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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. M-13
    Wow the AD's are finally in stock (sort of). Interesting how time solves everything. Are any of you guys using only the Fiio X5 or DX90 to drive them? I realize they'll be underpowered somewhat but I'm interested to hear how they might do.
    Also... do any of you guys wear your AD's without the comfort strap? That can easily be removed and put back on right?
  2. M-13

    Hey Beagle I know you said these are the best you've heard. And if I remember correctly from other threads... you're generally against expensive headphones. Are these the most expensive cans you've got to try in your home? Just curious what your point of reference is when you say "best".
  3. RainHeaven
    (Please take this with a grain of salt)
    I have the DX90 and Alpha Dogs and it sounds pretty awesome to me. I have my comfortable (and loud enough) volume at 245-255/255 at low gain and 235-240/255 at high gain. I'm questioning whether or not it beats my desktop rig of Schiit Bifrost Uber + Project Ember...Sound quality is either on par or very slightly better but I'm not sure.
  4. wahsmoh
    Wow that is what I really wanted to hear. I was looking at DAPs and have been eyeing the DX90 very closely. Looks like I may need to drop some money on one as my complete portable solution until I get a portable amp to match it.
  5. M-13

    Cool. Thanks for the answer. So I guess it's definitely more than acceptable which is all I really wanted to know. That's great news. Another mental barrier cleared in my own head.
    I'm also not surprised that the DAC section of the DX90 is better or on par with the Bifrost-Uber as it's pretty much on par or better than the Concero.
  6. MattTCG
    You wont get better isolation from a full sized circumaural hp unless you get active noise cancelation. 
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  7. Beagle
    The AD is the best headphone I have heard that presents an evenly perceived frequency response while maintaining openness, clarity and dynamics.
    I'm not against expensive headphones.....I just don't think some of them are worth the asking price when considering that much less expensive ones can get you pretty much the same thing or better. For example, I have the LCD-XC and in no way is it worth three times the price of the AD. In some ways, it's not even as good as the AD. But if you want the XC sound, you will have to pay for it.
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  8. Binge
    Great points about the Alpha Dog, but I have to say that it is an expensive headphone.  It's not outside of the range of affordability to those with the means of course as much as an SR-009 is within the means of some folks.
    For a minute consider that the AD would NEVER exist if it weren't for Dan and of course the T50RP.  At this point the LCD-XC in said alternate universe may end up being worth the retail value even to you.  Consider what your relationship is with these companies.  You buy Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs instead of the Audeze LCD-XC for a couple reasons, and to name a couple which come across in your writing:
    1- Sound Quality and Preference
    2- Value to the customer
    You believe there is a value to the customer not only because of the SQ and performance, but because of its comparative market value.  This is exactly what Dan is offering and why I recommend him as an option even though he is not innovating drivers-- he is innovating the package drivers come in to compete with hi-fi audio components and how he is able to provide value to his customer base.  Even though this is a considerable value to own his device, the AD has the roots in a $100 headphone.  He has convinced you with results that it is worth $500 extra dollars for him to do what he does.
    If I recall Alpha dogs came out not too long ago... it was just the end of 2013.  That's enough time to start waves of change, and while I understand you want the price to performance and value to customers to increase there is an undeniable cost to the engineering and production of a headphone.  When the Alpha dog came into production the cost of the flagship Mr. Speakers headset doubled.  No longer is the Mr. Speakers flagship headphone a mod.  Expensive headphones are not just cheap toys marked up-- there are quite a few respectable companies out there making wonderful devices at prices which are of a value to themselves and their customers.
    Please don't misunderstand me- I love the Alpha Dogs, I also own less expensive headphones which compete with it in some aspects.  ADs will be on my wall, probably forever, unless they are entirely outclassed in the future.  I believe people are questioning you because it is easy to see where you believe the AD shine.  It is not equally obvious to them that the AD is better than their Dream Headphone X.
    That is something you could argue all day... but I'd suggest just shrugging it off and enjoying what you love.  When you talk about your love for the music you listen to and how the AD bring out the sound- I get it.  The experience is pretty mutual.  More people will buy them now that Dan has streamlined batch production beyond what was possible at the end of last year.  More people will inevitably understand why you talk about the music you listen to through the AD and not just comparisons to other flagships which are very very different.
    Keep on rockin.
  9. swspiers

    Dang.  In what ways do you believe the AD's outperform the LCD-XC's, other than on price to performance?
  10. Beagle
    ^ Great post.....everyone should read this thoroughly.
    BTW I think the AD is a steal at it's price....especially if you are already set with proper amplification for it.
    Each one outperforms the other...it depends on what you like. I like the openness, clarity and neutrality of the AD, the even keel from top to bottom. I like the big full sound of the XC...the richness. But what the AD does well matters most to me.
  11. tehsprayer
    Love the bass on these, very fast and clean.
    I just listened to my Westone 3s and in comparison the bass is extremely muddy and not as punchy and quick.
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  12. gelocks
    What can I say... still good sounding, still one of my favorites!!! :p
    I actually think it has more low-end presence now... maybe it's just my faulty memory... (still less presence than either the LCD-XCs or LFF Enigma's.)
  13. RedSox
    How should I be plugging the cables into the headphones? Do you just guess at alignment until you get it right?
  14. Ableza
    If you mean the Alpha Dogs, the side marked with red is "right."
  15. mrspeakers Contributor

    It's a locking plug. You align the plug to the jack and applying gentle pressure rotate the plug until it slips on. There are alignment pins.
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