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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. ustinj
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  2. ChaseDream
    I'm so excited to see the new flag ship, Atlas. To be honest, I don't quite like the design of Vega, but its sound signature really fits my style.
    On the other hand, I do like the design of Andromeda a lot, so I got both Andromeda and one of its brother, the white CK version.
    This new shell design of Atlas is for sure much better than Vega from my point of view. And to use Stainless Steel is also a great plus.
    I'll definitely plan to get the Atlas in the future!.

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    That review was perfect for folks like me with A.D.H.D

    I saw damn sexy pics, The 3 freq's described, A graph of them.

    I'm good.

    That is good stuff. Nice job.
  4. Mimouille
  5. ExpatinJapan
    455CD176-0931-42D2-9339-13CA4D06DA9F.jpeg 4B48C66D-B7A6-4B07-B861-92932768FF0C.jpeg

    The Campfire Audio Comet paired with Opus#1S was a rather pleasant pairing for listening to some classical music today.
  6. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  7. ryanjsoo
    Just wrote some impressions of the Comet for Facebook but thought it would help some readers out here. Hope you don't find the photos too blinding!

    Design –
    Campfire’s redesigned earphones have been met with a polarising response. However, the Comet looks a lot better in person and its design has certainly grown on me over the past couple of days. The earpieces feel hefty, dense and unrelenting in their construction. There’s no give, rattle or creek to be found here and the level of finish is immaculate with even seams, perfect joins and smoothly formed edges; you would be hard-pressed to find a better-built earphone regardless of price.
    Though the driver in the Comet is vented, the external housing is fully-sealed. It fits similarly to earphones like the ER4 and X10 with a slender design that offers flawless comfort (no sharp edges, minimal ear contact) and a deeper fit than their previous BA housing. Resultantly, isolation is great, not quite as superb as the more ear-filling Orion however, the difference is only noticeable in very loud environments and somewhat counterbalanced by the Comet’s fuller tuning. In addition, the Comet can now be comfortably worn both cable-down and over the ear, and it remains very stable in both configurations.
    Campfire are using the same cable as the Polaris, though the Comet’s cable includes an in-line 3-button remote/mic. It has Litz copper internals and a twisted braid that’s supple and smooth, easily routing through sweaters and avoiding tangles. It has a well-reinforced, case-friendly right angle plug and custom beryllium MMCX connectors that promise greater longevity. In short, the included cable is as liveable as we’ve come to expect from Campfire, a former cable manufacturer, I have no complaints.

    Sound –

    The Comet has a signature that will be sure to please many; a modest V combining a pleasantly warm low-end, clear midrange and crisp high-end that doesn’t encroach on bright, harsh or sharp. In many regards, the Comet actually reminds of the Andromeda though it is considerably more v-shaped and not nearly as technical so don’t get any ideas!

    For a single BA earphone, especially considering its reasonable pricing and superb build, the Comet has impressive end to end extension. It’s clear that sub-bass doesn’t hit like a dynamic nor does it possess the solidity of some multi-armature earphones, but it’s a definite upgrade over the Orion and fairly comparable to the Haka and Klipsch X10 from first impression. Mid-bass is most enhanced and upper-bass to a lesser extent, imbuing a warmer tone while avoiding congestion and obvious bloat. I noticed that the Comet's bass notes decay more like a dynamic than a conventional BA earphone. It has nice dynamics and texture that many will enjoy.
    Its midrange is laid-back but clear; some bass colouration is present but mids are never drowned out or muffled as a result. The Comet has a bump in its upper-midrange that contributes to its clarity. However, it also avoids thinning out vocals like a lot of v-shaped earphones as it has that upper-bass fullness combined with a well-metered lower-midrange. Vocal articulation is a little more emphasized on account of a modest lower-treble bump, but it’s hardly overdone and provides a little more clarity on top without over-emphasizing sibilance.

    Treble is presented in a clear, crisp manner with well-considered lower-treble emphasis and a bump within upper-treble that provides extra sparkle; a characteristic carried primarily by Campfire’s higher-end BA earphones such as the Jupiter and Andromeda. Extension isn’t nearly as strong as either of these earphones nor is resolution. But for the price and considering that it’s a single BA with solid bass reach, the Comet has very commendable range. It’s on the more aggressively detailed side but isn’t peaky. Rather, it has more organic treble instrument body, producing a well-detailed image.
    I haven’t spent enough time with the Comet to quantify exact soundstage qualities. I can confirm that it’s nicely spacious and surprisingly layered. It doesn’t touch the immensely spacious Jupiter and Andromeda, but it’s far from intimate. Separation is also very nice, especially considering its generally warmer tone.

    Initial Impression -

    The Comet is a fun sounding earphone and it redefines the level of finish and build quality that we should expect from our earphones! I'll be giving the Comet a lot more ear time for the full review, thanks for your time.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  8. AxelCloris Administrator
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  9. mrhizzo
    When it will be available in the resellers?
  10. Ukedone
    May I ask how do they compare to the IT-01?
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  11. Richsvt
    The IT01 was a more bass heavy. While the Comet is not lacking bass, there is less of it than the 01. The comet is more precise, bass hits are solid, no bleed over. The mids were very nicely presented with great detail. Comet, to me, was more neutral to bright than the 01. Maybe just the presentation of the BA vs the DD? I have nothing disparaging to say of either. Liked them both, just for different reasons. I would not have jumped on the Comet but the younger son needed an IEM and that was the one I could easily replace.

    TLDR, the Comet seemed more detailed and clear and bright. The IT01 seemed more warm and rich. Not an apple to apples comparison because of driver differences and implementation. Both good choices.

    Need to put a caveat in here, I only heard the Comet for about an hour last night so the impression is preliminary.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  12. silverfishla
    These small headed and thin double-flange tips sound great with the Comets! Makes Falco sound like FALCO! Honestly, Comets sound huge with these and add that thumping visceral feel in your throat. Great for toe tapping and bopping around the house. Stray Cats with their driving stand-up bass and low guitar string rhythm lines sounded the best with these (and a silver cable balanced). Nice.
    Running through my 80's music now, and the Comets do this decade much justice. IMG_1210.jpg
  13. cardeli22
    That table cloth is as recognizable as the Tupac pic. LOL. Man, those Comets do look nice.
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  14. tim0chan
    Could I appeal to u to keep your pics under a "spoiler"? The pics are eating up a lot of unnecessary mobile data, also, as much as I love your reviews, the pics can be a bit excessive
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  15. Wiljen
    Ok, initial impressions of the Comet. Love the looks but dumped the cable as I prefer no controls/mic. So Norne Vorpal it is for cable (2.5 balanced to Opus #1s for testing). Tips were mid-sized spinfits.

    Please remember this is a cursory listen with no burn-in so impressions may change as I get hours on them.

    Sound: Typical CA house sound. Big, warm, a bit dark. (using Jethro Tull Hunting Girl as test media).

    vs LZ A4 (Black Rear/Red Front) - the Comet is definitely warmer and thicker sounding but the A4 has a bit of extension at both ends that the Comet is struggling to reach (not a ton of distance between but enough to be noted). The layering and detail are close although the A4's treble extension makes it seem more detailed than the Comet's warmer signature. Soundstage is a bit deeper on the A4. Attack and Decay (especially in the bass/mids) are enough better on the Comet to be noticeable.

    vs Brainwavz B400 - not a good compare as very very different. B400 has more detail and a near neutral sound, Comet is L shaped and smoother. For analytics, the b400 is gonna win hands down, for grab your DAP and go for the day, the Comet gets the call. Will be a fun IEM for work.

    vs b150 - this one is gonna take some time. Bass may be slightly deeper on the b150 but decay is faster on the Comet so to my ear the Comet is cleaner if slightly shallower. The Comet is definitely warmer than the b150 with more energy in the mids. For guitar rock the Comet seems to have the elevation in energy at precisely the right point. With classical, the neutrality of the b150 seems a bit better suited. Soundstage is larger on the b150 but layering is better on the Comet. Like I said initially, this comparison may take quite a bit of listening to pick out every nuance. Somehow fitting that two single BA designs would run neck and neck.
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