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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Colors
    I use the Comets as daily commuters on noisy subways and the isolation is 8.75/10 with Etymotics being a 9.5/10 for reference. They isolate very well with the stock marshmallow tips and are very comfortable.

    As for driving it off a cellphone, I drive my Comets off of an iPhone X + the lightning to 3.5mm adapter + TIDAL and they sound great. I have a iFi Nano BL which sound very nice with the Comets (increased detail) but the Comets sound 100% fine just driven out of a smartphone.
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  2. Arkady Duntov
    The tips which fit me best are the large-size ones; I've found the meaning of "large size" varies by manufacturer.

    The problem I have is this: I either get no sound at all or I don't get a good seal. There doesn't seem to be much of a happy medium. Today, I spent about forever -- probably no more than two minutes -- trying to get a good fit. When they fit, the Atlas is great.

    I think the problem is the large bore on the Atlas. The Westone W80 doesn't give me this problem although it has other problems.
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  3. faithguy19
    Ah I see. That is a bummer. I've been using the medium marshmallow foams and they have suited me well.
  4. Audiophonicalistic
    I have the thor silver ii in 4.4mm. After some listening between the stock cable single ended and thor, i honestly think the stock cable is better. For a stock cable its the best one ive had yet. Gotta buy it in balanced now.
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Some history here. Originally from Stereophile :-


    So just avoid the Blue Note 5 41472 8 version. I think it's the Analogue Production version (more info here: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/norah-jones-come-away-with-me-blue-note-v-ap.407533/)

    Folks can PM me for further info as this is OT (or you can Google).

    Sorry, back on topic:

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
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  6. ExpatinJapan

    Atlas and ALO Audio SXC-8 cable.

    Review very soon
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  7. ExpatinJapan
  8. 8481
    Okay the Comply tips just arrived and it really makes so much of a difference. Fit is perfect now and no more driver flex. Thanks for those who suggested foamies, I never liked them before this.
  9. Arkady Duntov
    With my Dunu Titan 1, Comply tips greatly attenuated the treble frequencies. Do you find the same with the Atlas?
  10. 8481
    Yup they do, but they're so comfortable though for me it's worth it.
  11. MyPants
    I gotta say, there may be something to this litz cable. I tried my comets with a rather cheap spc balanced cable from G&V, and it immediately seemed to subtly add some grain to the outermost ends of the treble and bass extension... I've never been a cable believer but I've switched back and forth and that's what I'm hearing. Could be impedance differences, could be placebo, but thought I'd share.
    Other note, comets are still killing it. Tom Petty and progressive bluegrass sound good back to back and I always end up listening to them longer than I'd planned.
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  12. GoodRevrnd
    Anyone know the backorder time on Comets rn?
  13. Colors
    What are your thoughts of the Comets vs. LZ A4 and maybe iSine 20? I've been looking at both as my next purchase.
  14. MyPants
    That's a complex question, so I'll have to update this post over time. The iSINE 20 is in a completely different league than both of them, and with proper eq they sound like what I'd expect of a TOTL iem or really high end open headphone (the latter being the more fair comparison).

    The A4 images better than comet (although separation is a wash), but it has a more traditional V-shaped signature. On Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance" the A4's bass is more full and weighty but vocal presence is reduced vs comet. The comet's vocal presentation is perfect on this track with the vocals perfectly centered in the mix, not forward but not recessed. On the A4 the vocals sound slightly set back and thinner than comet, even a touch unnatural. With the blue front filter installed the A4 extends higher and has a more aggressive treble attack, leaving comet sounding smoother and more musical, but neither sounds harsh here. Overall I think the A4 eeks out a little more detail and edge at the expense of musicality with comet being the more danceable set. I prefer the comet's more unique tonality to the A4's V for this kind of music.
    Turning to another genre, The Weeknd's "Party Monster" distinguishes the men from the boys when it comes to IEM mid-bass and punch. Comet performs surprisingly for a single BA IEM which one would expect to be unsatisfying for this track. It's not a basshead performance but manages to deliver an appropriate and even slightly indulgent amount of bass without crowding the mids. Meanwhile the signature T.A.E.C. lets the vocals and atmospheric production shine. Switching to the A4, I notice an immediate increase in stage size and treble extension. Vocals are less impaired than on the Petty track, and really don't stand out as better or worse than comet here. I expected bass to significantly outpace comet on this track, but it's really pretty close. A4 is slightly punchier and reaches a little deeper, but comet's subbass is tighter if less plentiful.
    Really trying to drill down on bass, let's talk about Tycho's "Dream as Memory". A4 is at its best here. Bass is deep and punchy, highs are extended and airy, mids while slightly recessed add to the sense of stage in this case. Separation is excellent and the bass remains well controlled in the mix. This track proved an interesting test for comet. Coming back from A4, I immediately notice the less extended treble. It's not a PROBLEM per se, but it takes away a bit of the air that seems to envelop this track. Bass is polite and refined not but as in your face and present than on A4. This track on comet really illustrates the slight tradeoffs one makes when tuning a consistent all-rounder.
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  15. cleg
    my video about Atlas

    TL;DR I'm really surprised on how well CA manage to deal with sound. I enjoyed Vega, but it wasn't totally "mine" sound, and I used to prefer Andromeda more. But Atlas is a real boost, and now I totally can't say which one I'd prefer more :) And besides that, Comet is a real gem in low-end segment… It's fun that when I wrote Russian Cascade's review few month ago, I've mentioned there that CA need some good entry level models, and bam, we've got Comet :)
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