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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. LaughMoreDaily
    The cable just came out... but one Headfi member says it sounds good with the BQEYZ KB100.

    However, Zpolt on Youtube says the Hibiscus iem doesnt sound as good as the Blon 03 and part of the iem is the cable...
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  2. Vampa
    Hi guys. Anyone can recommend me a pure silver cable for Focal headphones?

  3. facethemusic88
    Mate, Hibicus is a relatively new iem. I could and would go with that assessment by Zpolt if it was any other well estb iem paired with this cable. Could it be that the iem itself isn't that good to begin with? If it sounds good with the kb100s, I think there is a decent chance the cable isn't the sole issue when paired with the Blons. Just my thoughts..
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  4. RikudouGoku
  5. LaughMoreDaily
    Zpolt never tried the hibiscus litz cable with the Blon 03. He just likes the Blon 03 better than the Faaeal Hibiscus.
  6. fokta
    Hi... while waiting others to reply.
    My suggestion is 174
    But you need a adapter of MMCX/2 pin to 3.5 TRS... nor ask EAC to custom the 3.5 TRS if they had

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  7. fokta
    IMO, different if based on specifications mention.
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  8. wavid
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  9. frapp2latte
    I'm curious about this, too. I'm a newbie to cables and I'm wondering what the sonic difference is between a 4-core, 6-core, 8-core cable. Is the sound fuller with an 8-core wire?

    I'm planning on getting either a 183 or 175 cable, as well, in 4.4mm termination (and getting a separate 4.4 to 3.5 SE adapter) and want to know if I should go for the 8-core or settle for the cheaper 4-core option.
  10. Palash
    For DM6, ISN Audio S8 is the best cable. I have paired almost 10 cables but with S8 the sound is best.
  11. Vampa
    Thanks! Sorry, silly question. Where do you see the 173, 174... number in Aliexpress? Cannot find it.
  12. Broquen
    This is the way @hakuzen classifies the cables. But you can take a look here and you will find the cable descriptions and links to AE.
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  13. Vampa
    Many thanks!! numbers understood and clear now. Another question please, why the 16 core cables are for around £15 and the 8 core ones like 174/175 go to £140/150?

    Regarding the coupons, the "friday10" only works on the Black Friday day? So "friday10" plus"Hakuzen" will be 20% discount?
  14. Broquen
    I don't think it will be compatible with store coupons, but maybe there's extra :)

    Regarding cable prices, it all depends on the conductor quantity, quality (e.g. copper purity), the connectors, the cable structure (litz structure is gaining popularity lately) and other traits like frozen COPPER, etc.

    Better you can do IMO is to take a look on the cables features in the product descriptions and look for some concepts on the net or simply ask here. There're quite some users that can help you better than me around
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  15. hakuzen
    yes, different wire. 174 wire (AgAu silver99% gold1% alloy) stands out from any other up-occ wire, specially in upper-mids and highs. that's why it is so special for me.
    you can find that wire in cables 173/174, 175, and 182/183.
    the one from your link uses another up-occ wire. i've not tried it, sure it will be a very good one, but i don't think it reaches the highs excellence of AgAu.

    "4 cores vs 8 cores on balanced has little to no effect sound? (aside from resistance, of course)"
    yes. but remember that there are cases where the resistance is critical (implicating sound effect), like when using balanced armatures, or hungry of current IEM(ultra low impedance)/headphones(planars). the lower, always the better. anyway, guess the resistance difference of both versions (130mOhm vs 260mOhm) is not enough to generate audible sound alterations in a 99% of the cases.
    "Is the sound fuller with an 8-core wire?"
    another matter is the mentioned fuller sound when using thicker (in total) conductors. i've experienced this, but the difference was so subtle, it could be bias (i ought to do further AB).
    more thoughts about 4 vs 8 vs 16 cores: Other considerations about capacitance, geometry, and isolation of cables

    "8 cores is a must for single ended (assuming its hybrid like 175)" (different material cores hybrids)
    i wouldn't say it's a must. my common sense tells me that, but i've heard impressions from respected people which report that the mix takes effect even when using one material for ground signal.

    10% off when mentioning "head-fi" or "hakuzen" in the order, compatible with 10 USD off from aliexpress special coupon code "friday10", but only if your buy is over 100 USD after applying the 10% off. so not 20%, but possibly 10% + 10 USD off.
    i can't confirm if the new CEMA electro acousti store coupons (from 4 to 10 USD) are compatible with the 10% off, but probably they are.
    good news, total discount can be juicy for the top cables.
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