1. nbakid2000

    Insulating Earbud Cords? (Miles Davis Trumpet "Booming" Issues)

    I got the Miles Davis Trumpet earbuds and they sound great. But the cord is really bad, as when it rubs against ANYTHING (face, clothing, hands, desk, you name it) you get "booming" in each earbud. (I'm using these on iPhone 4s)   Is this normal? (I'm new to earbuds) They have flat cords...
  2. hikari

    in-ear Upgrade suggestion.

    Good day guys,    It's been a while.    I feel as though it's time for an upgrade on my In-Ear headphones.    I've been using and have been loving the Monster's Miles Davis Trumpet's since they were released.  I shoot for clean natural sound this were a great fit and soundstage surprised...
  3. jackskellington

    Another pair ruined. RIP Miles Davis Trumpets

    So I nabbed a pair of Monster Miles Davis Trumpet buds. They truly are a beauty and the detail even on a phone is beautiful. I'm always after great sound for all the normal reasons...but mostly for the vocals of Floor Jansen. A 3 1/2 octave Dramatic Soprano that can sing power metal,  opera...
  4. mikephone

    first IEM'S in cyber monday

    well as the title says! im going for my first IEM'S!! i want to take advantage of today's deals on the cyber monday! so help me as fast as you can! right now im between this ones! :   Polk Audio AM5109-A   161$ Monster Turbine             98$ Denon AH-C300             80$ Shure...
  5. musikaladin

    Cleaning IEMs

    Gosh... those IEMs are collecting quite some ear-wax. Especially if there is such little ultra-fine mesh covering the sound-channel of the IEM. Now my beloved Monster Miles Davis Trumpet was quite heavily messy. I spare you pictures of that...   So how to get rid of the wax without actually...
  6. woohwaah

    Westone 3 or Monster Turbine/Miles Davis or Others ?

    Hi, I recently bought an UE900 to upgrade from my SoundMagic E10s and while I've enjoyed the UE900s, everytime I listen to my E10s I think to myself "These guys are a lot more fun than the UE900". More specifically, the bass is just funner on the E10, everything else is better on the UE900. I'm...
  7. Benfro89

    Best IEM under $150

    Hi all I'm new to the whole audiophile scene but i love music and im looking to get some new IEM for under $150 or so. I like to listen to rock, dubstep and alternitave rock, so sound is a big player in this. I also would like the monitors to be somewhat comfortable. I have been looking into...
  8. gus6464

    Monster selling new Miles Davis Trumpets for $149 through their ebay store

    Says blemished packaged but other than that they are brand new at a killer deal, much better than the X10 deal IMO.
  9. justinliu

    VSonic GR07 vs Monster Miles Davis Trumpets

    As the holiday season rolls along, I found that it would be a great time to indulge in spending more money to buy more sound-reproducing instruments. My question is whether I should go with the VSonic GR07 or the Trumpets. I'm just wondering whether or not there is enough of a difference of...
  10. SanjitS95

    Looking for help with first higher end in-ear purchase

    First off, I know there are already a bunch of threads like these but hopefully mine is a little more specific, so anyway... I've been lookin around online for a new pair of in-ear headphones recently since my most recent pair blew out on me. This would be my first higher end in-ear purchase...
  11. blargman

    Monster Trumpet

    What do you guys think of these? I just bought a pair and I'm significantly underwhelmed.  I can't seem to get a good seal with them( though admittedly I do have some weird ear canals). I also can't understand why they put the volume adjustment like 5 inches from the head phone. It looks like...
  12. visanj

    New IEM to buy in Hamburg, Germany

    Hi   I came to Germany for a visit and I'm thinking to buy IEM here. I found a electronics shop (Saturn) which has many brands but not the one I was looking for   I currently have Brainwavz M2 and I am looking for IEMs with similar signature. I decided on Monster MDT but this store...
  13. misterbee

    Upgrade from Atrios

    Unfortunately my much-loved Atrios have given up the ghost outside of warranty (one side has given out), and I need to find myself a new commuting IEM. Rather than just buy another pair (which, believe me, I'm tempted to do), it might be an opportunity to go with something else with a bit more...
  14. gnarlsagan

    What are the biggest flaws of your favorite iems?

    This is one of the most useful questions imo. I'll start.   DBA-02: Sub-bass roll off   FXT90: Too much mid-bass    FXD80: Recessed mids   GR07 mkII: Slight treble roll off     Also does anyone have any iems they consider to have no flaws? I've never heard one.
  15. derieuz

    Are there fake monster miles davis trumpets?

    i was looking to buy a pair on ebay, they are new, sealed with packaging, and have a serial, the buyer says i can verify a serial with monster, that is true, but since the product is discontinued or something on monster, you cant enter any old monster products at the time on the website  ...
  16. k923

    Need suggestions for Stylish headphones for Wife?

    Can you fine people in this forum give me some more suggestions of stylish in ear headphones for my wife.  Needs to be on the smaller side, pretty durable, and have iphone controls.  I don't want to get her any of the normal rapper ones, (beats, 50's, souls, etc.).  So far all have come up with...
  17. ttttpp

    Looking for sound-wise and stylish IEMs with mic for 4S

    Hi community, I'm new to this world, though I may not call myself a audiophile but I do enjoy listening to music I mainly listen to pop/RnB/rock and a bit of classical genre of music so I prefer bass over treble, particularly rumbling/boomy bass (sub-bass?) over punchy bass if u know what i...
  18. prm4

    what are the best earphones with serious quality for everyday use?

    Hi Guys,   Question: what are the best earphones with serious quality for everyday use?   I’d like to get your help with choosing some earphones for my everyday use. I’ve been looking through this site and following up on YouTube and I realised I needed to come back and seek the help of...
  19. gawain

    Kuddos to Etymotic

    And Kuddos to Monster!   First Etymotic. If they hadn't taken care of me I was going to post here and complain, now that they did, and went the extra mile as well, I thought I should share.   My HF5 cord to one of the earphones split near the earphone. I thought I was being too rough on...
  20. iJimmy

    Good, bassy (but not too much) headphone for ~ 250 euros?

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a bassy headphone, but the mids and highs should be good as well. You could say that I'm looking for an almost neutral headphone, with a bit of focus on the bass. Something like the Miles Davis Tribute IEMs, but in a headphone (and with slightly better mids and...
  21. solaregg

    Looking for a new earphone

    I previously have a pair of Monster Miles Davis Trumpet. Looking for a different type of earphone.   Source: iPod Touch 4gen Budget:$300~$400   I'm looking for a earphone which is more easy to drive and more relaxing to listen to. What I don't like the Miles Davis Trumpet is it stress...
  22. A


  23. charles20485

    Lets post all of your iems, headphones, amps, sources, bombs....

    Here are all of my iems and amps. Just got the Alo rx mk2 today .      IEMs: MTPC , MDT , Monster Miles Davis Trumpet, Westone 3, westone 4, Um3xrc , IE8, shure se535, se530, Tf10pro   Amps: 2Stepdance, Govibe sharps, RSA P51 , RS71A , Ibasso D12, Alo Rx mk2 , C&C xo2.    Sources...
  24. ciolic

    Which one should I choose? Miles Davis Trumpet or Atrio MG7 pro?

    I heard that the Atrio mg7 is a great dynamic driver IEM and want to know is it better than the Mile Davis Trumpet ? I already have TF10 as my BA IEM and  just want a pair of dynamic drivers ones. So if you think there are better DD IEM please tell me, thanks!
  25. Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-ear Headphones

    Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-ear Headphones

    Noise Isolating In-Ear w/ ControlTalk