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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Adorjan3
    Is there any way to buy the Comet in Europe? I live in Hungary, and the nearest dealer I could find is in Vienna, sadly. Also, CA doesn't ship to Hungary :frowning2:
  2. John Culter
    Are you sure? I ordered to Czech Republic and Fedex shipping was lightning fast for me - 4 days. Maybe try to contact them.
  3. John Culter
    Comet just arrived. They are so tiny compared to U18. :)

    20180411_110810 (Priime Analog).jpeg 20180411_110737 (Priime Analog).jpeg
  4. bvng3540
    You compare a simi truck with a Mini Cooper :ksc75smile:
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  5. Adorjan3
    Yup, I'll try, thank you for the tip.
  6. llamaluv
    I tried those back in the day, but the noise floor was too high. And much too warm for my tastes.
  7. Deftone
    Those are well known for being hard to drive, you must not have the right plug socket pairing as I hear some output more power than others, then the sound should be airy and flowing.
  8. llamaluv
    Point taken, thanks for the advice.
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  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  10. HiFlight
    Interesting that this thread was created for both the Comet and Atlas and we have about 22 pages of Comet impressions and reviews but few, if any, on the Atlas! Maybe the Comet should have been introduced as the new Flagship!
    I will be auditioning both at Axpona this weekend.
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  11. bvng3540
    It is because the Comet already became available and many have try it, Atlas won’t be available until May, once people get their hands on the Atlas then you will not hear about Comet at all:ksc75smile:
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  12. Wiljen
    I think the reality is that most of us cant afford to buy flagships often if ever and the market at the price point of the Comet is much more in range for impulse purchases for a lot of folks. My guess is lots of new customers who haven't tried Campfire/ALO products will test the waters by purchasing the Comet as well as a lot of established head-fi peeps seeing what the vented BA is all about. The nicest thing about the Comet to me so far is, it provides a very different sound signature than most at this price point. Nice to have a warm/dark/full sounding iem to go along with the analytical/bright/thinner sounds that are so typical at the $150-$300 mark.
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  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Market release dates are almost 1 month apart iirc? 1st week of April and 1st week of May.
  14. Colors
    I pretty much bought the CA Comet to tip my toes into the CA brand.
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  15. HiFlight
    I realized that but I thought there might be some early Atlas impressions from those who were able to hear them pre-release or at CanJam.
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