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Oct 16, 2019 at 1:06 AM
Nov 23, 2017
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New York City
Nerd (full-time)

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llamaluv Send PM

500+ Head-Fier, from New York City

Endgames, plural. Sep 20, 2019

llamaluv was last seen:
Oct 16, 2019 at 1:06 AM
  • About

    Home Page:
    New York City
    Nerd (full-time)
    Buying more and more gear so I can add it to my profile page.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Open (current):
    ◼ Susvara
    ◼ Utopia
    ◼ RAAL SR1a

    Open (previous):
    ◻ Abyss Phi
    ◻ LCD-4, 3, MX4, X
    ◻ Utopia (first time (my bad!)), Clear
    ◻ HEKv2, HE-560
    ◻ Verite, Auteur Blackwood/Teak

    Closed (current):
    ◼ Denon D9200

    Closed (previous)
    ◻ Eikon
    ◻ Ether C Flow, Aeon Flow Closed

    Portable (current):
    ◼ Denon AH-GC30 (meh)

    Portable (previous):
    ◻ Atlas, Vega, Andromeda, Lyra 2
    ◻ Sine
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Full size (current):
    ◼ Pass Labs X150.8 (speaker amp)
    ◼ Benchmark AHB2 (speaker amp)
    ◼ Schiit Freya (preamp) (PSVane CV181-TII, RCA 6SN7GTB)

    Full size (previous, reverse chronological):
    ◻ Pass Labs INT-150 (speaker amp)
    ◻ Bryston 2.5B SST2 (speaker amp)
    ◻ First Watt J2 (speaker amp)
    ◻ Woo WA33
    ◻ Studio Six
    ◻ Kenzie Encore Deluxe
    ◻ GS-X mk2
    ◻ iFi Pro iCan
    ◻ Cayin iHA-6
    ◻ WA7+WA7TP
    ◻ Audeze Deckard

    Portable (current):
    ◼ Sony WM1Z DAP

    Portable (previous):
    ◻ Sony WM1A DAP
    ◻ Sony ZX300 DAP
    ◻ Woo WA8
    ◻ iFi Micro iDSD BL
    ◻ Dragonfly Red
    Source Inventory:
    DAC (current):
    ◼ DAVE

    DAC (previous):
    ◻ Metrum Pavane L3
    ◻ Holo Spring Level 3 KTE
    ◻ Cayin iDAC-6

    Pre-DAC (current):
    ◼ M Scaler

    Pre-DAC (previous):
    ◻ Singxer SU-6
    ◻ Metrum Ambre
    ◻ Singxer SU-1 KTE
    ◻ Matrix X-SPDIF2
    Cable Inventory:
    Headphone cables:
    ◼ Susvara: Lazuli Ultra (XLR)
    ◼ Susvara: Lavricables Grand Core 20 (XLR)
    ◼ Utopia: Triton Audio custom Neotech Silver 23AWG solid core (XLR)
    ◼ Utopia: Lavricables Master Silver (4.4mm) (for DAP)
    ◼ D9200: Triton Audio custom Neotech Silver 24AWG (6.3mm)
    ◼ D9200: Lavricables Ultimate Silver (4.4mm) (for DAP)
    ◼ Speaker adapter: Lavricables Grand Core 20 banana plugs-to-XLR adapter
    ◼ XLR-to-SE adapter: Triton Audio custom Neotech Silver 23 AWG solid core (for DAVE)

    ◼ DAC to preamp: Silver Dragon XLR
    ◼ DAC or preamp to power amp: Silver Dragon XLR
    ◼ DAC to active speakers: Blue Jeans LC-1 RCA 15'

    Digital cables:
    ◼ PC to M Scaler: Generic optical cable
    ◼ M Scaler to DAVE: Neotech NEVD-2001 BNC x 2
    ◼ PC to active speakers: Audioquest Cinnamon USB

    ◼ Audioquest Carbon AES

    Previous headphone cables:
    ◻ Lazuli Reference/mini-XLR for Abyss Phi
    ◻ Lazuli Reference/lemo for Utopia
    ◻ WyWires Platinum/lemo for Utopia
    ◻ WyWires Red/mini-XLR for Audezes
    ◻ Silver Dragon
    ◻ Forza Hybrid Noir HPC Mk2
    Power-Related Components:
    ◼ PS Audio P12 Power Regenerator
    ◼ POWERADD Pilot Pro2 (for M-Scaler)

    Power cables:
    ◼ Power regenerator: Wireworld Electra 7
    ◼ Battery bank to M-Scaler: Ghent Audio DC-7N16C 2.5G
    ◼ DAC: Wireworld Electra 7
    ◼ Preamp: Wireworld Aurora 7
    ◼ Power amp: Furutech Absolute Power 15 Plus
    ◼ Power amp: Wireworld Electra 7
    ◼ Active speakers: AudioQuest NRG-X3 x 2
    ◼ Misc: Maze Audio Ref4

    ◻ PS Audio P3 Power Regenerator
    Other Audio Equipment:
    ◼ KEF LS50 Wireless (Nocturne Edition)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    ◼ Salamander Archetype 5.0 Walnut 36" (audio rack)
    ◼ Protmex MS6708 (SPL meter)
    Music Preferences:
    ◼ Jazz (Nick Bartsch, Phronesis, Hiromi, ECM)
    ◼ Electronic (Resident Advisor type stuff)
    ◼ Anime OSTs (Yuki Kajiura, Hiroyuki Sawano, Yoko Kanno)
    ◼ Jpop (Perfume, yanaginagi, supercell)
    ◼ Doujin (shibayan, alstroemeria, FELT)
    Permutations in use at the moment. My opinions (are always changing).

    M/DAVE > X150.8 > Utopia
    Extreme power mismatch! Huge sound, dynamics, detail retrieval, and extension on both ends. Great sense of "PRaT", propulsion, and intention. Strongest sense of realism of all combinations listed here. Best synergy of all the amps I've tried with the Utopia.
    M/DAVE-direct > Utopia
    No weaknesses in its presentation. Very balanced tonality (almost dark!). Most nuanced leading edges. Can't match the "bigness", dynamics, and bass control of the X150.8, though.
    M/DAVE > AHB2 > Susvara
    Exceptionally clean, articulate, with true tones. Great sense of decay and filling out of soundstage. Precision plus musicality. Favorite synergy of all the speaker amps I've tried with the Susvara.
    M/DAVE > X150.8 > Susvara
    Meatier sound than with the AHB2. Less width. Probably the best imaging and depth of the combinations listed here. Was my main setup for several months.
    M/DAVE > X150.8 > Freya tubes > Susvara
    More depth, euphony, and musicality, with some tradeoffs in transparency. Sometimes worth it. Super-creamy.
    M/DAVE-direct > D9200
    End-game-worthy closed-back combination. Superior technicalities to the ZMF biocellulose offerings IMO. The Denon is fully capable of exposing the merits of the M/DAVE direct-to-headphone path. Very gratifying imaging + depth.
    WM1Z > Utopia
    Gives up surprisingly little to M/DAVE/Utopia (almost to my horror!). Equally smooth (yes really). Makes me wish my workplace wasn't an open office.
    WM1Z > D9200
    What I use at work, so what I listen to most out of all combinations listed here.
    M/DAVE > [speaker amps] > SR1a
    Almost over the SR1a, actually. Synergized better with the Pavane than the DAVE, TBH...
    LS50W Nocturne Edition
    Looks nice flanking the TV, but also better than it sounds. Maybe it's my sub-optimal room setup (non-setup). Not much of a speaker-person.​


    m-dave / x150.8 ahb2 / susvara utopia sr1a d9200
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