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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. faithguy19
    Is it Tuesday yet? I can't wait!
  2. paulgc
    Just got notification my Atlas are on the way. Pumped!
  3. the diode
    I cant wait to hear what you guys say about the Atlas. I am loving the Comet and I gotta save up for the Atlas.
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  4. ExpatinJapan
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
  5. rantng
    Great (reduced size) pics! How do these fit in your ears? I have small ear canals and I’ve always had fit issues with the non-BA based Campfire IEMs.
  6. Slashn77
    Great pictures! So jealous!
    Can’t wait for the first direct A/B Atlas vs Vega review! Also to see how the fit is in comparison to the over the ear models
  7. paulgc
    Looking forward to comparing to my SE846. FedEx shows delivery in Toronto tomorrow.
  8. ExpatinJapan
    Well I will have to give it some more tests. (Just arrived).

    Andromeda, Jupiter, Orion etc are slip in and forget. Angled nozzle.

    Vega, Lyra ii are sometimes tip dependent and one needs the right angle at times. Slight angled nozzle T’d to a shell.

    Comet and Atlas are straight with no angled nozzle. So angle, insert, tips and individual ear topography will play its part.
    Hanging down or over ear.

    I do go on...

    I find I usually wear the Comet over ear to lock the straight nozzle in place.

    I suspect I may do the same with the Atlas, although at the Tokyo show (see my blog for Tokyo Show pics from this last weekend) I found hanging down quite comfortable.

    Small tips, deep insertion for a sturdy grip of the ear canal should do it.

    I need to do more tip rolling though.

    Anyway, not much information above. Mostly rambling. I’ll come back when I have something more solid to offer.

    In the meantime enjoy the photos.

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  9. rantng
    On the contrary, I found this to be quite informative. I've always had fit issues with Lyra II & didn't like Dorado & Vega when I tried them. Currently own Orion, Nova, Jupiter & Andromeda and find they fit much like they do on you.
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  10. Colors
    Hm, not a fan of the Comets during my daily commute. They sound great at home with the medium marshmallow stock tips but I need to turn up the volume a lot to make up for the slightly recessed vocals. I'm going to give the other tips a try. 10/10 for home listening though.

    Oh, if no one's tried, try watching a video game stream or playing a video game with the Comets. I think you will be surprised at how expansive they sound.
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  11. Jackpot77
    I'm finding the Comets quite tip dependent - I use them mainly with some custom moulded silicone tips I had made a few years back, which takes care of the isolation on public transport and allows the mids and treble to still breathe.

    Lovely natural sound - they have actually become my preferred commuting pair of IEMs at the moment.
    Colors likes this.
  12. Colors
    Thanks! I'll try using the Spinfits during my commute tomorrow. That bass though :frowning2:
  13. the diode
    Has anyone tried any of the Effect Audio cables with the Comet?? I am wondering if it would be worth getting the ARES II cable would be worth it. I know many people think differently on cables making a difference.
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  14. rawrster
    I purchased the comet from a local dealer as tax would have been close to shipping cost so no big loss. I tried them out for a bit before deciding on the purchase. I like how it comes with spinfit tipsin addition to the stock tips.

    This should replace my se846 as my commute iem. I just need to purchase a better cable for ergonomic reasons and one without a mic.
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  15. Colors
    Yeah I don't like the cable too. The mic adds bulk and gets in the way of putting it over the ear. Also blocks the chin sliders.
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