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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. MyPants
    I've spent a couple hours with Comet so far today, and I'm impressed with three things in particular. 1) They shine with every genre I can throw at them. 2) The sense of clarity and air that I can only presume is the T.A.E.C. at work. 3) The poise with which Campfire walked the line between detail and musicality.
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  2. Arkady Duntov
    I was having a hard time deciding the CA Atlas and the EE Phantom, so I decided to get the Phantom. As usual, I changed my mind at the last minute, postponed the Phantom, and ordered the Atlas last week. It arrived yesterday.

    My initial impressions, after about six hours of listening with Spiral Dots and SpinFit CP-240s: I don't hear as much detail as with my BA IEMs, but I'm not sure about this yet. The Spiral Dots enhance the treble frequencies while reducing the bass frequencies (but to a reasonable level); the SpinFits do the opposite. This is all rather superficial but they're still new to me.

    The most obvious benefit of the Atlas (with SpinFits) is the deep, impactful bass. I'm impressed so far.

    In any case, I think the Atlas is a definite keeper.
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  3. tofudog
    Hi...I have the Hugo 2 also, but am clueless about your U-shaped cable ...what is that and what does it do?
  4. tofudog
  5. ehjie
    ah Yes, iphone makes a come back, since the iphone 4, 5 days. the X has really good SQ + ur source is Lossless. Tnx & Enjoy...
  6. subguy812
    I ultimately decided on the included Final Audio tips. I think you need more time as they season. IMO, the best is yet to come and the details are all there. At this point, my guess would be the details sound or feel a bit lost in the in the impactful lower frequencies.
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  7. Kervsky
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  8. Colors
    I just like the convenience. Less things to carry around when I’m commuting.

    I actually recent bought a iFi Nano BL and it sounds great with my Comets. iEMatch + Measure mode gives it a real life like reference sound. Improves the SQ a lot. Again, tough to carry around while commuting haha.
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  9. Colors
    You pretty summed up my thoughts about it. They’re versatile and do nothing wrong while being musical yet detailed enough to stimulate.

    Something like the ER4XR is detailed but just overstimulates sometimes haha... sometimes you just want to listen to music. The Comets walk this fine line.
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  10. MyPants
    Funny you mention this because I seriously considered the ER4XR in choosing a single-BA IEM. I suspect the etys may be more analytical overall, but I'm happier to have a quality all-rounder than yet another IEM that only really works for some genres.
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  11. Colors
    I have both and I prefer the ER4XR in the morning. Gets my mind stimulated and wakes me up.

    Comets work anytime of the day though.

    I still love my ER4XR though. Has a place in my IEM collection for its detail and analytical ability. Stairway to Heaven + ER4XR = :)
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  12. Benvoka
    It gets better after maybe 50 hours of burn-in. Still, the lower frequencys bill be heard (an felt) clearly. It is still a quite "colored" experience, but burn-in and your brain will help you forget the idea of a "flat" monitor. More details soon.
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  13. subguy812
    At this point, my Atlas are quite impressive. The treble is well extended, bass deep and textured and the mids are pleasant. The Atlas has become more balanced with time. They still have an incredible bass presence that provides the fullness to the signature but it is less overpowering than it was at first listen. CA does outdone themselves with delivering a kick ass listener experience.
  14. fogsound
    Same here. I had K10s and Vegas at the same time and went for the more musical Vegas more often so sold the K10s (even though I loved them). I also had the Atlas and Vegas at the same time and the Atlas brought back some memories of the K10s, but with everything I loved about the Vegas too.
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    its coaxial which I use during my train commuting for my fiio x7ii. at home and in the office I use usb input, so just connect coax cable to 3.5 port for convinience and for not to lose it)
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