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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Rockwell75
    Your impressions line up pretty well with mine. I really enjoyed the Comet while I had it-- in a way it felt like a baby Andromeda. Ultimately it was my gateway drug for more of the Campfire sound and here I am now with the Atlas and the Solaris and in love with both.
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  2. Arthur Li
    Just read your excellent review of Solaris haha. Your impressions make me re-consider acquiring Solaris - last time I auditioned it I was seriously impressed by the sheer amount of musical information coming out of it as well as how un-forceful/non-intrusive such fidelity was presented, yet at the same time seriously unimpressed about its ergonomics (I got smallish, Asian-sized ears). I shall bring along a wide variety of ear-tips to give it another try, may figure out a way to overcome the ergonomic issue.
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  3. Rockwell75
    That's a bummer about it fit. Fortunately for me I have a large head and Dumbo ears so the Solaris just disappears into them comfortably. I'm even coming to appreciate the memory for the extra stability they provide. I could probably do jumping jacks or hang upside down and they wouldn't budge. Good idea with the eartips-- I use short and stubby eartips (my faves are Spirals) but perhaps you might benefit with something a little longer so the Solaris doesn't have to be pushed right into your ear. I hope you're able to get them to work for you.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  4. davidcotton
    Save a bit more and get the Equinox :p
  5. Arthur Li
    Almost forget it exists lol......it's the only Campfire IEM I haven't tried. To be honest, I am not very enthusiastic about Equinox. Numerous head-fiers report Atlas' issue of driver suffocation. Equinox uses similar design and I worry that driver suffocation is even worse on this model, since custom-molded IEMs typically creates higher degree of air-tight than universals when being inserted.
  6. cadsh
    All is really comfy with the Equinox. Bye bye tips rolling, deep insertion or driver flex.
  7. Rockwell75
    I've never had issues with driver flex with the Atlas.
  8. Arthur Li
    How strong is the noise isolation, compared to...say Atlas/your Dunu IEMs? Also, does you experience ear fatigue after extended listening as many have complaint about, towards Atlas (thunderous bass slam + tight seal = air pressure build up in ear canals)? These are my major concerns. Thanks!
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  9. Arthur Li
    The only way I am able to avoid driver flex while inserting Atlas, as well as Polaris & first-gen Lyra was using foam tips. Otherwise, no matter how gentle I perform the insertion driver flex occurs (the moment I push them firmly inward). Oh, with the exception of using inappropriately sized tips - since no seal is created...
  10. davidcotton
    Just noticed there are only 5 left on the site, so looks like the run might be coming to an end soon. It's really the price that's making me hesitate on the equinox as I'd love to try a ciem with that short a stem.

    Got a set of comets and do like them when I can get them to seal!
  11. Rockwell75
    Yeah unfortunately it's another one of those fit related things that seems to affect some more than others. I was tangentially aware of it when I purchased but fortunately was able to have an extended demo session first to verify that it wouldn't be an issue for me.
  12. mashuto
    To add, I have some minor driver flex, and depending on the tips I use, I can get the suffocation issue briefly too where all sound is cut out. Biggest hurdle for me is just that I get some mild discomfort with them due to their size. They rest on my ear in a way that causes some issues. Not enough to be painful but enough that I find myself adjusting them pretty often.

    There has been talk about custom tips, and I am getting impressions made on Friday, and will be getting tips made for the atlas. I am not expecting any real changes to the sound, but am mainly interested in comfort. And if isolation increases, then I guess that means potentially lower listening volumes as well which I find helps even more with comfort especially over longer sessions.
  13. cadsh
    With the Equinox, in the subway, the isolation is better then my Dunu’s DN2002 with Spinfits. The longest session I did is 2.5 hours without fatigue.
    The seal is good with no air pressure.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
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  14. claud W
    Bought a nicely used Atlas today from our want adds. Now have Comet, Vegas and Atlas. I like one driver IEMs.
  15. rafamaniac
    Will the atlas be the end of it’s kind, 1DD iems in the future? All of the new iems seems to be used indoor since they are so big with lot’s of BA/DD it is ridiculous to be used in public. No wonder people have an affection with the likes of ie800, xelento, atlas ...they serve the purpose
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