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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. bonesnv
    How do you like the Audeze oil for keeping them cleaned up?  I found some stuff that I used with my P7s, but wasn't a fan of how it had an odor that seemed to linger on the leather a bit, tossed the rest in the trash.
  2. Skyyyeman
    That's great to hear.  I just also ordered some balanced Blue Dragon cables from Drew at Moon, and some other cables, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the improvement.  I've used Moon Audio cables on several rigs and the improvement over the stock cables was always quite significant, even without the balanced.
  3. wahsmoh

    It works just fine! It leaves a nice orange oil smell with a faint hint of carnauba wax. For $10 and free shipping it was a good* deal
  4. hans030390
    I've always had issues getting a proper fit and seal with the Alpha Dog (2 tour demos, now my personal pair), which contributes to channel differences, most noticeable in how the left channel is presented and differs. There's a good chance your situation is like mine and that it entirely comes down to fit and seal.
    After some adjustment, they fit and seal without too many issues now. But they are still on the picky, difficult side compared to most headphones (will probably get better as I continuously adjust them). Here are some tips:
    1. Give the pads a couple days to fully regain their shape after being shipped.
    2. Give them ~10 mins on your head to warm up before really worrying about super proper fit/seal.
    3. Try adjusting the rotation angle of the pads and varying headband positions on your head. Experiment with varying height settings (might need to be a bit looser or tighter than you expect).
    4. Try adjusting the shape of the original Fostex headband. I had to bring mine more to a point in the middle, for example, as it was a bit too flat/square otherwise and cause the cups to not fit/seal as well as they should. This made the biggest difference for me. Essentially, I had to find a way to increase the clamping force.
    If, after a lot of experimentation, you have no luck with this, might be best to get it checked out. :)
  5. MattTCG
    This is very good advice. 
  6. Beagle
    The Alpha Dogs just keep impressing. I am hearing new information from music I've listened to for decades, while still hearing a balanced frequency response.....the sure sign of an accurate, complete headphone.
  7. swspiers
    After watching the drama unfold with the Oppo PM-1 and HFM HE-560, what Mr. Speakers accomplished with the Alpha Dog is looking even more amazing.  To deliver a finished product, with an entirely new manufacturing process, and to have it in many ways exceed the hype is astounding to me.
    Nothing against Oppo or Hifiman.  I remain a big fan of both.  But I bought the AD in the first production batch, completely blind and deaf, as in virtually no one had seen or heard them in the wild.  And yet, I experienced no buyers remorse, not for even a second.
    The release of the Doggie Treats is looking even more impressive, especially when compared to a complete revision in the works for the HE-560.
    I suspect that the AD's have not even caught on yet...
  8. jaywillin

    they are so good, that when i've sold them to fund another purchase, the "other purchase" wasn't as good as the AD, so, i've bought another pair, and i'm going to hold onto these !!
  9. wahsmoh
    Welcome back to the club : ] 
  10. jaywillin

    thanks !!
  11. bmichels
    I am sorry guys, but finally I may not kept my brand new Black AlphaDog that I received a week ago: I was expecting even more Isolation !
    The Alpha is really a Wonderful headphone, but It looks like for me... Only a cIEM will do it !  [​IMG]
    So, if someone (in Europe) is interested to buy my Black Alpha, please PM me ( My Alpha includes 2 cables: 1 Balanced XLR cable + 1 SE cable 1/4 inch-6,3mm).
  12. MattTCG
    ^^ You might post a fs ad. 
    GeneraI likes this.
  13. tehsprayer
    I'm kind of thinking of selling the Vali and Modi and getting the Lyr with the ODAC or keep the modi. Is it worth the extra price? I am just using these for at home use and getting enough volume. I would prefer not buying one but if it is night and day difference...
  14. Byronb
    I would say nothing is really "night and day" You will definitely hear a difference. The power of the Lyr really makes it's presence known and it has a smoothness the Vali just can't really touch.   
  15. wahsmoh
    These headphones are getting really addicting and I'm starting to lose sleep listening. I just love that they isolate and they still sound open.
    It's so convincing my non-audiophile friend who put them on thought he was listening through speakers when I started playing music.
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