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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. claud W
    Received Atlas yesterday. I like used. Already broke in. Wish my cord was too. PlusSound Tri Metal sounds decent, but will be better with 100 hours on it. fullsizeoutput_164b.jpeg
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  2. Jearly410
    The Vega was the most comfortable earphone I've come across. Something I think about after owning the Atlas.
  3. claud W
    My Vega is very comfortable too, but the Comet was so nice and comfortable, it influenced me to get Atlas.
  4. KevP

    Yes, I have the same problem, but only using the Final Audio tips and only in one ear. Sound disappears completely if I try to adjust the position of the earphone. Really annoying. What can be done? Is it a warranty issue?
  5. HeartOfSky
    Does the problem follow the IEM or your ear?
  6. talmadge
    Although there may be a problem with your particular pair I have found that using comply foam tips eliminates any driver flex problems. Fortunately for me I much prefer foam tips. I tried all of the different popular silicone tips and they just don’t work for me in comfort, fit and sound.
  7. viatraco

    I have Comet since half a year. In both mmcx connectors black plastic isolation broke and is pilling off. Copper wires became naked...
    It shouldn't be like this in such short time of usage :frowning2:
    Is it risk of short circuit ?
    Please advise.

  8. Dobrescu George
    Warranty or electrical tape

    It would short circuit the source, and not the IEM, in the worst case scenario.

    I'd apply some cheap electrical tape to insulate, and see if you still have warranty

    Isn't the cable replaceable though? MMCX cables are not expensive and they are really easy to find
  9. viatraco
    Thank you for answer.
    I tried two mmcx cables around 30-40 USD, but plugs are very loose, not tight as original CA mmcx plug. Most plugs in custom cables have two "cuts on ring", that CA mmcx plugs don't have and sit tight.

    Is this qualify for warranty ?
    In Poland 200$ is not cheap IEMs ...
  10. Wheel Hoss
    Would love to hear impressions/comparisons of all 3!

    My most wanted IEMs. Like warm sound sigs.
  11. HeartOfSky
    You should definitely contact Campfire and see what they have to say.
  12. davidcotton
    Mine went like that as well after six months :frowning2:
  13. Zabens
    Contact campfire. They upgraded that cable with a strain relief.
  14. Tristy
    Long time lurker here, owner of the campfire Andromeda and Recently purchased the Atlas after selling the Vega and the Lyra II before that. Just thought I would come out of hiding to let you know about my recent purchase of the spinfit twin blades for the Atlas. These have really brought even more balance to these dynamic bass monsters, bringing vocals and treble even more forward while not becoming sibilant and giving the bass a more controlled, less subby feel (kinda reminds me of my fully burned in Vega's bass). I've only put about 50 hours into these so far and I'm in love with them but thought I should let everyone know about this combo as I've not noticed anyone mention it here on the forums. Worth a try if your thinking of tip rolling! (Normally use the campfire marshmallows.

    ... Now to feel the wrath of the moderators for making this my first post.
  15. WhatToChoose
    welcome, and nice find!

    You won't get banslapped for that post, mods r just as crazy as the rest of us
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