum and guitar tech'd for some well known national acts and used my custom monitors to save my hearing and for reference on VERY LOUD stages.

    Although hi-fi headphones aren't my thing I respect those that are into that. I rely on my in ear monitors for my livelihood and to protect my hearing so this site and these forums have helped greatly.

    Thank you for all who have contributed.

  11. chrismini
    Welcome to the forums everyone! Glad to have you.
  12. SweetJordgubben
    Hey all! I go by SweetJordgubben online and I have been a musician since birth.
    I have played the piano for 11 years and absolutely adore the works of Chopin, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and much much more. I am skilled at the trumpet in the lower register (still have trouble hitting those high notes!).
    I listen to a variety of music and my music taste is always expanding. My favorite artists range from MGMT to Daft Punk to Armin van Buuren to Familjen. I'm in a French cafe music phase right now and would love to hear your recommendations!
    Thanks for reading
  13. musickid
    HI started off with a u100 and akg550 in 2012. now i want more!!! lol
  14. JumboHashish
    Hello people, Shubham from India here. Been perusing Head-fi for several years now, thought it was high time to start contributing!
  15. Intensecure
    Hi all,
    Thanks for giving us all a platform to discuss the very enjoyable aspects of music, sound and headphone appreciation. It's cool, I've been reading for a while and decided to join in order to become more involved,?get help with moving forwards, and importantly do my best to add something of value wherever possible from my 52 years of hearing.
    I am definitely an audiophile if one uses the looser definition as one who loves music, sound quality and appreciates the staggering advances that modern technology has given us in raising quality and lowering costs.
    I was always a big vinyl fan, back when it was the only option - I remember well queuing up my fresh vinyl on my Marantz gold turntable and making as perfect a copy as possible onto chrome or metal cassettes, which then served daily duty while the vinyl was cosseted for special listening. :) How things have changed... :wink:
    Now CDs are ripped, either 320 or ALAC/FLAC, (and yes, I can certainly hear the difference between the 2, many abx tests convinced me of that, but I am yet to be convinced on hi-res, maybe that will change..)
    As a budget audiophile, my primary source is still my much-loved iPod last gen, it sounds so much better than any android phone that I have owned. Headgear is Klipsch S4 (strictly podcasts, I don't rate them for music after hearing better alternatives) my lovely Vsonicgr02BE (best iems that I have found to my taste, Noontec ZoroHD for at home, relaxed enjoyment, and my Rock Zircons arrive this week - very much looking forwards to hearing those. Many redundant pairs litter drawers..I am sure none of you have that problem :wink:
    Currently on the fence on a new DAP, Fiio intrigue me and the price of the entry X1 and X3k are very tempting..I just have to choose, no testing is possible and they need to exceed my happy medium of iPod which still affords great sonic pleasure irrespective of it's "lowly" audiophile ambitions.
    And so the slippery slope of mid-life crisis, pre-retirement, nerdy obsessioning,over analyzing but what the heck...outright enjoying, of a new hobby begins.
    Thanks for helping enable the ride, folks. :)
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