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Looking for a new earphone

  1. solaregg
    I previously have a pair of Monster Miles Davis Trumpet. Looking for a different type of earphone.
    Source: iPod Touch 4gen
    I'm looking for a earphone which is more easy to drive and more relaxing to listen to. What I don't like the Miles Davis Trumpet is it stress my ear after I listen to it for too long, after 1hr. I usually wear it while I'm working. Isolation isn't too important for me. 
    Any suggestions? I'm currently looking into FX700 / Westone 3/4 / SE535 / IE8
  2. AstroTurf
    You should also include the Etymotic line of in ear headphones too.

    Cheers, Jim
  3. ostewart
    Shure are good, amazing mids, but still with good bass and highs. The SE425 are easy to drive but sound better with an amp. They are super comfy too.
    Westone have a darker sound.
  4. lee730
    If you are looking for a fun IEM that is also very relaxing and non-fatiguing the IE80 is it. The treble is silky-smooth and easy on the ears. The cable is also upgradeable and you can improve the sound further this way as well. The FX700 will be more fatiguing as the treble is prominent and aggressive so it may not be what you want.
  5. solaregg
    Thanks for the suggestions
    Which model do you suggest?
    Is SE425 good for Jazz? I have SE115 but it fails on high when I listen to Miles Davis' CDs. 
    I have tried my friend's IE8. It feels like a bit airy. Is it what people call large sound stage? I mainly listen to Jazz, but still listen to all other kinds of music. IE8 feels like I'm listen to it from the back row. Monster MD sounds like I'm right in front of the performer. 
  6. AstroTurf
    My best guess would be the ER-4P model.

    Easily converted to an S model with an adapter cable.

    They are (Etymotic ER-4 series) one of the strongest IEMs on the planet. Both for the sound and future support.

    Take Care, Jim
  7. ostewart
    Yes the 425 works brilliantly with jazz. I would highly recommend them for easy listening, comfort and sound, it.does not make you sound like your back row either.
  8. lee730
    In a sense yes. But the sound stage surrounds you. It's more 3D. The IE80 sound stage isn't as large as the IE8 but it has more clarity and is more upfront. I'm not so sure what you are after though. You said you wanted something more mellow. Generally the more upfront the sound is the more fatiguing it will be (treble usually).
  9. solaregg
    Sorry for making the confusing. I think Monster MD and IE8 are two different extreme. The one I'm currently using, SE115, is a pretty good in-between, but just need a better sound quality. 
  10. lee730
    But that doesn't explain what you are looking for. What are you after in a sound-signature? Do you want laid back and mellow? Do you want upfront and aggressive? Are you after a neutral sound (generally brighter).
  11. solaregg
    I guess I'm looking for neutral sound. Cause I haven't experience a lot of of earphone, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for. But since I feel Monster MD is too aggressive and IE8 is too mellow, I think I'm looking for a neutral sound signature. [​IMG]
    Need to find a day to hop in a earphone store.  
  12. lee730

    I think the GR07 may be what you are looking for.

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