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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. cleg
    It doesn't take a brain surgeon to came to similar conclusion :)
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  2. subguy812
    The IE800S are a fine IEM in their own right...I think that the Atlas are more engaging and dynamic while the IE800S is more smooth and reserved
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  3. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Yah... I’ve come to the conclusion I will be most happy with a combined pairing of the Atlas or the IE800 and the Noble Kaiser.

    The Atlas (or indeed the IE800S) handle the sort of progressive trance and techno I throw at them on a daily basis. The Kaiser, which I regrettably sold, handle everything else.

    It has become evident to me that BA headphones are made for the likes of Mike Oldfield, whereas DDs are made for electronic music a la John 00 Fleming. There’s a lot more to it than that (hence I penned a 5,000 word review of the Kaisers) of course.
  4. paul2qute
    What about extension cables,with the Atlas being so good surely ppl must listen to them at home through their main hi-fi and want to sit back and enjoy
  5. dimitex
    Could you please compare Campfire Comet vs IMR Acoustics R1

    I mostly listen to Classical, Jazz and 60's-70's Rock'n Roll

    As i am considering getting Comets or stock B IMR R1

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
  6. cleg
    well, for me, they are really different in presentation (not surprising I think). Comets are really coherent (single-drive BA) and they are mainly mid-centric, offering really engaging and musical mids, accompanied with good armature bass. treble is a bit rolled off. IMR R1 offers more weighty and punchier lows (13mm dynamic driver — it's a serious power) and they are more extended on treble. Mids in R1 are a bit warmer to my ears

    subjectively: I'd prefer Comets for acoustic music, instrumentals, jazz (especially vocal), chamber music. Also Comets are more preferable in terms of sound isolation, if you'll manage to fit them deeply
    R1 are great for electronic music, hard-n-heavy, orchestral music. also, they allow sound tuning, that can turn them into a really bass-heavy model, if you'd like

    TL;DR for your genres I like Comet more
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  7. dimitex
    Thanks alot fo your insight, i was leaning towards R1 but now i guess Comet will be a choice of mine.

  8. cleg
    Well, please note, that tastes can vary, and R1 will be a great option too. I'd suggest to get more opinions from other people :)
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  9. subguy812
    The R1 is a fine IEM that has some serious WOW when you hear how punchy the DD bass is. The filters are a plus, there are actually distinct differences in the signature tuning and you can certainly find your preference. To me the biggest negative is the cable, ergonomics suck and the connectors are a weird angle. I do not have the Comet, but I do have the Atlas which is a super IEM, you can see some of my Atlas comments throughout the thread. Between the Comet, R1and Atlas you have three different price points, but the R1 is also usually available in B stock which narrows the gap between the Comet and R1.
  10. sparkerr
    I heard the atlas today as my local store finally brought it in. All I can is that I've never heard such bass before. It hits deep and hard and yet everything else is still crystal clear. And the soundstage. Wow it's so wide. My previous High end iem was the u8 and I'll say this definitely beats that by a mile.
  11. paul2qute
    I emailed Campfire audio and they deliver to the UK which I didn't know but does anyone know the import charges?
  12. Colors
    Depends if your country has any bilateral FTAs with the US. Also if earphone imports are dutiable in your country.

    For Canada, because of NAFTA and CA products are made in USA, we get exempt from duties but we still pay federal and provincial taxes (13%) + brokerage (custom clearing) fees.

    Also depends on the duty exemption limit on imports for your country. For the US, it’s USD200 (lucky) and for Canada, it’s CAD20 (LOL).

    Best way, despite being slowest, is by post in terms of lowest amount/chances of duties, taxes and brokerage fees. Basically if they’re using Fedex/UPS, you’ll be paying heavy $$$.
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  13. paul2qute
    I'll have to read your message a few times to take it in mate but cheaper postage I'll go for, thanks for your reply, didn't think anyone was gonna talk to me on here, appreciate it
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  14. Colors
    No problem. I just don’t know the specifics of UK’s customs so I can’t give you a final % you will be charged.

    Safest bet is by USPS/Royal Mail (?).
  15. paul2qute
    That's great mate thank you.I'm come on this thread because I've lost faith in full size headphones,I've had the focal utopia, focal clear, grado ps 1000 and stax but the best buzz I ever got was from sennheiser ie 800 powered by a chord hugo, I'm getting the chord hugo TT 2 on order and I'm drawn to the Vega and now the Atlas, never even heard either and only heard about campfire audio a couple of weeks ago, sad I know. .But I'm wondering are i.e.m's overtaking full size headphones, I love bass and loads of it but obviously quality bass which I think no open full size headphone possesses
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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