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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. fogsound
    I kept the Vegas and Atlas for a bit, but ultimately sold the Vegas (it wasn't an easy call). If the Andros highs where what turned you off then I don't think you will like the Atlas. If you just just loved the Vegas tuning, but were ok with the Andros highs, then you'll love the Atlas. The Atlas really is a blend of the two.
  2. Colors
    The iFi Nano BL is a great match with the Comets btw. IEMatch + Measure mode = reference-like sound while keeping the fun signature of the Comets.

    @ExpatinJapan Saw your reviews on both. Please confirm!
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  3. ExpatinJapan
    I will give it a blast. Whats your source? Dap? Pc?
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  4. Colors
    Just iPhone X (TIDAL) -> iFi Nano BL -> Comets.

    Need to try with my MacBook Pro too.
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
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  5. ryanjsoo
    Here's another Comet review, I don't like re-stating the words of others so I tried to take a unique perspective and introduce a heavier emphasis on comparisons. In short, I really enjoyed my time with the Comet and will be sure to frequently break them out for a listen in future despite having significantly more expensive gear on hand. They're just damn pleasant to the ear, with a terrific tonality and impressive range for a single BA. I can see why they've so quickly gained frequent recommendation in online communities, and I can also see where some people may not love them so much, detailed further in my review. They're also a few steps better with some custom ear tips (I'm using some from Custom Art that go for around $50 USD) that aid bass extension and resolution. I hope this review helps some people out wondering whether the Comet is for them or simply those wondering how they stack up to the competition. As always, enjoy the review and teaser pic below (compressed for quick load times and your mobile data limit)!

  6. Jackpot77
    Custom Art silicone eartips and either the Comet or Atlas are a match made in heaven. Love what they do to the isolation on these monitors - they take it to practically CIEM levels in conjunction with the all metal bodies for me. I like the pairing on both so much I'm thinking about getting a second pair of custom tips from Piotr and crew just so I don't have to keep swapping them.

    EDIT: stupid autocorrect errors removed!
    Last edited: May 27, 2018
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  7. ryanjsoo
    Honestly, I'm enjoying them so much that I'm considering ordering half a dozen! They really do work wonders for Campfire's new earphones, especially the chunkier Atlas. I imagine his team is inundated with ME orders at the moment, but I'll be bugging him soon... Glad you're having a similar experience!
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  8. Stranger Than Fiction
    Boom! I was hoping to read such a comparison.
  9. Benvoka
    It might sound like a fan boy overhyping. But I have a very similar experience. Tonight I was laying in bed, unable to stop my extended listening session.
    The highs are sharp, sometimes even a little hot, but just below of being uncomfortable. The mids are more foreward now, rich and well textured. And the bass moved away from any accusations of beeing boomy. He is violent sometimes, yes. Visceral, but on different (lower) frequencies than the Vega. And as mentioned, well textured as well.
  10. subguy812
    Very interesting...you have piqued my interest in these. Can you share a pic please?
  11. Jackpot77
  12. Jackpot77
    That's the Atlas, just in case you wondered.
  13. Apputty
    I got my campfire comet 2 days back and have to say I am super impressed.
    This is my first campfire iem as I never wanted to invest so much on an iem. Getting a campfire product for 200 usd was really compelling so I got this.
    I have to say that it was a surprise. I have got some chifi iems in the same price range and have to say that campfire comet really is worth the money paid.

    Also as mentored in some review, sound from comets is really affected by tips. I wanted a bit more low end punch from comets, and I switched to spinfits and now am really happy.
  14. bvng3540
    Do you get driver flex with the custom tips?
  15. Jackpot77
    Not that I have noticed.
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