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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Jearly410
    I’m crunching the numbers to make this a possibility... my wife just saw the sticker price of the Atlas :cold_sweat: :face_palm:
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  2. Slashn77
    The atlas has really caught my attention I was going to get the LCD 2c and I still might but decided to list my 2 month old Lyra II here for $499(I think that is a reasonable price) to put towards the atlas. I love the dynamic driver sound the Lyras have but think I am going to prefer the cable down vs over the ear
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  3. Golliwog
    Ken do you have some kind of MMCX Bluetooth adapter you would recommend or are perhaps prototyping? Use a wire with zx300 but for sports training BT is much, much more convenient and I’ve seen some success with Sony’s LDAC and Andro. Wondering if anything does the Atlas justice
  4. theveterans
    Once she hears it, it'll be the end of argument hehe
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  5. Rlin987
    Ah I still want to use mine in the future...My cable is customized individually from my friend..8 braided gold plated silver 22awg which I used with my previous Vega.
  6. Rlin987
    That’s exactly what I did.
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  7. holden4th
    Going back to the custom ear tips. Are they silicon or acrylic? They look like silicon but I can't tell.
  8. money4me247 Contributor
    @Meder Bakirov, I have both. the velvet's bass is much more pronounced (more quantity) than the comets and the velvet has an overall darker and thicker sound signature.
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  9. bvng3540
    Custom eartips ALWAYS in silicon as it is flexible so you can removed and insert your IEM easier
  10. Hanesu
    Just heard Atlas! I agree it‘s the better Vega and really, really nice for what it is. I loved the build quality and cable, too!
    Still prefer the Andromeda, though...
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  11. ExpatinJapan



    I had a good listen to the Atlas today.

    Like an improved and refined Vega with a touch of Andromeda.

    Unboxing pics soon (thumbnail).

  12. theveterans
    Agree with your first impressions:) That’s simply how I heard it at CanJam.
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  13. fuhransahis
    Improved and refined how?
  14. HiFlight
    From my listening, better balance and tonality.
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  15. ExpatinJapan
    Smoother, fuller, more balanced and coherent overall.

    But thats just my shallow show impression.

    Please wait until I have unboxed the Atlas and given them a decent listen.
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