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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. HiFlight
    I did spend quite a bit of time at Axpona listening to the Comet as well as the Atlas. When I went, I was prepared to bring the Comets home but while I liked them, I still think for the type of music I most enjoy that I prefer the sound as well as the fit of the Orion, hence I came home empty-handed!. Still, considering the price, the Comet makes an excellent all-arounder.
  2. Colors
    Anyone worried about the lack of an ear wax filter for the Comets?

    I messaged Campfire and they said the Comply series with the ear wax guard is a good solution.
  3. bvng3540
    Clean your Ears often, problem solved :ksc75smile:
    Colors and cardeli22 like this.
  4. chicken beer
    Don’t wear them, problem solved!
  5. bvng3540
    What the point of have it and not wear them
  6. chicken beer
    What's the point of wearing them? No good at all and would damage the headphone with some effing earwax.
  7. bvng3540
    That’s why you need to clean your Ears often, you must be one of those person that got tons of earwax:ksc75smile:
  8. Kunlun
    I've heard a report of harshness in the Atlas' treble. Whst did you think of it? Were there some peaks?
  9. chicken beer
    Cleaning the ears is too much work, I rather use it as is, and I ain't gonna wear tips with condoms on it!
  10. petrovsky13
    Then better to put condoms in the ears straightaway, then you can use multiple iems without the risks of waxing those:ksc75smile:
    Ahmad313, chicken beer and cardeli22 like this.
  11. chicken beer
    Good idea!!! And it's much cheaper than some Comply ones anyways!
    petrovsky13 likes this.
  12. HiFlight
    I listened to them extensively with a variety of music using my DX200/Amp5 as a source and heard no abnormal peaks in any of my lossless files. In fact I was impressed with the overall tonal balance and smoothness compared to my Vegas. I tried to find something I didn't like about their SQ but couldn't find anything regardless of genre. They also sounded good at all volume levels, certainly not a 1-trick pony!
  13. Colors
    I get it guys. I'm new to IEMs and was just being careful because all my earphones so far came with exchangeable filters and cleaning kits. Will avoid putting condoms in the ear and just clean my ears more frequently instead :darthsmile:

    Oh a side note, the model for Comply is 400 according to Campfire :beerchug:
    chicken beer and cardeli22 like this.
  14. Tommy C

    I wonder how they sound vs the new Etymotic ER3 Series.
  15. fuhransahis
    How'd you find mids/vocals on the Atlas vs Vega?
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