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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Rlin987
    I am wondering why the new model has a obtuse angle design for the connector...To me a right angle is better for both around ear and straight fit.
  2. HiFlight
    When I auditioned the Atlas, the fit was excellent. It fits snugly in the ear and if the connector was right-angled, I believe it would press uncomfortably against the anterior notch of the pinnae.
  3. Rlin987
    I know right, but my cable has memory wire on connector, which is designed for around ear fit...I will try with my current when I receive them, probably I need to buy a new custom cable.
  4. Jackpot77
    Very nice shot. Looking at the comparative size of the two new models, I'm guessing that the Atlas could potentially fit a little more securely than the Comet when worn down, as the extra width of the body "barrel" sound sit a little more securely in the base of the ear?

    I've been using custom silicone tips (from another firm with the initials CA) and find they give the Comets by far the best combination of seal and overall sound. When you guys launch yours, will you be tailoring them to individual models or ranges, or are they gong to be more universal? If that's stroll to be decided then please ignore the above, but was just curious!
  5. faithguy19
    Yay, my Atlas have shipped!
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  6. KB Contributor
    The Comet and Atlas are designed to be worn so the cable does not go around the back of your ear so the cable will be straight down. Not that you cant turn them so you can wear they around the back of your ear the cable does not have memory wire.

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  7. snk8699
    The audio gods have favored me with an Atlas shipment notification! Hmm, I’m thinking I should ask Apollo for that bathroom remodel while the getting is good.
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  8. singingbee
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  9. Rlin987
    I got the notification too! Can’t wait!
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  10. HiFlight
    The new silver cable included with the Atlas has no memory wire and flows smoothly over the ear. It is a very high-quality cable.
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  11. bb rodriquez
    If it were me I would say go with one more expensive iem if your budget allows for it. I just got my Bravado Monday and I will not be disappointed in keeping both that and the Comet. The Bravado is hands down my favorite iem at the moment, but there is something about the Comet that just “like.” I don’t know if it’s the unique housing, style, or unexpectedly great sound but I’m going I keep them alongside the Bravado.

    If you’re wanting to stay in the Campfire family I would also recommend checking out the Polaris, to me it is a fantastic iem as well. It’s also different enough sounding from the Comet that having both wouldn’t be bad.

    This is just my 2 cents, I’m sure others might have good options or opinions on the matter.
  12. Jearly410
    The temptation to sell my Andro and Vega and purchase the Atlas is real. Ugh.
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  13. theveterans
    Keep the Andro, sell the Vega and get the Atlas :)
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  14. Meder Bakirov
    How Comets are compared to NA EDC Velvet?
  15. dannyvstheworld
    Keep the Andros! Keep the Andros! KEEP THE ANDROS!!!

    That’s all I could say.
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