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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. tlcocks
    it would be...if you're looking for the absolute perfect tuned iem. which in my opinion doesn't exist. look, the Atlas is truly an amazing sounding iem. all this is being picky. i'll take the upper bass forwardness anyday when it has such amazing response in all the other areas of the frequency spectrum. it's mids to treble transition and quantity and quality of treble is truly awe inspiring, IMHO. and the mid and sub bass excellence goes without saying and has been lauded profusely enough here. honestly, it's really refreshing to own an iem that sounds as BIG as full cans. I doubt you'll find that characteristic in any other iem any time soon.
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  2. Luisonic
    Couldn't agree more...
    Though I think that it's not a flaw but a feature, in the sense that if you take that thump at 125, plus detailed mids and pristine highs, and you get the fun and engaging feeling we've learned to love on the babies...
    I did try living with eq mods (and though eg in the spkm the eq is not the best, it's not bad at all) and I just can't, much prefer the Atlas in their untouched nature.
  3. rutter
    Have you two compared to the Solaris?
  4. tlcocks
    as I stated, I have not
  5. tlcocks
    for most recordings, I agree with you and prefer not to EQ the bass in said manner. I may though add a little honest bass or treble boost to suboptimal recordings at times:dt880smile:
  6. JaZZ Contributor
    Exactly! I'll just add that you'll get even greater benefit from a stronger decrease – plus some further fine-tuning up the frequency spectrum...


    The curve may need some modifications according to the used tips as well as the listener's hearing curve and sonic preferences (especially the 16 kHz increase may be too strong in some cases, e.g. with silicon tips), but I think it provides a good basis for own experiments. Keep in mind that no headphone – not to speak of IEMs! – provides a flat frequency response on its own, there's a lot of room for optimizations.

    Even a die-hard basshead will appreciate a well-founded low-bass rumble more than a boomy mid-bass. Also, a strong low bass bears less risk of obscuring details and reducing resolution than a mid-bass emphasis.

    I honestly think that in this sense the Atlas may even have the greater sonic potential than the Solaris (which I haven't heard yet) – given my (slight) preference for the Atlas' mids and treble over the Andromeda's.
  7. Moonstar
    Campfire Audio Atlas, Comet & Polaris in one shot :slight_smile:

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  8. Dobrescu George
    And that darn amazing Player in the back!! :)
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  9. Jackpot77
    Which player is that?
  10. Dobrescu George
    QLS QA361, one of the best sounding Players on the market at this moment :)

    It doens't have Bluetooh, Wifi or even USB DAC functions, very basic, but very good sound :)
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  11. Moonstar
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  12. 1000ROUNDZ
    Hey guys, I decided to to buy a pair of Atlas 1.5 months ago, my first ever of over $1k. Coming from a pair of Simgot EN700 Pro and MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open, these Atlas are incredible. Sounds amazing through my Hiby R3/Mojo combo. I don't think I'll need an another pair of headphones/earphones ever again... Or at least for a long while. That precise and satisfying bass... My oh my...

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  13. davidcotton
    This IS headfi you know :p If you are that happy delete your account now and don't look back (unless you want to stay for the music forums of course :p ).
  14. 1000ROUNDZ
    Haha, I'll keep an eye on it still. The newly announced Fiio M11 DAP already got me itching a bit with upgraditis :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  15. Arthur Li
    Been using Comet for the last 2 weeks. Just wanna share some experiences:

    1. Out of the box, Comet does not work with my HTC10. Problem solved after I download an app called "Lesser Audio switch", which bypass the default headphone recognition software of HTC10 and route audio output either towards headphone port/speaker. Works flawlessly.

    2. All un-boxing video of Comet I've seen show that Comet comes with Spin-fit tips. Surprisingly, my unit comes with Final type-E tips. I tried wearing Comet with the bundled Final tips as well as my own Spin-fit CP100s. I find that with the Finals, Comet stick out of my ears less than with the Spin-fits. Result - better comfort, more secure fit. No significant sonic difference though.

    3. Comet's rated nominal impedance is higher that 40 ohms, yet it's surprisingly sensitive to source's output impedance. General rule - higher OI = brighter sound, vice versa. Out of my Chord Mojo, which has less than 1 ohm OI, Comet sounds gentle, forgiving, sibilance-free, slightly bassy (very slight). In contrast, out of my Lenovo laptop, which gotta has an OI of >10 ohms, Comet sounds harsh, sterile, bass less, even more sibilant than my un-modded HD800. My favorite source for Comet is my HTC10 - tonal balance stuck between Mojo & Lenovo with a slight bright tilt. Disclaimer: I am a treble-head.

    4. Comet is not a technically-competent pair of IEMs. It does not "scale up" (in terms of detail-retrieval, spatial-cues depiction, bass pitch-differentiation, timbre-differentiation, dynamic contrast......etc.) at all. It's part of the reason why I prefer driving it directly off a phone over driving it off Mojo.

    5. Without doubt the most ergonomically designed IEM among all Campfire IEMs (I tried em all). I only have 2 complains: a.) cable is slightly (just ever so slightly) too heavy for an IEM that is designed to be wear cable-down, due to the added weight of the attached mic-remote. / b.) Shape of the earphone housings makes wearing Comet cable-up kind of troublesome - finding the right insertion angle is somewhat time-consuming (well, still a matter of couple seconds...).

    6. Build-quality wise......well, it's made by Campfire Audio - nothing else need to be said......you know something is genuinely a piece of fine art the very first moment you encounter it.

    Conclusion: Extremely impressive in terms of design/aesthetic/build-quality/accessories. Moderately impressive in terms of "fidelity"...same amount of money gets you a pair of Brainwavz B400s, which actually does "scale up" as you improve the quality of front-end, unlike Comet. I am still impressed by Comet's sound quality despite it's lack of technicality, as it got an easy-going, pleasing sonic character that plays well with vast majority of modern music genres (assuming low-ish source's OI). Also, I think that ultimate resolution isn't really that matter for obtaining musical enjoyment......for me at least.
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