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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Rockwell75
    Whoever recommended Vini Vici - Talking With UFOs...thank-you for that...sounds AMAZING on the Atlas.
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  2. Dobrescu George
    You may also enjoy

    LuneCell - The Awareness

    Hux Flux - Finite Automata

    Astropilot - Finding Wings

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  3. Jackpot77
    Amen to the the rabbitholes comment - I love my miss, but good live music has bass you can FEEL, so there's something missing for me if my headphones/earphones can't recreate that sense of physicality and power. The two audio brands that I have found in this hobby that get closest to recreating that sort of vibe were the old Aurisonics ASG series and the Campfire stuff.

    Regarding your Q about the Atlas/Solaris, have owned all four models you mention (and still have the Cascade, Atlas and Solaris). Atlas is very along the same sort of sonic lines as the Cascade, so will be more of an in ear flavour of that sound rather than anything drastically different. The Solaris is much more like the Comet in terms of tonality (performance/SQ is another matter). The Solaris and Atlas both sound absolutely huge in terms of the sonic image they put in your ears, but the Solaris are a much airier and more immersive feeling IEM, whereas the Atlas have that big bass and in your face engagement factor.

    The Solaris still have a good "live" feel to the sound due to the excellent subwoofer style feel to the low bass - not huge quantity, but great physicality.

    Really depends whether you want a more portable Cascade style experience or you are looking for a different sort of tuning that lets you just drift away in the music. For my preference, the Solaris has displaced the EE Zeus-XR as my go to IEM when I truly want to sink into some music in my own home, but the Atlas gets a lot more use as a "daily driver" out and about. Hope that helps?
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  4. Rockwell75
    The more I read about the Solaris the more it seems to have replaced the Andromeda as the IEM I need to complement the Atlas. One day I'll be able to afford it lol
  5. Zabens
    This makes me feel like the Solaris would be a better compliment to the Cascades. That's where I was leaning to begin with but the Atlas's sound like they're also full of that bassy goodness like the Cascades... but it's entirely possible to have too much of a good thing and it's nice to change things up once in a while.
  6. claud W
    Joined the Comet club this morning. I have a little NW17 Sony DAP that I am going to leave at my beach home with the Comet for nice long beach walks. My Vegas can stay home with my Sony 300 Walkman DAP. Ordered a PlusSound T-Metal 4.4 cord for Vegas as well as a Super Litz from Campfire. Would like to buy a Solaris or Andromeda in the future. Campfire makes Damn good IEMs!
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  7. Zabens
    And a damn good headphone, too.
  8. claud W
    How long is the break-in period for Comets?
  9. Rockwell75
    They're single BAs so I don't think there is one, and I didn't notice any changes in the first 60 or so hours of using my Comets (as opposed to my Atlas where there was definitely a change around the 50-60 hour mark).
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  10. Rockwell75
    Loving these stainless steel titans 2019-03-08-10-48-33.jpg
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  11. claud W
    Breaking in my Comets on my NW 17 Sony. Please note nice Litz cable transferred from Vegas. Also breakiing in my new NW 300 Sony DAP and Campfire's Super Lintz cable with Vegas. Going to put 150 hours on them 24/7 as best I can. Little NW 17 lasts 3 times as long as 300. fullsizeoutput_12e9.jpeg
  12. davidcotton
    What's a decent cheap non mic'd cable on amazon for the comets?

  13. Rockwell75
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  14. JaZZ Contributor
  15. claud W
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