Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-ear Headphones

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Pros: Neutral sounding with slight mid bass tilt. Bass is well extended. Treble is clear without roughness.
Cons: Avoid tugging on the cables. Handle the trumpets by the mouthpiece.
Sound is neutral with a slight mid bass tilt.  Highs and lows are well extended.  Sound stage is large for an iem.  The bass has some impact without being boomy.  The treble is clear without roughness.
Don't pull hard on the cable.  The strain relief is not strong.  Hold the Trumpet by the "mouthpiece" end when handling them.
If you have the Trumpets, you should try these memory phone tips from lostearbuds on ebay.  They have transformed my Trumpets from unwearable to wonderfully comfortable and full sounding.
I bought the Trumpets over a year ago and never wore them because of the fit.  I tried every one of the 11 pairs of tips that Monster includes.  The silver ones without the gel would not seal and would fall out in less than a minute.  The silver ones with the gel are very hard.  The foam supertips are better, but they too will start to irritate and fall out after 5 or 10 minutes. None of Compy's tips will fit the Trumpets.
These lostearbuds tips are the perfect fit for the Trumpets. This combo is so comfortable, I forget that they are in.  I can wear them for hours and not feel any irritation, and they don't fall out.  Because of the large bore size on the Trumpets, they need a very soft memory foam tip like lostearbuds to get a comfortable seal. Before inserting them in your ear, will will need to roll and compress the tips because they slide a little on the stem.  You will need to replace these tips after a few months because they can harden with usage.
Too bad monster doesn't sell any of the Miles Davis or Turbine headphones anymore. I have a set of the regular Miles Davis, they are very nice but one side is cutting out, they have a lifetime warranty but Monster doesn't having anything comparable to replace them with, very disapointing.
Yes, it's too bad Monster has discontinued these.  Whenever a manufacturer says "lifetime warranty," you have to take it with a grain of salt. All products have a life cycle.  On the other hand, I have seen many comments on Head-Fi praising Monster for honoring their warranty.
Pros: Price drop now, Great All Round Sound, Lifetime Warranty
Cons: Possibly delicate for some clumsy or careless users + Limited Tip supply :(
Had these Little Gems nearly a year now & felt compelled to give a Review (My opinion) of them.
Best start at the beginning then I guess :wink:

Since I 1st seen these a couple of years back I somehow knew I would end up with a pair as looks wise they are indeed Little Gems :D
Once your box arrives = you'll get the typical Monster Fancy Box & inside that lots of other Fancy Pouches/ cases/ Tips/ SuperTips...
Oh & since it's Miles Davis you'll get a CD & Booklet etc etc...
I cannot fault the Presentation type box & supplied goodies that you get with these Buds, Monster certainly went all out to impress.

After your initial Euphoria wears off & you actually remember you have a set of Buds to try here's where my 1 & only problem started with the Monster Trumpets :xf_eek:
There's a lot of supplied Tips/ Gel Supertips & Foam Supertips, but out of them all = I can only use x2 of the supplied Foam style 1's (a dark & a light pair, same Med size I think).
So I've been very carefully swapping around these 2 pairs (trying & succeeding so far) to keep them in good condition, cause I've contacted Monster & hunted high/ low but...
I just cannot see or locate any spare Tips for the strange size of the Trumpet buds ANYWHERE :o:mad::xf_eek:

The above being said = I love these Lil Gems due to the fact that IMHO they sound about %15-20 better than my Monster Turbine Pro Copper's do.
Nice tight well defined Bass, Smooth Mids & very slick Highs & just generally a well rounded type of sound all coming out of these Little Gems :cool::):cool:

A couple of things to note though & it's these 2 snippets of wisdom = :wink:
1 : Save yourself some shrieking messed up highs & ill defined bass by giving them a good BURN IN period, I honestly can't remembers how long it was but it was a while & them Bam their broken in :D
2 : Good luck finding a snug fitting Tip even out of the generous amount supplied by Monster, I was at 1 point thinking nothing was going to provide a decent seal, so check/ try all :wink:

After your Tips of choice are found & your Trumpet's are well Broken in = congrats as at some of the cheap prices I've seen them at these days IMHO THEIR A STEAL :xf_eek:
A good all rounder, not just for jazz... Even a bit of Rap can sound very acceptable on these little Gems...
& oh yeah, Did I mention they just look so so cool :xf_eek:

Now only 1 problem to solve since emailing Monster = was told tough they wouldn't sell a pack of Tips... So any1 know where I can get more tips ?
They are The Best earphone I got after sennheiser.
They have a great sound. They sound much better than my Klipsch S4i that i have.
Do they sound like trumpets?
Whoah that was quite a read! Very long too! It doesnt look lazy at all!


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