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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Tristy
    Haha thanks! Feels good to contribute for once.
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  2. mashuto
    I have tried the twin blade tips before and have had mixed results. They get a bit deeper which should alter the sound slightly, but personally I havent noticed much of a change of signature with any tips, its more just about comfort for me. And I get a nice good comfortable seal with the twin blades. Only issue for me though is that something about them just itches the hell out of my ears after a few minutes. So they have been scratched off my personal list of viable tips.
  3. HeartOfSky
    How long did this take to manifest after your very first use?
  4. mashuto
    Always usually within a few minutes. It's specifically the smaller one that's deeper in.
  5. HeartOfSky
    Thanks. Wanted to be sure it wasn't a reaction to built-up wax on the tip and how that messes the feel up. I like the secure feeling of flanged tips, but they itch for me, too.
  6. mashuto
    They definitely pick up a ton of wax, but I do my best to clean them off before use. Just my recollection that they have always itched. Think it's likely a combination of whatever material they are made of and just the deeper insertion. And obviously my ears.
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  7. Wheel Hoss
    So why did you end up selling L2’s + V’s? All 3 IEMs on my list. Like warm sound sigs.
  8. Tristy
    Yeah I also found this, although I found that I preferred the sound sig of the twin blades compared to the foams Im not sure if I can deal with the comfort issues over a long period of time. My ears felt like they had been violated after 3 hours of listening but the sound signature changed so much for me... must be due to differing ear anatomy / shape etc.

    The Lyra II's were not bad in anyway but they were just a little too laid back for me. I get that this was due to the tuning and they are meant for enjoyable and Smooth listening which I appreciate however I felt like it was smoothing over half of the details in the music. I also craved faster bass response hence why I opted to get the Vega. The Vega's were very nice and I had to put a lot of thought into getting rid of them in favour of the Atlas. I just found that the mids and treble were veiled somewhat compared to the Atlas. Also I found them to be a little sibilant at times.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  9. HeartOfSky
    This is actually the very quality that I like about Vega. It allowed me to just sink deep into the rhythm of things. Atlas is totally awesome, and I love getting more of the top end. But... Vega just did something real special.
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  10. Tristy
    It worked very well with electronic music and I get what you mean about getting lost in the music, it does this better than any other. But I listen to a lot of metal and it wasn't cutting it for me, I wanted to hear more of the instruments and vocals so opted for the Atlas.
  11. KevP
    I asked Campfire about driver flex in the Atlas. This was their response:

    “Driver flex can happen - particular with silicone tips as they create an airtight seal.

    Dynamic Drivers are designed to flex - that is ho they recreate sound.”

    I’m persuading myself that I can get used to it because, overall, they are an extraordinary earphone. There is even a danger of them usurping my Sony Z1Rs as my TOL head/earphone.
  12. WhatToChoose
    I have found the same thing with flanged tips that have a sharp edge on the inner flange. That edge irritates my ears like nothing else. The tips that work for me have flanges that curve inwards
    Not all dynamic driver IEMs experience driver flex though.
  13. mashuto
    Have any suggestions? Its hard for me to find good tips to try out, especially double flange ones. I think double flange might be best for these especially if they can move the IEM a bit farther away from my ear (so only the tip itself is resting directly on any part of my ear). Need something a bit wider on the second one than most I have found.
  14. WhatToChoose
    I haven't tried these myself so I can't tell ya how soft the rubber is, but when I used IEMs with larger nozzles, eartips of this form factor were what I preferred (bulbous appearance):


    With these eartips, the flanges expand outwards, and then curve back inwards, resulting in a comfortable fit, and avoiding contact with the edge of the flange. But any eartip of this form factor should do. If Sony made double flange Hybrid eartips, those might be the best
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  15. mashuto
    I think I already have a set of mee eartips, though not sure if those exact ones. The stem isnt quite long enough so it doesnt move the atlas far enough away from my ear for comfort. Thanks for the suggestion though. Ill keep looking around!
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