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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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    got mine Atlas today, also hearing it with hugo 2.


    also have a question - if I remove the cable - how can I understand which earphone is right and wcich is left?
    I have Vega and Kaiser for last year and now I also have Atlas.

    When I got and listened Vega I decided to sell my Angie, and soon after this I also sold A18 tsar. At the end I listened only Vegas and Kaiser and listened vegas 80% of time. On sound they quite different and I think Vega more musical and natural, but Kaisers more technical and detailed. didn't compare Atlas head to head to Vega and Noble - but feel I will love this earphones, they are definitely more interesting than Vega, but I am not sure they can fully replace them. they are quite different in their character. in first impressions Atlas maybe even more close to kaisers than to Vega - but it's just first thoughts, I don't really know it yet.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  3. theveterans
    The IEM is symmetrical so it doesn’t matter
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  4. Stranger Than Fiction
    Interesting comparison, thankyou. :) The Kaiser’s technical prowess, detail retrieval and resolution is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I’m hoping the Atlas has a similar ability, although the two are as likely to be as different as can be in their overall signatures.
    ok, cool)
    yeah, Atlas definitely more detailed than Vega, has bigger soundstage and in general more audiofilic earphones. But this has also own minuses not only pluses. maybe for some old rock music Vega still be the best. I love it very much for energy it has, especially during my workouts..
  7. MyPants
    OK my Comets arrived about an hour ago, and I'm extremely pleased. First of all, the packaging, accessories, and unboxing experience are excellent for the price point. Storing the individual earpieces in their own felt bags is an excellent touch that really helps convey the boutique feel one expects from a Campfire.
    Sound-wise, the signature is basically what reviews have described, ever so slightly warm but linear and balanced overall with airy highs that avoid any obviously unpleasant or fatiguing spikes. I'm impressed with detail, separation, and relative bass punch for a single BA. They handled Tom Petty's Casa Dega and The Weeknd's Love to Lay back to back with equal aplomb, which is decidedly uncommon in my experience at least. I'll comment more once I've had some time to A/B against the LZ A4 and the Pinnacle P1 which I think are other solid contenders in the $200 space, but overall these seem like excellent IEMs period, let alone for $200.
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  8. Colors
    The more I listen to the Comets, the more I like them. They're so nicely balanced and musical. You can drift off sleeping because they're so...melodic.

    Also, they're surprisingly good for watching video games stream too. Amazing job with the sound effects. Feels spherical and 3D.
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  9. MyPants
    I'm just guessing here, but I suspect they're exactly the same and it doesn't matter. I think that's part of the genius of this housing design from a manufacturing standpoint. You only have to make ONE earphone, rather than have a line of Left and a line of Right in production. Scale can be a wonderful thing for cost.
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  10. ehjie
    What DAP or 'phone are you using?
  11. nico_g
    I own SE846 too, so I'm very interested! Could you give more details about the comparison with the Atlas ? What about fit/comfort and sound : subbass, medium, treble and stereo image for instance ? I would like to know if I should upgrade or not.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  12. Apputty
    I don't know if it's the same with atlas. But in comet it's clearly written that it's interchangeable 15272569831132295290583267671952.jpg .
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  13. Colors
    I’m only using TIDAL + iPhone X.
  14. sheridant
    any vega to atlas upgraders who still prefer their Vega to the atlas - thinking of upgrading - but just didn't like the andros - so concerned at the frequent reference to them being a blend of the two
  15. Benvoka
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
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